ZAP! ZING! Guess What Today Is?

Jan 9th

Good Morning! It’s Thursday – LALALALA! Yes, that’s happy singing you are getting from me.  Why? Really wanna know?  This is my Friday! I know! How lucky am I?  I’ve mentioned that I like my work before, but this is another reason why . . . New Year’s Day landed on my regular day off, so tomorrow is my make-up day for the holiday!  To celebrate and show my gratitude for getting a holiday anyway (some offices wouldn’t care) I made lunch for the office.  I hope they like it.  I got a little adventurous . . . it’s a roasted sweet potato, black bean, quinoa salad.  It’s so pretty!  Packed full of protein, with a delicious honey mustard dressing to pour over it, all I need to do is stop by the store on the way to work to pick up a bag of pre-cut salad greens to go with it.  Hmmmm . . . maybe I should pick up a nice loaf of crusty bread too.  We’ll see how I feel when I’m at the store and if they have anything that looks really good.

Play God Day –  When you think of someone “Playing God”, what comes to mind?  Is the first thing you think of positive, or negative?  Now, I usually get a negative feeling about people “Playing God” because in the context I’ve heard it used it was about someone making a decision, or doing an action, about something that should best be left to God to decide.  To me, that shows extreme ego on the part of whoever it is who is stepping in for God.  It’s not just that though.  What happens when you stick your nose into someone else’s business – basically Playing God?  It’ll land you in trouble!  Trying to take over someone else’s issue can end up not being very good, so you should butt out and let them take care of their own stuff.  Now, on the flip side, I found one site that suggested that doing something good will make a difference in the world, which could be sort of like Playing God, since it is doing something nice for someone else.  However you choose to look at this one, enjoy it.

Balloon Ascension Day –  It is a chilly morning, 10:00 a.m. and the year is 1793.  History is about to be made in American skies and a lot of us have purchased tickets for $5.00 each so we can be close enough to see this for ourselves.  The excitement is thick in the air, so intense you can nearly touch it.  A festival atmosphere is everywhere, and though this event is in the Walnut Street prison yard, it certainly doesn’t detract from how energized everyone is today.  Here comes the President! General George Washington is here, and he’s bringing French dignitaries with him so they can witness this amazing feat too!  You see, today we are going to watch that famous French guy, Jean Pierre Blanchard take off for the very first hot air balloon ride in our country.  The noise and level of excitement just went up quite a bit, with the arrival of The President.  It must be getting close to time for take off!  This guy, he’s done this 44 times in Europe, but this will be a first here.  He wants to be the very first one, and is insisting that nobody even follows him.  Personally, I think he just doesn’t want to share any of the glory with anyone.  It is turning out to be the perfect day.  OK, he’s ready! He’s in the basket under that HUGE yellow balloon and he’s ready. The hydrogen has filled the balloon, and he’s released the weights holding him on the ground and THERE HE GOES!!!  He’s floating up and above all of us, all of us have our faces up towards the sky watching him float away. This is incredible!  Well, we can’t see him any more so we all start to go home, I guess we’ll hear later on how he did.  /  We just heard what happened.   Blanchard’s flight took him 46 minutes away, and he landed about 15 miles SE of here, in Woodbury NJ.  I heard he really shocked a couple of farmers when he landed in their field! Would have loved to see the looks on THEIR faces! hahaha!  He doesn’t speak much English, but I heard that he showed them President Washington’s signature and seal on the official documents he had with him.  The farmers helped him fold his balloon and brought him back in a wagon.  Took them until 7:00 at night to get here!  Know what else I heard?  I heard that more than 40,000 people saw his balloon float up and away!  Pretty cool, and to be able to say I saw it? Even better!  I bet people will be talking about this FOREVER!

National Static Electricity Day – ZAP! ZING!  SNAP!  Yes, you just heard me touch the filing cabinet at work . . . or my boss touch my arm as I walk by.  She KNOWS I’m going to get shocked . . . and she always giggles at least a little.  That’s OK.  I do it to her too .  .  . I suppose it’s only fair that we get each other.  And the silly thing?  We’ve been zapping ourselves and each other for the entire 9 years I’ve been with the company and we STILL laugh every time it happens.  I guess we don’t get out much.  Here are some things you might not know about static electricity:

* One spark of static electricity can measure thousands of volts, but has very little current.
* Lighting is a powerful and dangerous example of static electricity.
* Temperatures in a lightning bolt can reach as high as 50,000 degrees Fahrenheit.
* Static electricity is worse on days when the relative humidity is low.
So how do you celebrate today?  Well, you could always shock your boss and co-workers!  It’s fun!  Well, it’s fun if they have a sense of humor.  If they don’t, maybe you’d better just celebrate this one by rubbing inflated balloons on small children’s heads.  It makes their hair do the most fun things!


Food Celebration of the Day

National Apricot Day – Apricots are beautiful orange colored fruits that are full of beta-carotene and fiber that some see as one of the first signs of summer.  They are available year round dried and in cans, but any fresh ones you see  in North American will have come from either South America or New Zealand.    We get them in North American though from May to August.  They are related to peaches, but they are small, not too juicy but smooth and sweet.  Did you know that according to English folklore that if you dream of apricots it will bring good luck?  Can’t figure out why today is Apricot Day when they aren’t even in season, but I don’t make them up, I just talk about them!

Time to grab the lunch out of the fridge, and head out the door.  This is going to be a good day! SO much to do and not a whole lot of time to do it. That always makes it whip by in no time flat.  God Bless You and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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