You Matter To Me . . .

Oct 7th

thVYAG1IVTGood Morning!  Isn’t this great?  Please be patient with me as I learn my way around this site – the settings are all different from the old blogger site, and it’s taking me a little getting used to.  The pictures may show up in an odd place, or I may not have the formatting quite the same way . . . it’s a learning process, but it’ll be a fun one.  Please feel free to roam around the site.  You will see categories along the sides, and eventually I will be doing special posts to fill those categories.  I have another blog that was not connected to this one for hiking and finding fun places to enjoy in our area that I will be slowly transferring over to this one.  I didn’t post in it often, but there are some fun things that I’d like to share with you that will build a jumping off point for future fun stuff to share with you as well.  I also have yet another blog where I have shared deep feelings, rants, political thoughts and opinions . . . I will be choosing some of those, as they become relevant to current events, holidays, or personal events in my life, that I will be transferring also.  All in good time though.  Before I can do that, I have 2 years worth of posts to get into individually and categorize so they appear right where they are supposed to.  Bear with me – I’ll get there!  In the meantime, there’s nothing stopping us from celebrating this beautiful autumn day! Happy Thursday and Happy 1st regular blog post in our new home!  Thank you all for your patience.


Bald-Free-Day-300x249Bald and Free Day – Today we give honor to those among us who either have a beautiful, smooth head . . . or are naturally in the process of getting there.   Many people are sensitive about losing their hair, and as a woman from a family of women who tend to get a little thinner on top as they get older, I can understand that completely.  For the men though, there’s something rather sexy about a nicely groomed head that has a receding hairline, or that is completely smooth. As long as they deal with it gracefully without a silly toupee, a ridiculous comb over (seriously, you aren’t fooling anyone with one of those!), or nothing on top and a long, skinny pony tail in the back (it doesn’t make up for the top – trust me.), then it is completely fine!  Today, if you are completely bald especially, you can be happy to be free of hair cuts, all those styling products, and be happy with all the time you save each day!





Logo-with-tag-5You Matter To Me Day – How many of us go through life wondering if we actually matter to someone.  Those four words – You Matter To Me – can make a profound difference to everyone who hears it, and who shares it with someone else.  Think about how it would feel to lose someone you care about, through an accident, a disaster of some sort, or an act of violence.  Would they know that they mattered to you?  Would there have been any doubt in their mind?  Don’t leave it up to chance, or assume that they know.  Please say those words to the people in your life, right now – today.  You Matter To Me.  Those four words, sent around the world, one person at a time, can change it for the better.  Don’t let another moment pass without saying that to the ones you love.




This Day In History

1921 – The first Miss America beauty Pageant is held in Atlantic City N.J.

Food Celebration of the Day

thKUUINU5NNational Frappe Day – The name may be French (from the word “frapper,” meaning “to ice”), but history says it’s the Greeks who popularized this icy and sweet concoction during a 1957 international fair.


*sigh*  It’s starting to feel a little more like home around here.  I’m glad we’re here together.  God Bless You and I’ll see you tomorrow!


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