You Ever Wake Up And Just Know It Will Be An Incredible Day?

Sep 10th

It is going to be a FANTASTIC day!  Yes, it’s my day off, and that’s always good since I get a lot of stuff done around the house on my day off, or get my errands run.  Chores and errands are NOT what are on the plan for today though.  No, today is going to be fantastic for a different reason altogether.  Today I am picking up my beautiful daughter and we are heading down to visit my son’s family . . . and we all know what THAT means!  YES! BABY TIME!  Take a look at this precious face and you’ll see why my heart is happy to be heading to her!  We get to spend time with the most beautiful baby since my own beautiful babies, go visit my grandson’s kindergarten class, and enjoy a family dinner with them.  A big added benefit is the long drive down and back gives me great one on one time with my girl!  Life is good!

Sewing Machine Day – I am one of those pathetic people who never really learned to sew.  I know! It’s sad!  Today we celebrate a very important invention – one that eased the burden so many people – the sewing machine – and I can barely use it! And I have one of those really fun ones that makes all sorts of great stitches!  I know, it’s pathetic.  Sad thing is that my Home Ec teacher told me that I’m the sort of person that ready-to-wear is made for . . . and I guess I believed her because I never really tried very hard to learn.  There are projects I’d like to do. . . but honestly I’m scared of mucking them up, so I don’t.  It’s on the “someday” list of things to do.  But, that doesn’t take away from the fact that the sewing machine is an amazing invention that has saved so much work for so many people over the years.  So, what do we know about this incredible invention?  Well, the first sewing machines were made in France in the 1830s, but it wasn’t until 1846 that they were patented in the U.S.  Before this clothes, blankets, etc. were sewn together by hand, stitch by stitch.  Sadly, people who know how to use a sewing machine are dwindling in number – and as I said, I’m one of the guilty parties.  I’m betting that most of our mothers and grandmothers had a sewing machine in the house, and just about all of the women knew how to use it.  When I was growing up we’d go visit my Grandma K.  She had one of those old fashioned ones like you see in the movies, with the pedals on it that you move back and forth for power?  Well, it wasn’t old fashioned when she got it.  It was an amazing help to her when she got it.  I always just thought it was really neat and always wished that when she passed away I’d get it.  I’m not sure who did get it, but I hope they are using it or appreciating the memories of Grandma.

Swap Ideas Day – We all have different knowledge and life experience, and today we are encouraged to share that information with someone else, and get some information and knowledge from them in return!  If you fully participate in this day, you will get plenty of good ideas to use in your every day life.  I have friends I’ve met who write their own blogs, and I’ve learned a LOT from them.  It’s always a good thing to learn everything you can throughout your days on this earth – you never know what information you’ll need or when you’ll need it?  Learning from your friends, family and knowledgeable acquaintances is never a bad thing, right? 

This Day In History

1846 – The Sewing Machine is patented.

Food Celebration of the Day

National TV Dinner Day –  Remember TV dinners when you were a kid?  I do.  They were a special treat in our house. My Dad usually had a few in the freezer because he worked the night shift and wasn’t home when Mom fed me and my brother.  He really liked the Banquet Fried Chicken one, and the Turkey with gravy.   Once in awhile we’d get one and it was always a really fun treat.  I was especially happy if we got one with the dessert.  When I have one now I have to admit that I think it’s pretty disgusting, but at the time, it was fun and special because it was rare.   Today there are so many different kinds of TV Dinners, that they don’t even resemble the originals.  If I’m in a hurry and don’t have time to make lunches, those Kashi meals are pretty tasty!  Today though we remember the originals – the ones in the aluminum tray.  The very first one hit the market in 1954, and much to the delight of kids everywhere, dessert was added in the 1960s.

Well, I’m out of here and hitting the road.  I am so excited to see my Grandchildren!  I was going to pre-write a bunch of tomorrow’s last night, but seriously lost steam right about 9:30.  If I get home too late to get it started tonight,  I’ll have to catch up on Friday.  I apologize in advance, just in case.  God Bless You and I’ll see you tomorrow (or the next day).

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