Ya Gotta Have Heart!

Feb 14th

Today is quite a busy day in the world of celebrations.  I had to pick and choose the ones I felt were most pertinent for the purpose of this blog.  There are a couple I wouldn’t consider appropriate for mixed company (i.e. any children who may be reading) that are connected to love and Valentine’s Day.  Let’s just say that there are some, um . . . uninhibited celebrations out there. To start off the fun we have a birthday to celebrate!

Ferris Wheel Day – Today is the birthday of the man who created the very first Ferris wheel!  His name was George Washington Gale Ferris, Jr., and he was a civil engineer.  In 1893 he brought his Ferris Wheel to the World’s Colombian Exhibition in Chicago.  I love riding the Ferris wheel – though  I admit I don’t get the opportunity all that often.  I know they put one up not that long ago on the waterfront in Seattle.  Next time I get across the water I’ll have to think about taking a ride!  A worthy and timely celebration indeed, since taking a ride on a Ferris wheel with your honey is a very romantic thing to do, and what better day than Valentine’s Day!

National Organ Donor Day – What a worthy thing to think about and observe.  Everyone who doesn’t have a medical restriction from being an organ donor should give becoming one some serious thought.  I know that there are some illnesses, or medications that make someone unable to donate, but if that doesn’t apply to you, please, give some thought to the lives you could save or change were the unthinkable to happen, and you lose your life suddenly.  To give that gift to someone who has nearly given up hope and is sitting there waiting to die, while praying for a miracle, that would be the ultimate gift to give.  I read a story not all that long ago of a mother who had a son who was dying.  He needed a heart, and without one, he would not live much longer.  She got a call one night that there had been an awful accident and one of the victims was an organ donor, and they were a match.  Out of the depths of one family’s despair, rose hope for another family.  The surgery was done, the woman’s son lived.  A couple of years later the mother of the young man who had died received a thank you card from the mother of the boy who had received the miracle – passed along through hospital, or people who arranged the donation.  They arranged to meet, and I read, with tears streaming down my face, as the mother who had lost her son laid her head on the boy’s chest and listened to her son’s heart beat – and in that moment she was able to rejoice that a part of her boy lived on in this one.  The two families grew close, which seems so right somehow.  Nobody likes to think of dying, or of the implications of what being a donor would be, but sometimes awful things happen, but hope can be born from despair.  Please give it some thought, if you haven’t yet done so.

Valentine’s Day – All over the country, or even the world, men and women are racing around (especially men) standing in groups at the last minute, looking for a Valentine’s card, picking through what’s left of the flowers, and buying more chocolate than any one person actually requires for one holiday.  I did learn something new today though – and that is the roots of where this celebration actually originated!  This day goes back to ancient times, when people paid honor to the Roman god of Fertility.  It was known as the Feast of Lupercalia and even back then it was celebrated on February 14th.  It has become what is considered to be the most romantic day of the year, and many couples become engaged or married on this day.  Kids in school usually exchange cards with each other, or they did when I was little.  I assume they do still. Did you know that even though 75% of chocolate purchases are made by women all year long, duringthe days and minutes before Valentine’s Day, 75% of the chocolate purchases are made by men. Over $1 billion of chocolate is purchased for Valentine’s Day. That’s a LOT of chocolate! 

National Call In Single Day – This appears to be an answer for Valentine’s Day for folks who are single.  This is the day to take some time for yourself and have a little fun!  Go out with other singles to share a meal and some laughs, or if you enjoy your own company, get a good book, a movie, take a bubble bath, etc.  Pretty much anything goes as long as you are celebrating your independence and loving your own company – at least for tonight.

Last – but certainly not least – I am celebrating a very special birthday in our family today.  Today is my dog Tibbi’s 14th birthday!  Tibbi is the most amazing dog anyone could ever have, and I have been blessed to have her in our family.  Tibbi was a rescue from the local humane society when she was about 9 weeks old – and as close as her doctor can calculate, today is her special day.  Miss Tibbi is, Vet’s best guess – an American Rottweiler.  He based this on how she looked as a baby – and he was willing to bet that she was a pure bred American.  Why she was abandoned in the Kmart parking lot all those years ago, I’ll never know, but I’m glad she was.  She has been here for me through some pretty rough times, she’s lovingly gotten between me, or the kids, and strangers when she felt we were not safe, and she’s let me cry on her shoulder til she was soaked by my tears.  She never judges, never fusses and is always ready with those big, brown understanding eyes.  All she asks in return is some pets, her food and her treats.  Easy enough for a creature blessed with the best, most loving personality in the world.  So Happy Birthday Tibbi! We love you.

Love each other today – show that love with a smile, a hug, a card, a nice dinner, or just by being you.  God bless you and I’ll see you tomorrow.

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