World Communion Sunday – Coming Together As Believers On This Special Day

Oct 6th

I’m here! I’m here! The computer has been having some difficulty waking up today, but it finally decided to cooperate after several restarts!  The sun is shining, it is supposed to be a lovely day, and my poor hubby is sick.  What a horrible day to have a bad cold!  Looks like a hot tea, bundled up on the couch watching movies and resting sort of day.  Well mostly.  I made a batch of crock-pot apple butter yesterday.  It turned out so great that I’m going to peel up the rest of the apples and make another batch today.  Yum!

Come and Take It Day – Come and Take It Day started in Gonzales, Texas.  The town was having problems with the Comanche and Tonkawa Indians, so the Mexican government sent the town a 6-pound cannon to help them out.  During this same time period, the Mexican government increased taxes and regulations.  The colonists became rebellious, moving closer to a revolution and Texan independence.  This promoted the Mexican government to demand that the  cannon be returned, and Mexican soldiers were sent to the town.  The colonists challenged them to “Come and Take It”, and the cannon was subsequently used in the “Come and Take It” battle on October 2, 1835, firing the first shot of the Texas Revolution.  The town now celebrates the Come and Take It festival on the first full weekend in October.   Sometimes you just have to stand up as a community and not take the nonsense any more!

Change A Light Day – This one was started to encourage people to change from conventional light bulbs  energy saving light bulbs.  Though the energy efficient bulbs are more expensive, they do last longer than regular ones.  In 2005 we found a really great coupon deal at a local store for energy efficient bulbs.  I think the end cost was about 8 cents each.  We just kept going back day after day to get more and probably ended up with about 100 bulbs.  We have been using those bulbs since then, and still have quite a few left. They really do last longer than the regular bulbs, and cost less to use.  So, look for some good deals in your area and Change a Light! 

Mad Hatter Day – This is a great day to be silly!  The Mad Hatter is a fictitious cartoon character from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.  The Mad Hatter was always acting silly, so on Mad Hatter Day it is fair and fitting to be silly yourself!  The choice of October 6th is a logical date for this day.  The Mad Hatter wears a top hat, and on the front of the hat is a slip of paper with 10/6 written on it.  It is believed that the paper is an order to make a hat, and that it costs 10 shillings sixpence.  (I have NO idea what that would be in American dollars)  Take advantage of a silly day and have fun.

National German-American Day – Today we celebrate the contributions of German-Americans to U.S. culture.  In the year 1683, 13 German families landed in Philadelphia, and later founded Germantown, Pennsylvania.   President Ronald Reagan issued Presidential Proclamation  5864 on September 23, 1983, declaring October 6th to be National German-American Day, honoring all of the contributions that the Germans has made to our country since they first began immigrating to our shores.  My Great-Great-Grandparents immigrated from Germany, settling in Illinois.  My Grandpa returned to the land of his forefathers to fight for the United States in World War II.  There are a variety of ways to celebrate today . . . try eating German foods like Bratwurst or Wiener Schnitzel, buy something of German origin, do a search for famous people who are German American, or learn to speak simple German greetings. 

World Communion Day – Today Christians around the world join together in celebrating World Communion Sunday.  As Christians, we celebrate the sacrament of communion differently, just as we observe our faith differently, across the world and across our different denominations.  Some Christians celebrate communion every time they gather together, other reserve it for once a month, or special occasions.  I’ve gone to churches who do it both ways, and honestly, I felt it was more special to me to do it weekly – it kept the importance of the observance in the forefront of my mind and heart.  Some communion celebrations use bread and wine, others use wafers and grape juice.  And some use a combination of the two approaches.  No matter how your particular church approaches the sacrament of communion, during the observance we are united as one, one body, one church.  We recognize that in taking communion, we celebrate the life, death and resurrection of Christ.  Today we cross denominational differences and celebrate communion as one body of Christ. 



Country Inn Bed & Breakfast Day – This celebration was started in 2005 – to be celebrated annually on the 1st Sunday in October – to recognize all B&Bs, inns and innkeepers in the United States and Canada.  Tina Czarnota, a self-proclaimed “inn-thusiast” sponsored this holiday to celebrate the industry’s unique style of lodging.  Unlike chain hotels, each bed and breakfast, and inn, has its own personality and is quite different from the any other.  This is so true.  I’m sure most of us have stayed in chain hotels – they are all the same, no matter where you go – but B&Bs are so different!  I’ve only stayed in a couple, but they were each beautiful and special.  The owners were kind and generous, welcoming and provided wonderful hospitality.  I highly recommend checking out a B&B the next time you travel.  It is rather like visiting with family you’ve never met . . . homey and quaint with a sense of comfort and ease.

This Day In History

1889 – Thomas Edison showed the 1st motion picture     
1967 – The first Physician’s Assistants graduate from Duke University

Food Celebration of the Day

Mat Hatter Day – Time for a Mad Hatter Tea party! – If Alice’s Wonderland pal hosted a tea party today, it’s my bet he’d pair up a cup of tea with some of these wonderful treats. 

Well, there’s lots of things to celebrate today – fun, serious, cultural and silly.  However you celebrate do it with a smile.  God Bless You and I’ll see you tomorrow.

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