Will This Mystery EVER Be Solved?

Nov 25th

Oh my goodness!  I really messed up!  I’m sitting here laughing at myself.  I usually get things started for the next day’s post at night before bed.  So yesterday morning, out of habit, I looked at the FOLLOWING date . . . so that means that you saw TODAY’S celebrations YESTERDAY!  So I guess what I’ll do is cover yesterdays celebrations today, and we’ll just be turned around for now.  Geesh!  I guess I’d better pay better attention!  It must be Monday.  Pass the coffee please . . . and be ready with seconds!  (in all seriousness, what is up with this cat’s eyes? Yikes!)

Celebrate Your Unique Talent Day – We all have a talent of one sort or another.  We may not feel like our talent is important, but whatever it is, it makes us each unique and special.  Some of us are musicians, or artists, athletes, or even something that is really, different – possibly even an oddity.  Today was intended to be a day when each of us shows our talent off, using it to the best of our abilities.  Check out this list of really unusual talents some folks have:

* Supertasters – have extra fungiform papillae on their tongues that give them a stronger sensation of taste.
* Tetrachromacy – sounds like a super power. But it’s the “ability to see light from four distinct sources.
* Eidetic memory – is the ability to recall sounds, images, or objects from one’s memory with extreme accuracy.”

D.B. Cooper Day – On November 24, 1971 was born a mystery that has yet to be solved.   Dan or D.B. Cooper made a parachute jump and was never seen again. Cooper boarded Northwest Orient (now part of Delta) Flight 305 in Portland, Oregon.  Witnesses described Cooper as mid-40s, 5’10” to 6 feet tall, and dressed in a black suit with a white shirt.  He sat in seat 18C and not long after the plane took off he handed a note to a stewardess.  The note said “I have a bomb in my briefcase.  I will use it if necessary.  I want you to sit with me.  You are being hijacked.”  The note demanded $200,00 and four parachutes, and gave instructions for landing at Seattle, WA.  The pilot was told what was happening, and he called radio control.  After the FBI and the airline president told the pilot to make sure the bomb was real, Cooper showed the contents of the briefcase to the stewards.  While the plane was held in a holding pattern over Puget Sound, the money, all in twenties, was gathered. The FBI took pictures of all of the serial numbers and after the parachutes were gathered, the pilot was told at 5:24 p.m. to land.  With the cabin lights dimmed, the plane taxied to a remote spot and the ransom and parachutes were exchanged for the 36 passengers.  The only people who remained on the plane were the pilot, first officer, flight engineer, and one stewardess.  The plane was refueled and the route they would take for escape was discussed.  Cooper wanted to go to Mexico City, but at a low speed and altitude.  This wasn’t aerodynamically feasible, so the new destination was Reno, Nevada.  The cabin was to remain unpressurized.  They took off around 7:40 p.m. and the stewardess was told to go to the cockpit.  While there, the crew saw that lights were flashing to indicate that a door was being opened.  Cooper stepped out into the night in the middle of a thunderstorm, and was never seen again.  Because of the storm the F-106 jet fighters who were trailing the plane did not see him exit.  Searches have been conducted since then, but all signs of Cooper, the parachutes and the money were gone.  The FBI doesn’t believe he survived the jump.  On February 10, 1980, an 8-year old boy found $5,880 in banded bills on the banks of the Columbia River, just  Northwest of Vancouver, WA. The serial numbers matched the ransom money.  A body was never found . . . so what do you think?  Did he survive?  We may never know!


Food Celebration of the Day



National Pomegranate Month – There’s nothing new to the hype surrounding pomegranates: The fruit has been cultivated since ancient Persian times, and is featured in Greek mythology.  The Greek myth tells the story of how Persephone was kidnapped by Hades, and she ate pomegranate seeds before her rescue. As a result, she had to spend a couple of months with Hades every year in the underworld. The myth explained that this was how winter came upon the earth.  The story of pomegranates changed over the centuries though.  These days it is all about how all of the health benefits of the fruit.  Pomegranates are mostly grown around the Middle East, and in some parts of the United States.  They need a humid, Mediterranean-type climate for the best growth.



 Well, there you have them, YESTERDAY’S celebrations.  Except for the food celebration – that one truly is today’s.  God Bless You and I’ll see you tomorrow . . . hopefully with my head on straight.

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