Wiggle Your Toes! Nothing Like Happy Toes, Right?

Aug 6th

Good morning!  I am happy to say that the sun is hiding behind a cloud for now.  As soon as I publish this I have to get outside to mow the lawn and quite honestly, I hate doing it in the hot sun. The longer it stays cool outside, the longer we can have it cool inside. Nice, right?  This evening we get the pleasure of family night with my daughter and her  husband.  We don’t get to do this more than once every couple of months, so I always look forward to it.  That means that as soon as I’m done outside, there are a few things to do inside before I start pre-prepping tacos for dinner! Yum, right? I do love tacos with homemade corn tortillas and homemade salsa. MMMMMmmmmm.  We have some fun ones today! Let’s enjoy them, OK?

Wiggle Your Toes Day – What a fun celebration!  I love baby feet. . . I don’t know anyone who DOESN’T look at a baby’s toes and smile.  How can you resist? They are so darned cute!!!  These wiggly little toes are the sweet tootsies of my Granddaughter Baby B – taken just about an hour ago by my daughter-in-law.  I look at them and just marvel!  It’s hard to believe, looking down at our grown-up feet that have been so abused by what we put them through each day that all of our toes started out just as cute as these did!  We squish our toes into shoes that are hot and possibly too tight, so by the end of the day they feel beaten up by the what we just put them through!  Today, when you get the chance, do something really nice for your toes.  Take off your shoes at the end of the day and give your toes a good wiggle.  Let them stretch as far as they can – give them freedom from constriction and  a chance to recuperate and begin to feel good again.  They support your entire body all day long! Maybe treat them to a nice soak in sweetly scented water – essential oils work WONDERS for our tired toes – and perhaps even a foot rub? They deserve it, and so do you!

National Fresh Breath (Halitosis)  Day – I can’t say enough about this one.  We all suffer from bad breath every single day.  From the time we get up in the morning with horrible morning breath, to getting stuff stuck under a crown or between our teeth, the foods we choose to eat (garlic is especially cruel to me) or just how we take care of our mouths.  We may not be aware of it at the time, but it’s a big problem for everyone around us!  There’s nothing worse than talking up close and personal with someone with rancid breath.  I’ve had my share of cavities over the years, so I am fully aware of how important brushing, mouthwash, gum and mints are to keeping things friendly!   I know people who either don’t bother to go to the dentist, or haven’t made it a priority financially, and I am here to tell you that it isn’t pleasant sometimes to be near them.  And don’t get me started on people who smoke or chew tobacco.  I’ve actually banished people from my office who reek of cigarettes or chew.  It’s nasty! Positively nasty!  For anyone who doesn’t go to the dentist because it is expensive, well, yes it is, but it has to be a priority in your life.  There are so many worse things than just bad breath – gum disease for starters.  The physical ailments that can happen from not taking care of your teeth are numerous and some of them horrible.  Please, find a dental college, a program that charges on a sliding scale, or a dentist who will take payments (they are rare, but they truly are out there).  And for goodness sake, stop smoking and chewing.  It’s horrible for your health, for the health of those around you and honestly it’s disgusting!   Keep the gum and mints handy in the meantime.  Sometimes it’s very difficult for someone who loves you to tell you the terrible news that you smell like death.  I’m here to tell you, if you are talking to someone and they suddenly start holding their hand near their noses – attempting of course to be subtle while they do it – it’s very likely that you are releasing toxic fumes and its time to do something about it. As a little tidbit of trivia – did you know that the earliest breath mints can be traced back to the early Egyptians?   It seems their teeth suffered badly from the sand and grit resulting from stone-grinding their flour, and since dentists were not yet an option, decayed, odorous mouths were common. Breath mints were made by boiling together frankincense, myrrh, cinnamon and honey. The solids were then fashioned into pellets and voila! Aren’t we glad we aren’t chewing on frankincense and myrrh mints any more?  Geesh!  Give me good old peppermint any day of the week.

This Day In History

1890 – Murderer John Hart is the first person to be executed in an electric chair.     
1890 – Baseball pitching legend Cy Young pitches his first his first game, a win.      

1945 – The Atom bomb is dropped on  Hiroshima, Japan by the U.S.

Food Celebration of the Day

National Root Beer Float Day Root Beer floats are high on the list of happy memories from my childhood.  When I was little we had an A&W between where we lived and my pediatrician’s office.  Every time I had to go in for a shot, or an appointment for something else, Mom would take me there to get one of their delicious, iced cold root beer floats.  They always served them in a frosty mug, and the sweet ice cream yumminess mixed with the root beer just made the ouch fade away.  There was something pretty special about driving up to the A&W, pushing the button to the call box, and having them bring out the tray with our floats and fresh, crispy French fries right to our car.  I miss those days!  Originally root beer floats had a different name. They were called the “black cow”.  Frank J. Wisner of Cripple Creek, CO made the first black cow in 1893 to give children something to enjoy while their parents sipped on sodas.  My dad makes the root beer at the brewery my brother owns with his partners.  It’s wonderful root beer and I bet it would be incredible in a float!  Hmmm. . . . I’ll have to give that some thought.  You can make your own to celebrate today, or head somewhere to have one while enjoying a moment of nostalgia.  Here are some delicious recipes using root beer from www.food.com.  It’s not just for floats ya know!



Wish I had all the stuff to make homemade ice cream so I could have root beer floats! I have the Zevia Root Beer (we don’t drink sugared sodas in our house, but we don’t drink chemical filled sodas either – so it’s Stevia and Erythritol sweetened Zevia all the way!  I may have to just be happy with an icy cold root beer. Sounds good!  Have a lovely day today and enjoy wiggling those toes!  God Bless You and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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