Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road?

Jul 24th

Good Morning and a very happy Thursday to you!  The week is speeding by and it will be the weekend before any of us knows it! Amazing, isn’t it?  Yesterday my day was spent getting the guest room ready, and today, while I wait for my mother-in-law to arrive (not sure exactly when she’s leaving home, but I do know it’s a very long drive) I will be puttering around the house doing general pick up, vacuuming, etc. Wouldn’t have done me a bit of good yesterday because at the rate my pets shed, I would have just had to do it again today anyway.  Other than that, I need to run to the store to get a few things for dinner tonight, and a couple missing ingredients for getting my husband’s birthday cake started tomorrow! Yeah for cake, right?  So what do we celebrate today besides me cleaning house?

Amelia Earhart Day –   today is the birthday of the most famous American female aviator in history.  Born in 1897, Amelia Earhart went missing on July 2, 1937 when she was attempting to fly around the world.  She and her navigator  were lost in the Pacific Ocean, heading towards a difficult leg of the journey towards Howell Island.  Weather conditions were less than ideal.  While they were still in radio communication, ships on the ground confirmed that she was having a difficult time finding the island.  The radio communication faded and died, and her plane was never heard from again.  The disappearance of her plane resulted in the largest search and rescue operation to date, with the U.S. Navy searching over 250,000 miles of ocean.  It also started rumors about what caused the disappearance.  Even now theories and speculation still exist about what happened – some of them even wonder if it was an alien abduction.  Today we remember a tireless champion for women’s rights, paving the way for future women with dreams to do something to fulfill their dreams.

National Drive-Thru Day – How many times have you been in a hurry and you whipped through the drive-thru to grab a burger or a latte?  I got to thinking about it one day and realized that each impulsive stop, oh-so-convenient since I didn’t have to get out of the car, was leading to SOOOOO many extra calories taken in.  If it hadn’t been so convenient I wouldn’t have stopped and if I had REALLY wanted what was available at that stop, then it would have been worth pulling in, stopping and getting out to order in person.  In our hurry hurry world, more and more things are as easy to get as that burger or drink.  Today, depending on where you live, you can get more than just a burger and fries at the drive thru.  You can get a six pack of  beer, make a bank deposit, and even get married without having to take off your seat belt.  There are drive thru libraries, art galleries, prayer booths, funeral parlors (seriously?) and strip clubs (eewwww) .  Stanford Hospital has even recently tested out a drive-thru emergency room to treat contagious patients during a pandemic or bio-terrorist attack.  Wow!   So, who’s bright idea was the drive-thru?  Well, Jack in the Box was America’s first drive-thru burger chain and they created “National Drive-Thru Day” to celebrate America’s love of convenience by vehicle.  Some call it ease, some call laziness – but either way, it’s definitely something that has taken our country by storm!

Tell An Old Joke Day –  This one makes me giggle because over the years I have known several people who always have an old joke to tell.  The funny thing is that sometimes they tell the same joke over and over, and they are always just as tickled by the telling as if it were the very first time they told it!  That alone makes it worth laughing at, right?  Today is just for the people who love to tell those old jokes – you know the ones . . .   “Why Did The Chicken Cross the Road?” and “Knock Knock” jokes fit into that old category.  Those jokes can call today “home” and be raised to either a new level, or if they truly aren’t funny, then they at least belong.  Because it is healthy to laugh, and jokes play a very important part of our cultural identity, please take today to heart, tell some old jokes, and laugh!   Here’s an old joke to get you through this celebration.  “My psychiatrist told me I was crazy so I told him I wanted a second opinion.  He said OK, you’re ugly too.”  hahahaha OK, that’s mean, but it IS funny.

Cousins Day –  I am the oldest of all of my cousins.  They were always enough younger than me that we were on different interest levels, but now as adults, I appreciate them so much!  We “see” each other often on Facebook, and when we have occasional family gatherings it is always as if no time has passed and we are laughing and visiting, enjoying each other very much.  Today is the day to honor your cousins, but wait! If you have cousins, that means you’re a cousin too, so this is your day as well.  If you can get together  with your cousins today, and if not at least contact them and tell them how much you love and appreciate the big part they’ve played in your life.

This Day In History

1929 – 24 President Hoover announces the Kellogg-Briand Pact which renounces war. (A lot of good that did….) 
Food Celebration of the Day

National Tequila Day Remember this come flu season: During the 1918 worldwide flu epidemic, Mexican doctors prescribed doses of tequila as treatment. I had never heard of that so I went looking and did find this quote from a press release.  Please keep in mind that the press release was put out by a tequila company . . . so take it as you will . . .”During the 1918 Spanish flu epidemic in Mexico, doctors prescribed ailing patients to drink a mixture of tequila, lime, and salt as a remedy, therefore making tequila a medicinal spirit. Qui, the world’s first platinum extra anejo tequila, is made from 100% agave, which is known to help reduce bacteria and relieve sore throats. Pair this with a powerhouse Vitamin C carrier such as freshly squeezed lime juice, and New Yorkers might be able to say goodbye to those saltines and ginger ale in no time! Or for those feeling feverish and restless, Qui Tequila can be used in a hot beverage with lemon and honey to help relax the body and rid it of toxins.”  Since we make hot toddies to treat colds and such in our house, to me, this makes perfect sense!



What a great variety of celebrations today!  Some days have a one note theme, and others are all over the board.  Today is one of those, which makes it very interesting, don’t you think?  Well, time to get my backside in gear, and let you get on with your day!  God Bless You and I’ll see you tomorrow!


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