Who Wants To Be a Millionaire? I’m Guessing Everyone!

May 20th

It’s Monday . . . again.  The weekends just seem to fly by, don’t they?  Well, Mondays deserve to be celebrated too, so here are a few things I’m sure will inspire at least a little bit of enthusiasm

Be a Millionaire Day – This is definitely a day I could celebrate with enthusiasm . . . and I’m sure everyone else could too.  Even though a million bucks isn’t what it used to be, it would still go a long way to making a few dreams come true.  If you are already a millionaire, just sit back and bask in it.  If you aren’t, dream big about what you would do if you were.  Most millionaires get there through hard work, using their brains, making sound investments and spending wisely.  Other folks? They go buy a lottery ticket.  Hmmmm. . . . the odds are against it, but still sometimes worth a shot! 


Pick Strawberries Day – For someone who lives in a climate that’s warmer earlier in the year than where I live, this could be a great day!  Picking strawberries, enjoying the sun warm fruit as you pick it off the vine, would be a wonderful way to celebrate spring.  We’re barely planting things in our neck of the woods at this point.  My parents used to tell me stories of picking strawberries in the summer for extra money, and Dad always talks about how hard it was to make a profit when he kept eating the berries as fast as he could.  it’s something I never did as a kid.  Maybe finding a U-Pick strawberry field would be a great thing to do this summer when they are ready to harvest.  Yum!

Weights & Measures Day – Today is the anniversary of an international treaty, signed on 20 May 1875, providing for the establishment of an International Bureau of Weights and Measures.  The Office of Weights and Measures is intended to promote uniformity in U.S. weights and measures laws, regulations, and standards to achieve equity between buyers and sellers in the marketplace.  This is supposed to enhance consumer confidence, which in turn should enable U.S. businesses to compete fairly at home and abroad, and which should strengthen the U.S. economy.   It would be nice if SOMETHING would . . . but that’s another blog. 

Food Celebration of the Day

National Quiche Lorraine DayThe first quiche introduced to America, quiche Lorraine is still the most popular. No doubt its simplicity and key ingredient, bacon, keep this French classic popular.

Ah, short and sweet – just like we all hope Monday will be.  May your strawberries be sweet, may your lottery ticket be a winner and may your Quiche come out flaky and perfect.  God bless you – have a wonderful day and I’ll see you tomorrow.


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