Who Wants Some Pie?

Jan 23rd

It was such a busy day yesterday, but it was a good one.  My Tibbi girl had a wonderful spa day and came home all soft and smelling wonderful.  She was exhausted though.  Her 15th birthday is next month and she tires out so quickly these days.  I’m actually a little grateful that she’s lost a little weight – just a few years ago she was over 100 lbs. She’s just under 90 lbs. now and it’s a little easier to lift her into the car.  Poor dear can’t jump up on her own any more.  My Mom came along with me for the ride, and with all of the errands, we still had some time to stop by my daughter’s work and say hello and get hugs, and to have lunch together.  Spending time with Mom is always fun and always cherished.  Well, it’s a very happy Thursday and we have wonderful things to celebrate!  Are you ready for a great day?

National Pie Day – Who doesn’t love pie?  Honestly, if I had to pick between cake and pie, I’d choose pie every time.  This celebration was created by the American Pie Council to celebrate pie, in all of its wonderful and delicious flavors.  Today everyone is encouraged to bake a few pies, trying out a new recipe.  More importantly we are to eat some pie today!  One great way to celebrate today would be to bake a few pies and give them away to friends, neighbors and relatives.  It could be the beginning of a new tradition!  Across the country in different areas there will be National Pie Championships competitions.  Some of the best pie makers in the world enter their pies.  Wouldn’t it be fun to enter and win the “American Pie Council’s Best Pie In America” award?  You’d probably have to have a really unique and wonderful recipe.  If you had to pick a very favorite pie, of all the wonderful flavors of pie out there in the world . . . what would it be?  Honestly that’s a tough one . . . I have a favorite in different categories – in fruit it would be cherry pie, in custard it would be chocolate . . . etc.  What would yours be?

National Handwriting Day –  I think it is a sad and horrible thing that handwriting is not being taught in schools, or at least that’s what is on the agenda . . . I read in more than one news source that because kids do most of their work and communication on computers and phones these days, that they are actually going to take handwriting out of the curriculum.  They’ll teach printing when kids are young, but I have to wonder how long they will even do that?  This is awful!  Today, keep this skill alive and well.  Grab a pen and paper and just write a letter, in old-fashioned handwriting, and send it to someone!    This is an important skill to keep alive!  How is YOUR handwriting?  Mine changes daily.  I have never had one single, recognizable script and it even changes from paragraph to paragraph in a papers I’ve written.  Weird, right?  My Mom, for example, has the most precise handwriting I have ever seen.  Every letter is the same height, perfectly formed and perfectly legible.  It’s amazing!  I could recognize her writing anywhere.


Measure Your Feet Day –  This is one that I am sitting and wondering . . . WHY???  Who on earth decided that t his required a special celebration?  Have you ever thought to yourself  – “I just don’t celebrate the measurement of my feet.  Today is the day I think we should ALL measure our feet and have a wonderful time doing it!”  Seriously? Have you?  I know I haven’t!  But someone, somewhere – who wisely chose to remain anonymous because they’d be laughed at otherwise – decided that TODAY! January 23rd is the PERFECT day to measure the length of their feet, and the perfect day to register an official holiday for that very activity. OK, well, get to it! Get out the ruler – and measure your feet!  I can’t tell you what to do with that information  The creator of this one didn’t bother to elaborate.

This Day In History

1556 – The deadliest earthquake in history strikes Shansi, China, killing 830,000 people.

Food Celebration of the Day

National Rhubarb Day – Though cultivated since ancient times, rhubarb didn’t become popular until the Victorian era, when the masses could finally afford the other ingredient required to make its tart stalks palatable: sugar!  I must wonder why this one isn’t set up for summer when rhubarb is actually ready to harvest.  No matter, the tart (VERY TART) fruit is always delicious in pies . . and since it is pie day it’s appropriate . .  and our local store carries it frozen.  Convenient, hm?

Now I just have to figure out how to make a HEALTHY pie . . . gluten free, sugar free . . . but hopefully not flavor free.  You have a wonderful day today and smile with anticipation for tomorrow is FRIDAY!  God Bless You and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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