What Do Sushi and Panic Have In Common? They Are Both Celebrations – With Many Others – On This Lovely Wednesday!

Jun 18th

Good Morning!  Can you believe it is Wednesday?  I’m telling you, I didn’t think it was going to get here.  My office mate and I have been saying for the last two days that Monday and Tuesday were DRAGGING by.  We made it though – mid week and on the down hill slide to the weekend.  I know it’s sort of a bad thing to want to rush through each day – after all, life is too short as it is, but seriously, who among us doesn’t love the weekend?  Today we have some fun celebrations to share together.  I will personally be celebrating at least one, and I’ll tell you which one after you read about them.  Are you ready to celebrate?  Let’s get started!

Go Fishing Day – I feel like this should have been celebrated a few days ago – wouldn’t it have been the perfect celebration to coincide with Father’s Day?  But today is it, so for everyone who loves to fish, grab your gear and head to the water and see if you can catch a mess of fish for dinner.  For anyone who has never been fishing, it’s hard work . . . of course when I go fishing, it’s hard work for my husband.  I love casting, I love reeling it in.  I won’t touch anything icky and I don’t know how to get my pole set up . . . so that’s hubby’s job.  He puts up with me with a great deal of patience.  Poor guy doesn’t get much fishing of his own in when he takes me, and I hope he realizes how much I appreciate it.  I wish he could take today and go enjoy a day relaxing on the water.  For any of you who have the chance, take some time to celebrate today, with a fishing pole in one hand, your favorite beverage in the other, and the plan to relax and enjoy yourself!  In this picture I was enjoying a peaceful afternoon on the lake with my hubby – with him teasing me about my pink pole and plaid boots!  I like my boots and my pole!  hahahaha What do YOU think?

International Panic Day – As we look around at world events on a daily basis, we see a never ending stream of reasons to panic.  Apparently I’m not the only one to feel that way because this day was started to give everyone with all of the concerns of the world on their shoulders to just give in to the feelings and panic!   This seems to be a widespread issue because there’s also a panic day in March.  Not sure how you’d actually celebrate this one, sounds a little stressful to me, releasing all of those feelings, but maybe it will be therapeutic for some.  If so, go for it and just panic!

International Picnic Day – I love going on a picnic, don’t you?  It doesn’t matter if it is in a park, or right in the backyard.  There is something about eating outdoors in the fresh air that just makes it feel special.  Picnics have been around for a very long time, and actually date back to Medieval times, when outdoor feasts were held to celebrate a successful hunt.  During the Victorian Era in England, they really grew in popularity.  Picnics are fun from spring through fall, heck even a winter picnic can be great if you plan it the right way!  They can be enjoyed by everyone, from young lovers with a blanket and a picnic basket, to families and groups getting together to celebrate any event from Memorial Day, to Independence Day, Labor Day and family reunions!  Truly, you can use just about any reason as a good excuse to have a picnic.  Typical picnic food includes a meal, snacks and drinks – most commonly to include hamburgers, hot dogs, macaroni salad, potato salad and baked beans – but pretty much anything is fair game, so get creative and do something different with each one!  I remember growing up, my Mom was the BEST picnic preparer ever!  She always did fried chicken, a variety of chips and crackers with cheese, bowls of cut up fruit – usually melons, and something fun for dessert.  Icy sodas, juice and water were always in a cooler that tagged along for our day out.  It was always fun, filling and special.  Our picnics usually took us to the beach, and always included laughter, teasing, exploring and many created memories. 

National Splurge Day – Yippee!!  Do you find yourself scurrying here and there, always on a tight schedule, and at the end of the day feel you have restricted yourself to a calendar life, rather than just enjoying each day as it comes?  I think many of us feel that way.  Today is a day to just throw aside the restrictions we impose upon ourselves, and splurge!  Are you dieting?  Maybe have a special food you have been not allowing yourself to have . . . just one serving though.   There are so many things we can do with this one . . . from allowing yourself to put away the pots and pans and eating out, indulging in that outfit you’ve been denying yourself, or even just sitting back and watching TV instead of scurrying around the house cleaning things up.  Splurge!  Don’t worry about anything at all, and put off everything until tomorrow . . . it’ll still be there waiting for you. 

International Sushi Day – I learned a couple of things with this one!  When I think of sushi, I think of a bit of fish – sometimes raw – rolled up in rice and seaweed wrapper.  I did not know that sushi really has NOTHING to do with raw fish! Seriously!  It refers to the vinegar-seasoned rice that is used in the dish that we call sushi.  There are many types of this dish that are generically – and often incorrectly – called “sushi”.  Sashimi is simply slices of raw fish – often salmon or tuna.  It is not served with the “sushi rice.  Nigri is made from forming a handful of rice into a mound, and putting a piece of seafood over the top.  Maki rolls are made from wrapping sushi rice and a variety of fillings inside a seaweed wrapper (this is what I like – only with cooked fish). Maki rolls have had the most variations created in Western society.  One example of this is the California Roll, made with avocado, imitation crab and cucumber.  You can also find the inside-out California Roll, that has the rice on the outside.  The Philadelphia Roll has smoked salmon, cream cheese and cucumber (YUM!).  The Texas Roll has tuna, avocado and cucumber and is rolled in crushed French fried onions.  Now THAT’S one I have never heard of! You know that little mound of green paste that you get alongside your order of sushi? That’s wasabi . . . it’ll clear your sinuses in a heartbeat, but it is SO good . . . especially if you eat it with a bit of that delicious pickled ginger.  Oh my, now I’m hungry for sushi!

This Day In History

1861 – The first American fly-casting tournament was held in Utica, NY.      
1873 – Women’s rights advocate Susan B. Anthony is arrested for voting in Rochester, N.Y. 1983 – Sally Ride becomes the first woman in space.

Food Celebration of the Day

National Cherry Tart Day – What makes a tart a tart and not a pie? Tarts only come with a pastry base and no crust on top.  I didn’t know that!

So after all that, do you know what my splurge will be today?  That’s OK, I didn’t exactly give it away.  I am indulging in a lovely lunch out with my Dad as a belated Father’s Day celebration.  We are going to my favorite Mongolian Grill restaurant – I can pick healthier choices, while still having lots of flavor.  Nice!  However you choose to celebrate your day, please do it with a happy heart.  God Bless You and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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