What Do Meteor Shower Watching, Leap Seconds and Turkey Have In Common? June 30th Of Course! Happy Last Day of June!

Jun 30th

What a beautiful morning!  Hubby got up and sat on the deck to watch the sun rise.  Wish I had.  I’m sitting here, sipping my coffee after finishing breakfast, listening to the birds sing and feeling the air slowly warm up.  Not long from now I’m going to have to go in and close up the house to keep the cooler air in so we can survive in the house during the heat of the day.  Supposed to hit 90 today!  I know that for some of you, that’s normal or even low, but for us here in western Washington it’s unusual and starts a lot of whining and complaining . . . I’m usually one of the first in line to whine or complain.   I’m not a heat person.  Never have been.  For right now though, as I sit here and look at the brilliant blue of the sky, with the varying shades of green of the trees and the grass absolutely stunning in their intensity, with a splash of red and white from different berries or blossoms, I feel blessed.  Truly blessed.  What an amazing artist God is, isn’t He?   That alone is a lot to celebrate, but I’m sure there are specific fun things to celebrate too, not the least of which would be the last day of June.  OK, I’m not celebrating the time flying by so much, because . . . .well . . . that makes me feel old, but as we go into July I’m sure there are many summer things we’ll be enjoying.

Meteor Watch Day – This is so fun!  We are supposed to have clear skies tonight, which is a great thing for meteor watching!  Today is Meteor Watch Day, which tells us that it’s time to look to the skies for meteor showers.  Have you ever laid out on your deck to watch the shooting stars? Or seen them when you’re out camping?  The moment is so fleeting, but exciting.  We can see a shooting star, or meteor, any night of the year, but the best chance of actually seeing them with any certainty is during a meteor shower.  We are at the end of the June Botid shower right now, so having clear skies tonight is a good time to grab a blanket and pillow and head out to the yard to watch the sky.  Though the Botid’s are a relatively weak shower compared to others, you can see 10-40 meteors in the northwest sky throughout the evening.  Hopefully you live in an area where there aren’t a lot of street lights to obscure the clarity of the stars.  That’s definitely another benefit to living in the country.  If you miss them tonight, don’t worry, the best shower happens in August with the Perseid meteor showers.  I’ve watched those throughout the years and have lost count of how many I’ve seen.  If you like wishing on falling stars and head out during a meteor shower, you’d better have a long list of wishes! With all of the excitement of getting ready to go watch for falling stars, what are they?  Meteors are space dust and ice that enter the earth’s atmosphere.  They can be as small as specks of dust.  As they enter the atmosphere at high speeds, they burn up, producing light as they streak across the night sky.  Sometimes you can see them streak across the sky and disappear at the horizon. At other times they end suddenly, burning out right before your eyes.  Even if you don’t see any meteors tonight, enjoy the beauty of the night sky. It’s always beautiful and awe inspiring.     

Leap Second Time Adjustment Day –  Every 4 years we have Leap Year.  My daughter was 17 hours late for being a Leap Year baby – and as she was growing up I couldn’t help but think that TECHNICALLY she would only have had a true birthday every 4 years – and what a party we would have held.  She’d just raise one eyebrow at me, which was all it would take to let me know that she didn’t think a birthday every 4 years was a good idea at all.  We’ve all heard of Leap Year though – because we have that extra day every February.  We have it because the year is not exactly 365 days.  It’s 365.24 days long, so if we didn’t have the Leap Year adjustment the date of the first day of the seasons would slowly change over time.  By making that adjustment our calendars stay accurate. But what I hadn’t heard of, and maybe you haven’t either, is Leap Second!  Yep, Leap Second.  It’s the same thing as Leap Year, only smaller.  We have two Leap Second events every year – one at the end of December and one today, the 30th of June.  Sometimes a second is added, sometimes one is taken away.  It all depends.  Whether we have one added or removed is determined on the Earth’s rotation, which does fluctuate over time.  The people that make that decision are the International Earth Rotation Service (IERS), who have been in charge of our clocks since 1972. 

Food Celebration of the Day


Turkey Lover’s Month (Day) – Turkey is a staple at our house.  Sometimes it is the form of the lovely roasted turkey deli meat that our local market has – they smoke it in house without nitrates/nitrites or any other yucky additives, and their turkeys are guaranteed to be happy turkeys that haven’t been pumped full of antibiotics and growth hormones.  Often it’s in the form of turkey bacon – also nitrate/nitrite/hormone/antibiotic free (are you detecting a theme for the meats eaten in our house?) and sometimes it’s turkey turkey – just because it’s delicious and shouldn’t be left to just Thanksgiving.  Every year turkeys go on sale and every year we get as many as we can and fill the freezer.  We have one more we need to eat this year before the sales begin again.  What it comes down to though, is this lean protein is just too good, and good for us, to have a limited run at the holidays.  Make it a part of your summer too!  Here are some summer turkey ideas from www.food.com.

It’s heating up out here and I’ve about scooted as far away from the sun as I can get.  It keeps creeping closer, so it’s time for me to go inside where the house is now cooler than the outdoors.  There are chores to do inside, which is why I’ve waited as long as I can, but chores are better than a heat headache!  Have a blessed and wonderful day.  God Bless You and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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