What Do Friendship, Sisters, Forgiveness, the US Coast Guard and Catfish Have In Common? TODAY OF COURSE!

Aug 4th

This morning started with a heavy, thick fog and the sound of the lighthouse foghorn sounding in the distance.  In our area this usually means it’s going to be a gorgeous day, and sure enough! It’s BEAUTIFUL out!  Now I just have to decide what to do with the day!  For now, let’s see what celebrations we have going on.


Friendship Day – Today is the day to nurture relationships, whether they are new or old.  It’s a very easy and fun day to celebrate because it can be as simple as just getting in touch with some old friends.  A simple phone call, email or even an E-Card are great tools to do that.   See if you can make plans to meet for coffee or lunch soon, but make the invitation today so it honors this celebration.  No matter what way you choose to follow the spirit of the day, if you put your whole heart into it, it will be a wonderful day.  Happy Friendship Day to Everyone!    

Global Forgiveness Day is held on  August 27th

International Forgiveness Day– the first Sunday of August

Forgiveness Day is a time to forgive and to be forgiven. Forgiveness is spoken about in the Bible, both the word and the concept combined, 126 times.  Obviously this is something that God feels very strongly about.  There is so much trouble and struggle in the world, that two forgiveness days can only help to make things better.  It’s not easy to forgive someone who has hurt you, and doesn’t care that they’ve hurt you, nor do they even care if they are forgiven.  The giving of forgiveness at that point isn’t for them, it is for you, so the hurts inside of you heal.  This is something I struggle with on a deep emotional level – and those who are reading who know me, know what it is that I mean.  I’m working on it though and I am praying that at some point I can just release it and forgive.  Today is a good day to focus on that a bit, and a wonderful reminder.

Sister’s Day – If you have a sister today, celebrate her!  Sisters are truly special and unique – I know my brother is awfully lucky to have me!  (hehehe)  Sure, you may argue and fight with your sister, but when it comes right down to it your sister has your best interest at heart and would likely do anything for you.  Celebrate today by spending time with your sister, making is special for both of you.  If you are far away from your sister, give her a call.  I’m sure she will appreciate it.  By the way, Hallmark has August 7th listed as Sister’s Day.  They are only correct once every 7 years.  It is the 1st Sunday in August – so now you know!

U.S. Coast Guard Day – The US Coast Guard honors the military branch that protects our waters and shorelines, and today we celebrate all Coast Guard personnel and their families.  When my son joined the USCG when he was 17, leaving for basic training 3 days after his 18th birthday, I was under the mistaken impression that he would be performing his duties on our own shores.  Apparently I was wrong.  Many people don’t realize this but the Coast Guard is part of Homeland Security, and wherever we have Navy ships, we also have Coast Guard.  In the first 4 years my son was performing his service he was sent to Cuba,, Haiti and Kuwait.  So much for having him close to home, right?    So, when was the US Coast Guard formed?  On August 4, 1790, the Revenue Cutter Service was created by the U.S. Congress.  Congress authorized the construction of ten cutters, which were built to enforce U.S. tariff laws.  The Revenue Cutter Service was the predecessor to the U.S. Coast Guard.  The name “Coast Guard” was first used in 1915.  Today, we salute Coast Guard personnel, and we thank them, not just today, but every day, for the service they perform for our country.   

National Doll Day – Today is the 3rd annual National Doll Day.  I tried to research what this was all about and who started it, but information is pretty slim.  From what I can gather today is about people who love dolls, and either collect them, or who actually still play with them.  Apparently paper dolls count.  Now, I always liked playing with my dolls as a child, but can honestly say I don’t actually own a doll today.  I even gave my Barbie Dolls to my daughter when she was little.  I know many people keep collector dolls like the original Cabbage Patch Dolls, or porcelain dolls.  Some of them can be quite valuable, and some have deep sentimental meaning.  So if you collect dolls, today is for you!
This Day In History
1693 – Champagne is invented by Dom Perignon. 
Food Celebration of the Day
National Catfish Day – I’ve only had catfish one way, breaded and fried.  It was absolutely delicious.  Some of these attached recipes are ones that I can actually adapt to my diet plan!  I may have to go to the store to get some today and have the chicken I was planning on cooking tomorrow!  Mmmmmm . . .  This is an interesting little thing I found . . .according to an ancient Japanese myth, a giant catfish was to blame for earthquakes. Named Namazu, he’d swish his fins and rattle the entire globe.  That’s one BIG catfish!  Enjoy these recipes provided by www.food.com.
Well, there you have it!  A little something for everyone today!  Have a truly blessed and wonderful Sunday.  God Bless You and I’ll see you tomorrow!


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