What Do Checkers And Dogs Have To Do With Politics?

Sep 23rd

Good Morning!  I am a happy gal this morning!  Yesterday my new cupboards were completed – I’ve been working on staining them over the past few days.  This may not sound exciting to many people, but to me storage is always at a premium, and these cupboards are going to go far to helping me be a better organized person.    My day off tomorrow is going to be spent working on getting things into their new home so I can use the newly empty spaces in a better and more efficient way. Baby steps lead to giant steps with getting this place in order! Yippee!

I deliberately did not write about some of the celebrations today.  There are just some things that I don’t feel inclined to give any glory to, and today there was more than one.  You are more than welcome to research what other celebrations were going on today and decide how you feel for yourself, but for me, I have to draw a bit of a line somewhere.

I thought this one was interesting.  I wasn’t born when it happened, but I bet if I ask my Dad, he would remember this one.

Checkers Day AND Dogs In Politics Day – Yep, they are connected – In 1952, Richard M. Nixon was a candidate for Vice-President of the United States, running with Dwight D. Eisenhower.   There was media speculation that Nixon may have used an $18,000 campaign contribution for his personal use.  Nixon, in a brilliant maneuver, took his case to the American people.  On September 23, 1952, Richard Nixon gave a speech that directly addressed, and explained, the issue.  He assured the public that he did not use any of the funds for personal use, and towards the end of the speech he stated that his daughters had received a dog, which they had named “Checkers” as a gift.  He said that they would keep the dog.  The speech quickly became known as the “Checkers” speech, and went on to be one of the better speeches in American political history.  With “Checkers” the dog included in his speech, this day sometimes was referred to as Dogs in Politics Day.  See?  There really was a connection!

This Day In History

1846 – The planet Neptune is first discovered by German astronomer Johann Gottfried Golle.

Food Celebration of the Day

Better Breakfast Month – To me, “Better Breakfast” could mean different things.  If by “Better” the originators meant healthier, that’s definitely something that can be considered to be better.  If by “Better” they mean tastier, well, that opens up a WHOLE lot of ideas of deliciousness.  What is YOUR very favorite, decadently bad for the arteries, delicious to the taste buds breakfast?  I have to admit that I adore German Potato Pancakes with bits of apple sausage in them . . . topped with sour cream and applesauce.  There’s a diner about 1/2 hour  from here that serves them, and is the only place I ever get them, about once every few years.  I’m not even hungry, but the thought of these pancakes makes my mouth water!  For my hubby, it’s a cup of coffee and a big, ooey, gooey cinnamon roll  – you know, the huge, fluffy ones that are covered in butter and frosting, filled with cinnamon, sugar and raisins.  Alright, I get where he’s coming from, but we apparently have two completely different ideas – and that’s good!  Variety is a wonderful thing!  This morning our “Better Breakfast” is interpreted as healthier.  What you see here is a breakfast smoothie that has orange juice, fat free plain yogurt, pineapple, berries, figs, dates, bee pollen and protein powder.  Sweet, cold, filling and good for us.  Mmmm . . . well, sort of Mmmm. . . now I have German Potato Pancakes on the brain.  We have an entire month to celebrate this one, so try different things for different days and enjoy! 

May your Tuesday be filled with happy thoughts, beautiful sights, delicious foods, and incredible companionship.  God Bless You and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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