What Better Way To Celebrate The Last Day of August – Let’s All Eat Outside Today!

Aug 31st
Before I get to the celebrations of the day, I want to make some comments about something.  Over the last couple of days I have listened to a friend as she goes through a crisis with her family.  It isn’t my business to share what her crisis is, but something struck me yesterday as I listened to her and supported her while she cried.  We may THINK we know the people in our lives, be they family or friends, but there is always that piece of every single person that nobody else knows.  We all have secrets that we don’t share with others, but in some people, those secrets are dark, dangerous and against everything we, as a society deem to be acceptable.  More than that though, is what God deems to be acceptable.  Finding out that someone we care about has entered the world of forbidden evil is absolutely world altering.  It changes the very way we view the people around us and shakes us to the core.  We have all been watching the news when there is a story about someone who has done something awful.  Their friends and family come out of the woodwork, shell shocked expressions on their faces, claiming that he or she was so nice, they were always so sweet, friendly, quiet, etc.  Seeing the situation up close and personal through the eyes of my friend just brought it into perspective.  Who do we really know, and how well do we know them?  And when we find out their dark secret, how do we get over it and move on?  I suppose we all would react differently, depending on what the secret turns out to be, but life is never the same again once the knowledge is out there.  One thing that I know after today – I will never judge those poor shell-shocked family members and friends again. They may have really NOT known what that person was up to, and the news is really causing them pain.  The life of the guilty party isn’t the only one that changes.  Their children, spouses, parents, siblings and even extended family changes too . . . and not for the better.   Maybe a little bit of compassion for them is in order – even if we can’t bring ourselves to feel it for the person who is guilty of something we find to be heinous.

Franchise Appreciation Day –  Being a business owner isn’t easy.  These days it’s more difficult than ever before, as the entrepreneurial spirit is being squashed by an administration that leans so far to the socialistic left that making a living as a business owner is nearly impossible.  If you can manage it without employees, that’s fine, but if you need a crew, after you pay for insurance, the over inflated wages that untrained individuals claim they deserve for doing entry level jobs, and all of the other expenses required to run a business, then the road you travel will be difficult.  Today we honor the Franchise opportunity.  Franchises allow business minded people who wish to run their own business with all of the support and buying power of an established brand.  Customers will most often gravitate to that which they are familiar with, so this is a big boost to the new business owner.  Today celebrate this business model and shop one of your local franchises today.  You are helping a small business owner in your own community when you do. 


Love Litigating Lawyers Day – There are so many jokes out there about lawyers.  We’ve all heard them, we’ve all told them, and we’ve all laughed at them.  Lawyers are scorned as being unethical sharks.   What’s the first thing people do when they get into trouble though?  Yep, they call a lawyer!  So before you paint them in too bad a light, remember that there may come a day when you, or someone you care about, needs one of those sharks to protect them and represent them to the very best of their abilities!  Today is “Love Litigating Lawyers Day” and is an excellent time to show a special litigator – if you know any – some consideration and respect.  In 2011 there were 1,225,452 licensed attorneys in the United Stats, compared to only 64,137 in 1878!  That’s a lot of lawyers! 

Princess Diana’s Memorial Day – Can you believe it’s been 16 years since Princess Diana died?  On August 31, 1997, Diana, Princess of Wales, lost her life from injuries sustained in a car crash in Paris.   People around the world mourned her death as law enforcement officials began a series of investigations into the circumstances surrounding the crash.   The BBC reported that two years before her death, in an interview with Martin Bashir, Princess Diana said, “I’d like to see myself as a queen of people’s hearts, but I don’t see myself as being queen of this country.” She was indeed a queen of hearts, and is still remembered fondly by millions of people who admired around the world.  Just this month I have seen news stories that investigations into Diana’s death are being renewed, as there is evidence suggesting that she perished not from an accident, but from an elaborately planned and executed murder.  There used to be a tea shop in the town I grew up in.  It was called the Copper Kettle, and was run by a delightful English couple.  I loved going in there and having a pot of tea and a plate of crumpets with Devonshire cream and jam.  After Princess Diana died the lady who ran the shop set up a memorial corner with pictures.  I went in there for tea a few days after Princess Diana’s passing and this dear lady was sobbing as she came out of the kitchen.  We, in our country, don’t understand the full devotion that the British have to their royal family, and Diana in particular was so loved.  It was as if they lost a member of their own family.  Poor lady, it was so sad!  You can pay tribute to Diana and commemorate her death, you can make a donation to one of the many charitable organizations that she worked so hard to support during her lifetime.  She was particularly involved in work for the prevention and treatment of HIV/AIDS, as well as providing a safer and healthier life for disadvantaged children.

Eat Outside Day – It’s a beautiful August day, the last one we’ll have for a whole year!  The sky is blue, the sun is out and it’s a wonderful day to celebrate by eating outside!  Whether you eat your lunch in the park,  head to an outdoor café, grab a picnic basket and go somewhere away from home, or just sit on the back deck and enjoy the fresh air, eating outside is a wonderful way to celebrate this beautiful last day of the month.



This Day In History

1964 – Heavy weight champion Rocky Marciano dies in a plane crash near Newton, Iowa.
Food Celebration of the Day

National Trail Mix Day –   I’m sure we all love trail mix.  It comes in so many different

varieties that you can get exactly what you want and enjoy the tasty, often healthy treat, whenever and however you want.  Trail mix is a high energy snack that many people take hiking, camping or biking for that extra boost needed to reach the destination with energy to spare.  Stores have all sorts of different mixes, or you can easily make up your own with only ingredients that you like!  Thousands of years ago, ancient nomadic tribes made up their own trail mix of dried berries and fruits, nuts and even bits of dehydrated meat to sustain them while on the road.  Same reasons we eat trail mix today!  Even though it is high in calories, it is generally much healthier than potato chips or brownies.  Here are a few ideas to get you started, but honestly, you can make up your trail mix out of any nut and fruit mixture you want to make it uniquely yours.

Enjoy your last day of the month.  It’s a beautiful day, and it’s a Saturday!  Doesn’t get much better than that.  God Bless You and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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