What A Combination of Celebrations! Beauty Professionals, Canoes and Pudding! What Fun!

Jun 26th

It’s summer – or so they say – but honestly the weather feels more like fall.  That’s OK though!  Last night a storm rolled through – thunder, lightening, and LOTS of rain.  And it’s raining again today.  It’s appropriate though, since we will all be celebrating Independence Day in a few days.  I always figure this is God’s way of protecting our beautiful green forests from a horrible accident caused by stupidity.  Not everyone who celebrates with fireworks does so with any degree of intelligence.  So, rather than fuss about the rain, let’s embrace it!  Natural fire prevention is a good thing.  Besides, it makes everything smell so clean and fresh.

Beautician’s DayWell, this one is a great reminder that I need to make an appointment.  I’ve been growing my hair out and haven’t been in for a very long time.  I’m thinking maybe around the end of summer.  Whether or not you are going for an appointment, you can still take the chance today to show your appreciation for the person who does your hair, fixes your nails, or makes your skin glow.   It’s a great day for beauty professionals to thank their patrons too! 

Forgiveness Day – Today is a time to forgive and to be forgiven.  This concept is so difficult for humans.  I know it is for me.  When I’ve been hurt, and the person who has hurt me hasn’t asked to be forgiven, then I tend to dig in my heels and justify withholding my forgiveness.  The longer I am angry and the hurt festers, the harder it gets to consider forgiveness.  I am so grateful that God doesn’t do that to me!  I, like every human, mess up every single day.  It could be gossip, a snarky attitude, complaining about someone or something, a bad word . . .it could be any number of things that I need to be forgiven for, and God gives me grace and grants forgiveness and love in return for my bad behavior.  Today, and every day, we should take the opportunity to do as the Bible says, try to be more like Jesus.  Learning to exercise the muscles of forgiveness is a great place to start.   Easier said than done, but it’s something to work towards. 

National Canoe Day – Have you ever gone out on a canoe?  It’s so much fun!  It has been many years since I have been on one, but when I was in my teens I worked at a Christian camp that was on a small lake with an island in it.  During our breaks the staff was allowed to use the canoes.   We’d go out and paddle around the island, laughing and splashing each other.   Since that time I’ve gone kayaking – which is another story – but not out on a canoe.  I never gave much thought to where these easily maneuvered craft originated, but today inspired me to look it up.  Not surprisingly, canoes were originated by the native people of North America. Early versions were made from large, hollowed-out tree trunks. In fact, the word “canoe” actually comes from an indigenous word – kenu – which means dugout. Over time the design of the canoe changed until it became “a frame of wooden ribs covered with the lightweight bark of birch trees.” This basic design has remained virtually unchanged for thousands of years. I know that just northwest of where I live, one of the tribes celebrates their rich history by hunting for whales (they have special permits) in canoes as their ancestors did.  I do have major issues with the fact that they do this using modern equipment to find the whales and modern weaponry to kill them, because I figure if they are going to celebrate their history they should do it as their ancestors did – but that is yet another post at some point – probably on my other blog where I post my feelings and rants.  For most of us though, canoes represent summertime recreation.  Sometimes that is a solitary paddle on a quiet lake at dawn, or maybe a family trip down a scenic river.  Honestly, for me the best way to celebrate this day would be if 1) it were on a weekend and 2) I’ve always wanted to paddle Ross Lake, in the mountains, out to an isolated camping spot that is only accessible by canoe or boat.  It’s been on my bucket list for years, so perhaps some day I’ll actually do it!  My hubby is the perfect companion for those types of excursions because he is always so supportive of anything new that I try – whether or not I’m experienced at it.  But, since this is mid week, and not everyone has easy access to a canoe or place to use it, a good way to celebrate might be by watching the 2004 comedy “Without A Paddle” starring Seth Green, Matthew Lillard and Dax Shepard.  Pretty funny movie and definitely an easier celebration than finding a canoe and a lake on a rainy day.

Food Celebration of the Day –

Chocolate Pudding Day – Pudding is one of those foods that takes on a different meaning depending on where you are when you order it. In the United Kingdom, for instance, pudding is steamed and thickened with eggs. This gives it a cake-like texture not at all like the creamy custard we know as pudding in the U.S. The British also use the word “pudding” as a generic term for desserts of all kinds. Sounds a little confusing to me!  I’m sure though that anyone who chooses to celebrate this one will do it American style, so it would be nice to know a little more about it!  Well, in 1934 Jell-O introduced a chocolate pudding mix that was called Walter Baker’s Dessert.  It was renamed Jell-O Chocolate Pudding in 1936 and is one of their more popular products today.  Chocolate pudding, all decadently creamy, is a wonderful dessert all on its own, but you can make some pretty amazing treats with it.  Here are a few ideas from www.food.com to get you started.  YUMMY! I’m craving chocolate pudding all of a sudden.

Dad’s Homemade Chocolate Pudding
Amaretto Chocolate Pudding

Well don’t those all just sound delicious?  Of course they do! They are all based on chocolate pudding!

Well, my day off is off to a slow, slow start.  There’s a summer cold going around in our area and it appears to be attacking me too.  I’m actually grateful that it is raining – it allows me a very good excuse for not mowing the very long grass and putting it off for a better weather day.  I’ll slowly putter around the house and do inside stuff instead.  Taking the celebrations slow and easy today.  God Bless You!  See you tomorrow.

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