We’ve Reached the Last Day of September. Let’s Have Hot Apple Cider To Celebrate!

Sep 30th

I’m starting this on Sunday night.  We have a storm rolling through and there’s a possibility we won’t have power in the morning.  See the map to the left, in the furthest NW portions of Washington?  See those white spaces with the purple in the middle of them?  Yeah – that’s where we are.  Purple means Wind Advisories. Not a thrill, let me tell you.  I figured if I got this done and posted tonight, at least I’d have a chance to get this out to people NOT in the path of the wind.  I need to hurry – that was a BIG blink in the power we just had.  I hate the wind.  I didn’t used to hate it – wind was just wind.  But since moving to this house about 6 years ago, I hate it.  We’ve had two trees land on the house – same spot, two different years – and three different trees have thrown branches onto our cars.  Every time I hear a gust going through my insides tighten up and I just wait to hear something crashing onto the roof.  We are surrounded by big trees . . . problem is that only two of the trees that have damaged our stuff were OURS!  The neighbor’s trees seem to be the ones out to get us.  So, as I write this I’m also in constant prayer that if any trees fall, they land somewhere that won’t do damage to anything.  I’ll have to update you tomorrow . . . if I still have power.

So what do we have going on today? We’ve reached the last day of the month – September has been busy . . . until now.  There was one that I refuse to cover – it’s glorifying blasphemy, and I will not take part in that in any way.  So we’re left with . . .  (This little guy to the right?  I don’t anticipate getting much sleep – so I’m betting that’s about what I’m going to feel like when I wake up)
National Mud Pack Day –  Have you ever had a facial?  I haven’t had an “official” one in a spa or anything, nor one with mud.  I have done one that was this green gooey stuff that made my skin feel soft, but never mud.  It may be fun to try one!  In honor of this celebration we should just go for it and do a mud pack.  I’m sure we can get one to do at home, right?  Spas are so expensive.  Guys can do them too – they probably won’t want to admit it though. Now the mud used in the facials? It’s not actual mud any more – that has been replaced with a variety of other ingredients that are supposed to keep the skin young, soft and supple.  Girls who use them swear by them!  Did you know that a mud pack is a quick treatment for bee stings?  If you’re out and about in the wilderness and get stung, cover it in mud until you can get to a place to be treated.  It really is supposed to help!
 This Day In History
 1902 – Rayon is patented
Food Celebration of the Day
National Hot Mulled Cider Day – Cradle a warm cup of spiced cider in your hands, breathe in the fragrance and then take a sip — it’s a cool-weather treat for all your senses.  This sounds so good that I really need to get to the store and get some apple cider.  Doesn’t this picture I found look cool?  I want to try that!!!

·Slow-Cooker Hot Caramel Apple Cider
·Vodka Caramel-Apple Cider
·Green Apple Cider Ice
·Hot Mulled Cranberry Apple Cider
·Hot Mulled Apple Cider for One
·Hot Molasses Cider
·Hot Spiced Cider Tea

Well, the wind is picking up, and I need to get this finished, because the lights are blinking.  I hope to be able to see you in the morning (well I mean Monday of course).  God Bless You and hope to see you tomorrow!

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