We Made It To Friday! Let’s Celebrate With Double Cheeseburgers!

Sep 15th

Happy, Happy Friday Everyone! We made it through the week . . . well nearly . . . and we are on to the weekend! I’ll be happy about it after today is over. To be honest, I have an oral surgery appointment that has me filled with quite a bit of anxiety.  I started feeling sick to my stomach over it last night before bed . . . which is something I always do before I go to any dentist . . . and though I have confidence in this surgeon since he comes highly recommended by someone I trust, I’m still really nervous.  I’ve been dealing with a blank space in my face for over a year now, and have gone through a procedure to have the old bone removed, another procedure to put in a bone graft, and now am going in to get a titanium post put into my bone. I know it’s all part of the process for getting an implant, but I’m seriously nervous. How badly will it hurt? How long will it hurt while it is healing?  Will my body tolerate titanium or will it have issues with it? My biggest fear though, since this is a new doctor to me, is that I don’t numb easily and a lot of dentists don’t believe me at first and try to start things early. I don’t necessarily think this dentist will do that, but ever since a dentist did years ago, I get nervous about it, and I’m guessing that this is the source of my anxiety.  Mom is coming to pick me up from work to take me, just in case they end up needing to knock me out rather than just numbing me, and because sometimes even the stuff that makes me numb puts me into loopy land.  If you think about it today, I could use a few prayers to calm down and know that it will all be fine.



Verse of the Day

September 15, 2017

 What then? Shall we sin because we are not under law but under grace? By no means!

Thoughts on the Verse of the Day

This matching verse to Romans 6:1-2, is the great reminder that sin is no longer our master and no longer our choice. We choose to live for God with every fiber of our being and loathe the life of sin that once held us in bondage to death and defeat.



I need to apologize to you.  I always start these posts the night before, then do the intro when I wake up, but I was so upset last night that I didn’t get beyond the verse of the day before I just couldn’t do any more.  I will flesh this out with today’s celebrations when I get home and am hanging out recovering this afternoon.  In the meantime, here are the three food celebrations, as shown by www.thenibble.com and www.foodimentary.com so you can get a jump start on dinner plans!

National Double Cheeseburger Day

National Linguine Day

National Crème de Menthe Day

All sound good to me . . . or will when the butterflies leave my system.

May all of you have a wonderful Friday! God bless you and I’ll see you later on this afternoon (Or tomorrow, depending on how things go.)

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