Today We Celebrate Newspaper Carriers! Thank You For All Of Your Hard Work!

Sep 4th

I’m sitting here in the quiet of the morning.  Hubby just left for work, the windows are open to get the house cooled down as much as it can before the heat of the day hits.  I can hear the fog horn at the lighthouse giving its mournful cry, warning boats that may be going by the point, and it gives me a feeling of quiet sadness.  I don’t know why.  Sometimes that sound makes me happy, but this morning I just feel sad.  I’ve had the news on, and it fills me with fear and dread.  It appears that our country is heading into another senseless conflict where we have no business being, and in spite of the outcry against it, it is likely to happen anyway.  Our voices haven’t mattered in anything else that has come up lately, why would they matter now?  I know that my hope is in God and that we are called to have faith, but as I see the country I love so much deteriorating right before my eyes, its so hard to know that all of this has a purpose, and be at peace with it.  Evil is rampant in the world, and it is getting worse daily, the calls for persecution of Christian’s and our beliefs and morals getting louder and more shrill by the day.  I do not apologize for my faith, I will not waiver in my faith, and I will not bend to the will of those who would silence my faith.   Standing strong and keeping my chin up . . . I hope you are as well.   For this strength, for the knowledge that we are not alone in the conflict, we will be strong and we will celebrate the little things.  It’s all of those little things that add up to a smile and a lighter heart. 

Newspaper Carrier Day is celebrated on September 4th
International Newspaper Carrier Day is observed on varying dates, and is established by the Newspaper Association of America. This year it is on October 19, 2013 and next year on October 18, 2014.     Newspaper carriers date back to the early 1800s, and today’s celebration commemorates the very first paper boy!  On September 10, 1833, 10 year old Barney Flaherty became the first newspaper carrier.  Benjamin Day, the publisher of The New York Sun, hired Barney to sell papers for his penny press.  The only job requirement was to show that he could throw a newspaper into the bushes.  Today, few kids deliver papers any more, except in small towns, but the “Carrier Day” tradition still lives on.   This is a job that is done mostly by adults now, many delivering the paper from their cars.  For anyone who thinks this is an easy job, it isn’t.  Paper carriers are up in the wee hours of the morning to pick up the papers from the warehouse, and get them to their destinations before the residents wake up, so they can have their papers with their morning coffee.  By the time we are getting out of bed, they are finishing up their work and many are going down for a rest!  I know I would!  To everyone who has a paper route, today is for you!


This Day In History

1833 – Ten year old Barney Flaherty becomes the first Newspaper Carrier.
1886 – Apache Chief Geronimo surrenders ending last major US-Indian war
1888 George Eastman patents 1st roll-film camera & registers “Kodak”.

Food Celebration of the Day

National Macadamia Nut Day – Peanuts are great and cashews are great, but the rarest nut, the supreme leader of the nut world, is the rich and buttery macadamia nut!  I know that the bliss of biting into a chocolate covered macadamia nut is one that I appreciate, and I know many other people do too.  But what do we KNOW about the Macadamia nut?  I didn’t know much, but now I do, and so will you.   There are two main species of Macadamia Nut – the Macadamia integrifolia is a nut native to southeastern Queensland where it grows in the rain forests and close to streams, and the Macadamia tetraphylla is native to southeastern Queensland and northeastern New South Wales, growing in rain forests, in moist places and along stream banks.   At the point where these two species meet, there are types that seem to be natural hybrids.  In 1881 the macadamia was brought to Hawaii, where it was used as an ornamental plant, and for reforestation.  The Hawaii Agricultural Experiment Station named and introduced several of their macadamia selections in 1948, and that led to the modern macadamia industry in Hawaii.  In California two seedling macadamias were planted in the early 1880’s and are still standing on the Berkeley campus of the University of California. The importation of improved and named varieties into California from Hawaii began about 1950.  Though the trees can deal with the cold down to about 23 degrees, the flower clusters that produce the nuts die off at about 28 degrees.  One thing that I found to be interesting was that when grown in a large tub, macadamias make suitable container plants. Hmmmm. . . wonder where I can find one of those?   A tree doesn’t produce nuts until it is 7 – 10 years old, and their rich buttery flavor and oil make them incredibly useful in many things from food to skin products. Clinical research has shown that eating 50-100 grams of macadamia nuts each day can reduce blood cholesterol by as much as 7%- 9% in four weeks.  They are rich in vitamins A1, B1, B2, B5, B6 and E, as well as niacin and dietary fiber, and antioxidants that include polyphenols, amino acids, selenium and flavonols.  One thing I didn’t know, but thought was really interesting, was that the macadamia shell can range from four to twelve inches long! I could go on and on even more, but suffice it to say that this is a pretty incredible nut!  Here are some amazing looking recipes to enjoy.  I admit, the Fish with Macadamia Butter Sauce looks awfully delicious.






Please take the happy things of today and balance them out with the realities of the world events.  There have always been wars, leaders we do not agree with, issues that divide us and naysayers who would persecute us for our beliefs and the way we live our lives.  I believe God blessed us with the little joys of life to help us stay upright, rather than bent over with grief.  Whether the joy you have today is in the simple act of sipping your coffee while reading the news, eating a macadamia nut and savoring the buttery richness on your tongue, listening to a foghorn in the distance, or like me, having tea with friends before I go help prepare a young couple to be married tomorrow, find the happy place and enjoy it.  How blessed am I?  In the middle of all of the chaos I have been asked to join a young couple in marriage, in one of the most beautiful little historic chapels in the state.  Today we rehearse, and tomorrow is the big event.  I am so humbled whenever I am allowed to be a part of such a momentous event in someone’s life.  However you spend your day, please have a moment where you just smile for the joy of smiling.  God Bless You and I’ll see you tomorrow.

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