Today We Celebrate A Great Woman In American History – Grandma Moses!

Sep 7th

Good Morning – at least I hope its still morning by the time I post this!  I slept in, then got up and made breakfast before even beginning to write.  That’s OK – a late day is nice now and again.  Let’s get right into what today has in store for us!

Neither Rain Nor Snow Day – This celebration honors the opening of the New York Post Office building on this day in 1914.  The following inscription was inscribed on the building:  “Neither snow nor rain not heat nor gloom of night, stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.”  This has come to be assumed to be the motto of the US Postal Service as a whole, and that is incorrect.  No, this inscription was very close to the old Pony Express rider’s motto, which leads to another misconception. People often think that the Pony Express was the predecessor to the Post Office, but it wasn’t.  It was a privately owned, funded and operated message delivery service.  Their motto though was so good that the New York Post Office made their similar!  No, today is just about appreciating our postal service, struggling though it may be.  Appreciate your delivery person.  They do work hard to be accurate and timely with the delivery of the mail.     

Grandma Moses Day – This is one that is going to be quite difficult to put into a short paragraph.  Trying to figure out where to begin with telling you about this incredible American artist is difficult, and keeping it short will be even MORE difficult.  Grandma Moses was born Anna May Robertson on September 7, 1860 in Greenwich, NY.  She and her husband were farmers first in Virginia, then settled in Eagle Bridge, New York.  She was the mother of ten children and did not begin her painting career until she was well into her 70s when arthritis was making it difficult for her to sew.  Liking to keep busy, she began painting realistic country scenes, some of which she painted on dried tree mushrooms.  She also made ceramic tiles and decorated them with patterns and landscapes.  She was so absolutely remarkable in so many ways!  At the age of 99 years old she began illustrating Clement C. Moore’s poem “The Night Before Christmas”.  She continued working until the summer before her death, December 13, 1961.  She was 101 years old.  She never took an art class, but produced around 1600 pieces of art throughout her time as a folk artist.  This date may mark the anniversary of her  birth, and we may be celebrating her amazing accomplishments, but it is also an opportunity to follow in her example . . . “Painting’s not important,” she used to say. “The Important thing is keeping busy.”  She always stressed how important hard work was, and respect for our surroundings.  For more information about this incredible woman, check out Grandma Moses’ “My Life’s History”, published in 1952.

This Day In History

1921 – The first Miss America beauty Pageant is held in Atlantic City N.J.

Food Celebrations of the Day

Salami Day –  Today we celebrate Salami . . . Salami is one large and important part of the family of sausages of Italy.  The name, which is plural of the Italian word salame, applies to matured raw meat made into sausages with recipes of Italian origin.  Within Italy there are many different types of salami, mostly medium to large in size, and those made in Italy are usually dried without smoking.   Names indicate the style or place of origin.  Salami made in south Italy and Sardinia are distinguished by their spiciness.  These include: Napoletano, Cardo, Calabrese, Peperone . . . all of these belong to the class of salame crudo – raw salame.  The list of types of salami based on these regions and styles are numerous and worth the taste test when time permits. 

National Acorn Squash Day – Acorn squash’s sweet, orange flesh shines when it’s roasted, but it can also be steamed or sauteed.  When I was a kid my Mom used to make acorn squash for us.  She’d cut it half, clean it out, and fill them with butter and brown sugar, then bake them.  Yum!  And don’t throw out the seeds — they’re edible, too!

Fun Stuff today – which is good since it’s Saturday and a day we actually have time to celebrate it however we wish.  I’ve spent a bit of the morning looking at the brilliant works of Grandma Moses, knowing I could never afford to have one of her works for myself, but enjoying the talent and life experience that went into each one.  I have remembered the flavors of amazing salami’s I’ve tried over the years and now I’m hungry for some.  I appreciate the hard work of our postal workers, even if they do lose things from time to time and I’m thinking about the buttery sweet flavor of acorn squash and wondering if some of the pumpkin I have in the freezer would taste as good right now since that’s what I have on hand.  Yep, it’s a great day.  However you spend it, enjoy!  God Bless You and I’ll see you tomorrow!


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