Today Is The Day To Defy Those Old Superstitions!

Sep 13th

TaDa! It’s Saturday!  I hope everyone has something wonderful planned for the weekend.  Doesn’t matter if it’s a road trip, chores at home, or just lazing around and enjoying some down time, it’s all good as long as it puts a smile on your face.  We are heading a bit south of here to have some quality time with the Grandkids – yep, more time with E and Baby B! Fills my heart with happiness to think about it.  This time hubby gets to go with me – he couldn’t on Wednesday because he had to work.  I know that E really missed him and is looking forward to tomorrow.  Baby B, well she is too young to know yet what’s going on, but someday we know she’ll be looking as forward to our visits as her brother does.  I wanted to get everyone started on celebrating this beautiful day before we head out the door.  You ready for a LOT of celebrations?  Hope so because this was a very busy day in celebration land!

Defy Superstition Day –  This one has MORE impact when the 13th lands on a Friday.  Since this one is on a Saturday there will still be some superstitious folks having the twitches, but not as many.  I’m sure we all know a few of the twitchy ones though – those people who wander around on the 13th with dread in their hearts.  Today is the day to defy those superstitions and be free, perhaps it’s a day to help others break their superstitious beliefs too.  So, what are some of the top superstitions?  Well, there is, of course, the “unlucky” number 13.  Black cats also put fear into people (though I have a black kitty who is VERY sweet!).  Walking under a ladder has always been something to avoid (though there is logic to this that has nothing to do with superstition).  There is actually a long list of superstitions that would boggle your mind.  My ex-in-laws believed in some really oddball ones.  Did you know that hotels do not have a 13th floor, a room #13 or rooms ENDING in 13?  All because of silly superstitions.  One way to celebrate this one would be took look up the most common ones and find out why they started and when!  If I had more time and I’d do that now, but we have family day planned and need to hit the road!

Positive Thinking Day – Now here’s a day more of us should really celebrate.  Today is all about having a positive attitude. It’s incredible how much power thinking positively holds.  Medical research confirms that a positive attitude works wonders at fighting disease and sickness, from the common cold to cancer.  People with an “I think I can” attitude are more likely to succeed at work, and in accomplishing goals that they set in life.  Here’s an amazing quote that we should all write down and remember each day:   “It takes just a moment to change your attitude. And, in that quick moment, you can change your entire day.” – – Author Unknown       Here’s hoping you have a happy Positive Thinking Day.
Have a happy Positive Thinking Day! We just know you’re going to have a spectacular day.

Uncle Sam Day –  Pretty much everyone who was born and raised here knows who Uncle Sam is, right?  He is one of America’s most recognized symbols that appears on everything from military posters to cartoon images to advertising media. There are two theories about how Uncle Sam came about, both date back to the early 1800’s.  The theory most commonly recognized as true goes back to soldiers stationed near Troy, New York during the world of 1812.  Barrels of meat that they received were stamped “U.S.”.  The supplier was Samuel Wilson of Troy, New York.  Soldiers referred to him as “Uncle Sam” as a joke.  In 1813 the first image of “Uncle Sam” appeared.  In 1961, the U.S. Congress issued a resolution that recognized “Uncle Sam” Wilson, authorizing a monument in his hometown in Troy, NY.  The second, less popular theory of the creation of Uncle Sam started in the early 1800’s.  Irish immigrants were coming to America, and some people believe that Uncle Sam emerged from these immigrants.  In their Gaelic language, the United States of America was   “Stáit Aontaithe Mheiriceá”, abbreviated “SAM”.     This date was picked in 1989 when a joint resolution of Congress designated this day as “Uncle Sam’s Day”, and was chosen because “Uncle Sam” Wilson’s birthday was September 13, 1776. 


International Chocolate Day – I don’t usually do the international celebrations, but it’s chocolate!  It’s sort of a requirement to celebrate chocolate, right?    After all, it is one of the world’s favorite flavors . . . possibly THE most loved across 7 continents!  The cocoa bean has been eaten by people from as early as 1900 BC, and was an integral part of the Aztec and Mayan civilizations and culture.  Europeans combined it with milk and sugar, and when the Industrial Revolution started and mass production was figured out, the fame and cravings spread throughout the world.  Even though chocolate originated in the Americas, today the small African country of Cote D’Ivoire produces 30% of the world’s cocoa.  I’ve met very few people who didn’t like chocolate (and am naturally suspicious of anyone who doesn’t).  I know that most of us don’t need a special day to indulge in the wonders of chocolate, but it also doesn’t hurt to have an actual holiday to use an excuse, right?  Now, if you are looking for justification for your indulgence, dark chocolate has many proven health benefits.  It is full of antioxidants, which neutralize free radicals produced by metabolism of fat.  This has all sorts of positive effects on the body which range from improving cardiovascular health, to preventing chronic disease.  It has been shown to reduce blood pressure and oddly enough, to regulate blood sugar! Lastly, but certainly not least, it has been shown to encourage the release of endorphins – which is a feel-good hormone.  This may be a good explanation for why it is so widely loved!  Celebrate this delicious, decadent and sometimes healthy treat today by creating something wonderfully chocolate as your dessert tonight.


Kids Take Over The Kitchen Day – How fun is this?  This celebration encourages kids and teens to get into the kitchen and learn to create healthy meals for themselves and their families! This is awesome! The idea came from wanting kids to take a more active interest in what they eat, and get them to do more than pack junk food into their faces.  It also promotes family meal times, and family togetherness in the kitchen.  This is one that I feel all families with kids need to celebrate with enthusiasm – not just one day a year, but all year long!

National Celiac Awareness Day – This one is so important and thanks to the Senate for passing a US Senate Resolution to benefit celiac awareness every year.  This Resolution is the culmination of a lot of hard work for those who suffer with celiac disease, the American

September 13th is National Celiac Disease Awareness Day Celiac Society, Celiac Disease Foundation, Gluten Intolerance Group of North America, National Foundation for Celiac Awareness, the American Celiac Disease Alliance and the Celiac Support Association.  This date was chosen because it honors the birthday of Samuel Gee, MD, a British doctor who published the first modern description of the clinical picture of celiac disease.  He is also credited to be the first one to connect celiac disease and diet.  Years ago I was friends with a lady who had celiac disease. I’d never heard of it up til then, and honestly many people hadn’t.  It was just starting to creep into our awareness.  There weren’t many gluten free foods on the market and honestly she had a heck of a time eating.  Turns out that she was SO sensitive to gluten that she, like many, who suffer from celiac disease has to check even her beauty products – pretty much anything that will touch her skin – or she gets blisters and sores. How awful is that?  This is a disease that is still largely misunderstood, no matter how many new products hit the market, one that is still very difficult to live with in our food focused society.


National Day of Remembrance for Aborted Children- This one is so meaningful and I hope that it is honored by more and more people each day.  Citizens for a Pro-life Society, Priests for Life, and Pro-life Action League are set to host memorials in remembrance of children murdered by abortion.  This was first celebrated last fall, but this isn’t a new idea.  Looking back to ancient Rome for inspiration behind this solemn national event, brought some interesting history to light.  Dug into the walls of the earliest Christian catacombs in the outskirts of Rome are countless small tombs that are only a foot or two across.  These are the burial places of infants that were cast out of their pagan homes and left to die of starvation and exposure. Sadly, this was a common practice at that time.  Members of the early church, who were taught by Christ to love their neighbors, offered these newborn sacrifices the only act of love they could.  They buried their little bodies and mourned for them in prayer. This tradition of mercifully burying abandoned children continues in our own day with the National Day of Remembrance for Aborted Children. Mourners will visit the gravesides of aborted children, whose broken little bodies were recovered from trash dumpsters and pathology labs, and solemnly buried over the four decades of legal abortion in the United States.  Memorial services will be held at more than 40 of these gravesites, as well as at many memorial markers that have been set up in memory of these aborted unborn at churches and cemeteries.  It is so sad and sobering to realize that grave markers for the unborn victims of abortion only lists the date of the burial.  There are no birthdays because they were never allowed to be born.  There aren’t any listed dates of death because those who murdered them threw away their bodies like they were garbage.  They are not garbage to any who mourn- they are our brothers and sisters. That is why they are buried, and why their graves are visited, so they can be mourned and their humanity celebrated.  Since 1973, more than 55 million innocent unborn children have been killed with the law sanctioning it.  A small fraction of these victims of this slaughter have actually been buried, and the graves are scattered across America.  These are graves of sorrow, graves that cast a shadow of filth and evil over a nation that has permitted the killing of the innocent.  It is on this day that we pray for an end to the injustice of abortion.  May God have mercy on our souls.

This Day In History

New York City becomes the capitol of the United States. I bet you didn’t know that! (1788)
13 Chiang Kai-Shek became the president of China (1943)

Food Celebrations of the Day

National Peanut Day – I love peanuts . . . they aren’t my FAVORITE nut, but I do like them.  But wait . . . they aren’t a nut at all! They are technically a legume.  So, maybe they are my favorite legume!  There’s a place near here where they roast peanuts fresh every day.  We bought a bucket – one of those cool metal buckets – for 7 bucks. We can go and refill it for free for a year! Nice, right?  There’s something pretty fun about wrapping a bunch of peanuts in some foil and heating in the oven, then sitting and watching TV while shelling them and having a little feast. Yummy!










Fortune Cookie Day – Today we celebrate the creation of the Fortune Cookie.  I know we all look forward to getting one at the end of every Chinese food feast we enjoy.  When we go out to dinner we take turns reading the slip of paper inside to each other, either laughing or groaning at the message it holds.  It is supposed to foretell of good luck, have a whimsical saying, a philosophical thought, or even a lottery number.  What some people may not know is that the Fortune Cookie did not originate in China.  Nope, it was in California, though there is some uncertainty about who actually did invent it. Some historical references say it may have been Makoto Hagiwara who invented the fortune cookie at the Japanese Tea Garden San Francisco in 1914.  Other people believe that it was David Jung, founder of the Hong Kong Noodle Company in the 1920s. Whoever did it, I know we are all happy they came up with this fun idea.  What’s also fun is you can special order fortune cookies with your own message in them – maybe for birthdays, anniversaries or weddings!

Well, that was a LOT to read! Thanks for sticking with me!  We are heading out the door, so I have to run.  Have a lovely day! God Bless You and I’ll see you tomorrow!


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