Today Is A Wonderful Day! It’s Friday and We Have Things To Celebrate!!!

Jul 26th

Today I want to wish my wonderful hubby a very happy birthday.  The day he came into the world made it a better place, and I am blessed to have him in my life.  Happy Birthday Honey.

All or Nothing Day – Today is THE day!  What day you ask?  Well, the day to just GO FOR IT!  Those dreams you’ve been thinking about and thinking you would chase down someday?  Well, let today be that day.  It’s the day to leap off the fence, make a plan, stop lollygagging and just go for it!  Take inspiration from this day and leap in with both feet!  What’s the worst that can happen?  Nothing?  It just doesn’t work out the way you want?  Well, that’s going to happen if you DON’T go for it anyway right?  What do you have to lose?   It’s All or Nothing!

Aunt and Uncles Day – What special people our aunts and uncles are!  I have some really great ones.  Some are funny, some are serious.  Some are silly, some are a little distant.  I’m in frequent contact with some, and not so much with others.  I can imagine it is the same for most of you.  We all have our FAVORITE aunt or uncle, and sometimes we have preferences for which ones to spend time with depending on what we are going to be doing.  When I was growing up my Uncle A – who is only about 5 years older than I am – would have to play with me when we went to visit my Grandparents.  He let me go up into his tree fort that he and his friends built – which was pretty special.  I always looked forward to playing with him.  My Uncle S, my father’s youngest brother, was also just a few years older than I am, would build the most amazing tents!  We would use nearly every sheet and blanket in the house and take over the entire living room.  Grandma was very understanding and just happy we weren’t fighting.  My Aunt S – my father’s sister – she has always been there for me.  She was always there to help me when I needed someone to talk to and had the best advice.  Even now, I know I can go to her with anything and she’ll be there for me.  I could run down the attributes of all of my family  members, but I won’t.  I know you have aunts and uncles of your own to appreciate today. 

National Talk in An Elevator Day – How many times have you been standing in an elevator with a few strangers and the entire ride is filled with an awkward silence?  You don’t look left or right, or risk making eye contact with anyone.  I commuted to Seattle for a few years, and part of the time was in a building with several busy elevators.  Every day was the same – a crowd would get on and stare at the door after punching the button for the floor we wanted – and shoulder past each other without a glance or a word.  A sea of strangers passing each other day in and day out.  How sad is that?  Working in the same building with all of those people for all of those years and I didn’t know any of them, unless they were on my floor!  Today, if you happen to be in an elevator, talk to someone.  Just say hi, or have a nice day.  Something brief is plenty, just break the silence and smile.  That could be your new friend standing next to you and if you don’t say hi you’ll never get to know them!

This Day in History

1775 – Benjamin Franklin became the first Postmaster General.      

1952 Mickey Mantle hits his first “Grand Slam”.

National Coffee Milkshake Day – Early milkshakes had milk and flavoring in them.  Ice cream wasn’t a popular ingredient until 1915 so it wasn’t even an option (imagine – life before ice cream! Yikes!)  By 1920 ice cream parlors were adding either coffee or chocolate syrup to the shakes.  The modern coffee milkshake can be easily made with coffee flavored ice cream and milk.  You can also get a frappe at a coffee shop and enjoy a deliciously decadent creamy treat any time you like.  Especially if you live in my area where there is a latte stand on nearly every corner.  I’m not kidding.  There really is.  Sometimes more than one.  Caffeine any time, anywhere.  Yum!  Here are some wonderful little treats to try from!


May your Friday be blessed, speedy and productive and may your weekend be S – L – O – W and relaxing.  God Bless You and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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