Today I Begin My Day With A BIG THANK YOU To My Wonderful Readers . . . Celebrate Today With Me!

Jun 8th

OH MY GOSH!  I just logged in to start writing today’s post – late as usual on a Sunday – and know what I saw??? WE PASSED 50,000 PAGE VIEWS!!!  I know, that may not seem all that important to some folks, but I started this blog as a bit of a hobby and an outlet for my urge to write on January 1, 2013.  For this little blog to be viewed THAT many times just blows my mind!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  I am so excited I’m bouncing a bit on the couch!  Now, if all of you lovely readers would go over to Facebook, LIKE Celebrating Every Day . . . we’ll reach 100 LIKES (the FB page is struggling to get LIKES, but maybe some people don’t know it is there?) and I will be doing a give-away!  As the readership grows, so will the number of prizes that will vary from Thrive foods, to Young Living Oils, and who knows what else?  LIKE LIKE LIKE and Thank you for reading!

Now, that I’m feeling a little more calm .  . . it’s time to see what we are celebrating this morning!  From that point I need to get on with the day – there’s a hardware store to visit, a dog to bathe (though she’s not aware of THAT little adventure yet), a yard to work on, and fresh air to enjoy. 

Best Friend Day   –     If you are fortunate enough to have someone you call your best friend, then you are indeed blessed.  Today is the day to appreciate friendship, and to honor the relationship you have with that friend. There are some folks who say that you can only have one best friend at a time, and some that say you can have several.  I say that the number doesn’t matter, as long as there is trust.  A friend is there for you if you’re happy, if you’re grumpy, on your best days, and your worst.  They don’t judge you for choices you make, but support you in your endeavors.  A friend will laugh and cry with you,  forgive you easily, and be there through everything.  I admit that I am not always the best person to have for a best friend – and I say that not because I don’t love my friends, I do.  I say it because there is always so much going on with my life and with my family, that I am not often all that available for visiting with friends, and that makes me feel bad.   Being a friend, to me, often is just knowing that no matter how long goes by without talking, when we DO talk, it is like no time has passed and we start out where we left off.  It is comfortable and sweet.  There are also things that friends are NOT, and I’m sure anyone who knows me well, knows what I am talking about.  Friends do not stab each other in the back.  Friends do not say they care about you, then drop you like a hot potato when you stop doing the things they do, whether that be going to the same church, socializing with the same group of friends, etc.  If a friend doesn’t contact you after you stop doing the things they do, after years of seeing each other at least weekly, then that person likely never really felt the friendship in the first place, or it didn’t have the importance to them that it did to you.  So many people are like that, and to some degree I am too since I struggle to get close to people after having been hurt a LOT by so-called friends, so I know how precious a true friend is, and how rare they are.  Value your best friends, hold them close, and let them know how much you care.

Name Your Poison Day – Have you ever heard someone say “Name Your Poison”?  It’s not often you’d hear that in your daily life, but I know I’ve heard it in the movies.  It’s most common context is when someone walks up to a bar and the bartender, perpetually drying glasses, asks the customer to decide what they want.  It isn’t always used in to refer to alcoholic beverages though.  It’s about making a choice, especially when there are plenty of options.  The exact origins of this phrase are not known, but it has been suggested on the links I’ve followed that it started out with negative connotation – perhaps where none of the options that are available are good ones, but you have to choose one anyway.  Makes sense.  Let’s take the negative out of it today though, and if you have a choice to make, make it a good one. Name Your Poison could be – for today at least – which dessert you want!  Sounds like a plan.  

Upsy Daisy Day – This day was started by Stephanie West Allen, and she started it to encourage all of us to start our days with a smile no matter what challenges lie ahead.  Her message to remember to be grateful for each day.  She used to publish an e-zine called “Upsy Daisy Daily” about how to start each day anew.  “Feeling gratitude will smooth out the landscape so you can create new paths.  Replace the thoughts of sickness with thoughts of health, poverty thoughts with wealth thoughts, dread thoughts with dream thoughts.”  A nice way to start the day in the right direction would be to start the Upsy Daisy song:

Upsy Daisy here I come,  
I’m the only Upsy one!
I’m the only Daisy too,
Ipsy, Upsy, Daisy Doo

I couldn’t tell you what tune this song has, and for myself, I agree with the positive thinking, grateful mindset, but I prefer starting my day with a nice long conversation with God while I get myself going.  It’s up to you though, whatever motivates you in the right direction to have an Upsy Daisy Day.

World Oceans Day – I love going to the ocean.  Standing on the sand, looking out over the seemingly endless expanse, hearing the crash of the waves and the power that this incredible body of water holds just fills me with a deep respect and awe of our Creator.  If the ocean is this powerful, how much more powerful is He?  I could stand at the waters edge and ponder this for hours.  Beyond the beauty and power, and the artistic majesty of the oceans of the world, they also generate most of the oxygen that we breathe.  They help feed us, regulate our climates, and clean the water that we drink.  The oceans all over the world interconnect with each other, and link all continents together.  Anyone who questions that intelligent intent created this must have sand for brains, because the intricacy of all of this isn’t a happy accident.  To celebrate this day head for the ocean and enjoy the beauty of all it is, if you can.  This picture that my husband took in 2012 when we went hiking at Cape Disappointment, WA has me craving an ocean visit.  We can’t go today, but I think we should definitely start planning our next trip to the coast.  This is a view that can put your mind and soul at peace, while you contemplate life.  If you aren’t near an ocean, maybe watch a movie or documentary about it. 

This Day In History

1948 – “The Milton Berle Show” premieres on NBC TV

Food Celebration of the Day

National Soul Food Month – The term “soul food” was coined in the 1960s to honor the ways African-American cooks transformed unwanted cuts of meat and unglamorous veggies into delicious meals during slavery.  Most people think of it as good Southern cooking, and truly, much of it just means comfort.

I hear the coolest bird singing outside my window as I finish this up for the day – I can’t see the bird, but I can definitely hear it, and its song is so unique and sounds so happy!  At least I’d like to think it’s a happy song.  I hope that for all of us today – that we can go about our day singing a happy song, putting smiles on the faces of others and enjoying the blessings we have been given.  God Bless You and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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