Time For A Rant. . . And A Parfait!

Nov 25th

Tuesday-2019241042Today is Tuesday, and there are definitely things to celebrate, but first I want to talk about something that is on my mind.  The eyes of the nation were on Ferguson, MO last night, as looters and rioters took to the streets.  In our home we watched, horrified, as criminals smashed open windows of businesses, and stole booze, hair supplies, and other things from inside the various stores.  What does this behavior do for their cause? Absolutely NOTHING! The Grand Jury has spent the last  months, away from family and home lives, to deliberate this case and decide whether or not there was any evidence that would indicate that a trial was necessary.  After listening to witness testimony, going over all evidence, at length and with great care, they came to the decision NOT to indict Officer Wilson.  Truth is that, according to all of the evidence and eye-witness accounts, this young officer was doing his job, by the book, the way he was trained.  His life was in danger and he took the necessary steps to protect that life.  If the officer had been dark skinned none of this would have happened.  This is a race issue simply because people have MADE it a race issue.  Bare bones facts are that this is a crime issue. A crime was committed, and an officer’s life has been destroyed because of the nonsense being screamed loudly by what is CLEARLY a divisive sector of the population.  I watched with my mouth hanging open as some moron gets on the news and tries to compare how a different officer in a different situation was able to disarm someone without shooting him.  EVERY SITUATION is different! GEEZ people. Get a brain – at least one amongst you!  I am in shock as I watch people’s businesses get destroyed by a bunch of buffoons with baseball bats smash windows, set cars on fire, overturn police cars and leave stores with armloads of merchandise!  Their parents either didn’t raise them with even an iota of honor and integrity, or they doubled up on the gimme-something-free lessons.  It’s truly disgusting.  We are a lost nation if we can’t pull back from the brink of insanity and begin treating other people how we would like to be treated.  Yes, it’s a Biblical lesson, and a good one.  Let’s try to live by it, shall we?




Parfait1-3National Parfait Day – Yum.  Is there anything more tasty than a parfait?  A parfait? What’s that?  Well, for those who don’t know, a parfait is layers of ice cream, whipped cream and any combination of syrups and fruits – basically a fancy way of saying ice cream sundae.  And it’s usually served in a fancy glass, probably to match up with the fancy word.  You can also get/make yogurt parfaits for breakfast – layers of vanilla or fruit yogurt, with fresh fruit and granola.  These are pretty delicious too.  So, if you were to celebrate today with a Parfait, what flavor would be your favorite?  Mine is ALWAYS vanilla ice cream with hot fudge and nuts.  Oh my gosh, yes.  I won’t be having one though.  I anticipate being “bad” enough with my food choices this week already and have to save myself for pie!  If you have one though . . . enjoy!


thATPGTIALBlase´Day – Well, I’m just at a loss about why someone would be wanting to celebrate being blasé!  There are so many things to get excited about that you wouldn’t think there would be time for blasé!  You don’t have to be absurdly happy, or growling angry, just be INTERESTED in life!  If you are wondering what in the world blasé even is, well here’s the definition for you: blasé (blah-zey) adj., Indifferent to or bored with life; unimpressed; unconcerned; nonchalant.  And here it is in a sentence:  She stuck out like a sore thumb in a sports bar; her blasé demeanor a stark contrast to the fervent fascination shared among most patrons.  (This wasn’t my sentence, but after I found this example I couldn’t come up with one that was better to me!)  If you really are blasé about life, about today, about the holidays, etc.  well, THIS IS YOUR DAY!  Enjoy it . . . oh wait . . . that wouldn’t be blasé now, would it?




christmas-shopping-2011-2Shopping Reminder Day –  It is exactly one month until Christmas! Have you started your shopping?  I’m sorry – you can’t hide your head in the sand about how close it is any longer.  It’s time to make a plan if you don’t have one already in place and get started on that shopping!


Food Celebration Day


thP8LU8R2PNational Pomegranate Month – There’s nothing new to the hype surrounding pomegranates: The fruit has been cultivated since ancient Persian times.




It may be Blasé Day, but some days I just can’t be blasé!  Some days I just need to speak my mind and get it out.  I find that so many people agree with me, but don’t want to say anything to rock the boat.  Shaking things up is important sometimes – especially if you an make even one person think more clearly.  It’s now time for me to go to work – my last day this week!  Have a good one! God Bless You and I’ll see you tomorrow!AmericanFlagCrossandPrayingHands

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