This Could Be A Wonderful Day To Go For A Ride!

Nov 22nd

It’s Friday! It’s Friday!  And what does that mean?  Well, that the week is over and tomorrow is Saturday of course!  No alarm clock! Yeah!!!  That’s the best part of all.  It’s not like either one of us actually sleeps in – well I do more than hubby does – but waking without the alarm is always awesome.  So is rolling over and going back to sleep for awhile longer.  WOOHOO! May this day pass quickly and without any drama!

Go For a Ride Day – I remember when I was a kid, we’d all get into the car with a picnic lunch and head out on a ride.  It never mattered where we were going because it was fun just to go.  Sometimes it was to the beach, sometimes to Grandma’s and sometimes just to a park where we could have our lunch and go home.  Now that we are in the early stages of the holiday season our stresses are mounting and we may need to get out and relax.  One great way to do this would be to go for a ride.  Of course with today’s fuel prices, the stress reduction portion of this exercise may be canceled out if your car doesn’t get good fuel mileage.  Of course, there are other modes of transportation you could use for your ride . . . You could use anything available . . . car, bus or motorcycle are the first that come to mind, but let’s think outside the box for a moment.  How about a sleigh ride if you live in the mountains, or riding a horse, a horse-drawn carriage, a snowmobile, bicycle or a boat ride.  If you have the option, a plane ride would be fun.  That’s not one for most people though – especially in this economy.  I know that for us, in a little town near here, every Saturday from Thanksgiving weekend through Christmas, they have free horse and carriage rides around town.  They do take donations for the food bank, so definitely a worthy cause.  Hubby and I went on one the 1st Christmas he lived here, and it snowed! So romantic!  I’m hoping for a repeat ride in the snow this year!  No matter what method you choose though, have fun!  (this is actually a picture of one of the horse and carriage rides in our town the 1st year they held them – the year hubby and I enjoyed our ride.)

Humane Society Anniversary Day – On this date in 1954 a handful of people came together to make a positive change in the world.  They were concerned with animal welfare and dedicated themselves to reducing the suffering of animals, and improve their lives by working towards having better laws passed, providing animal rescue and caring for animals in sanctuaries and shelters.  They provide tips on training or understanding pets, advocating for the well-being of farm animals and learning how to share the environment with wild animals.  Two of my three pets were rescues from the Humane Society – my dog Tibbi came into our lives when she was an little 9 week old pup – she’s now nearly 15 and got to be a whopping 110 pounds at one point.  My kitty Pepsi was rescued at about the same age within a week of Tibbi – they are buddies and truly adore each other.  I can say that these two wonderful furry family members have enhanced my life at least as much as I have theirs, probably more so.  These two rescue babies came to me with all of their shots, a clean bill of health and they came with pre-paid certificates to get them spade.  Some folks fuss about the fee they have to pay to rescue through the Humane Society, but the costs associated with pet rescue, health care and neutering/spaying aren’t small, and these loving creatures deserve to be cared for while they are waiting for their forever home. Please consider celebrating this one by visiting your local Humane Society and the possibility of adding a new member to your home.  If this isn’t possible, perhaps you could volunteer some time to the shelter, and if THAT isn’t possible, maybe donating to them to help offset some of their costs would be something you could do.  They need all the help they can get, and the “babies” deserve any love you have to spare.

This Day In History

1963 – President John F. Kennedy, the youngest person to become a U.S. president, is assassinated in Dallas ,Texas as his motorcade travelled through the city.     

Food Celebration of the Day

National Cashew Day – 

  Cashews boast a lower fat content than most other nuts according to “World’s Healthiest Foods”. One reason may be that cashews are not true nuts, but instead they are “seeds that adhere to the bottom of the cashew apple, the fruit of the cashew tree.” These tasty seed are rich in magnesium, needed for strong bones. They can also help prevent those dreaded gallstones.  This one is a pleasure to celebrate – I LOVE cashews!

May all of your rides today be fun, may your snacks include cashews and may your love include a furry friend.  God Bless You and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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