This Christmas Season Support Local Small Business . . .

Nov 30th

Know what’s nice?  Being off work for three days already, and knowing that I still have two more days!  AWESOME!  Yesterday ended up being wonderfully relaxed.  After family left to head home hubby hung out at the house while I went out with my daughter to see a movie.  We don’t do that often.  She’s either working when I am, or vice versa.  It was really nice to have this chance to hang out together!  It isn’t often I get to see either one of my kids two days in a row, so what a blessing!  What surprised me, since the theater is across the street from the mall, how incredibly NORMAL everything seemed.  Yes, the mall parking lot was full, but traffic wasn’t horrific, there weren’t that many people at the theater, when I stopped at the grocery store on the way home it was oddly quiet (well, that one actually makes sense), and for the most part it looked like the Black Friday insanity may have bypassed our area. 

Small Business Saturday – Independent business is what built this country to what used to be a glorious place in the eyes of the world, and even better, for the citizens who live here.  Free enterprise, people with a dream and no fear of hard work, and with plenty of dedication, have created jobs that allowed the masses to survive, and built a system that fed the dreams of even more to succeed.  This dream is dying for so many, with a government who wants to just give it away to those who are either to lazy to work, feel too self-entitled to work, or are just too apathetic to try to pull themselves up off the couch to try.  We are being taxed beyond anything we could have imagined, our rights being stomped left and right, with each day getting worse.  We are being forced to buy products that we either don’t want, don’t need, or that go against our very belief system – an unconstitutional quagmire that threatens to destroy the very life we have all come to take for granted.  Even with the grim outlook, small business owners have not given up their dream to succeed, they have not thrown in the towel to the idea of being part of the solution, rather than bending down and worshiping at the feet of the easy way out.  Please, support Small Businesses in your town today – give them the boost they need to keep going, to keep dreaming and to keep building.  With enough people and businesses working together, we may actually see this country that we love so much pulling itself out of the muck and being the land of fulfilled hopes once again.

This Day In History

1782  – The United Stated and Great Britain sign a peace treaty in Paris, formally ending the Revolutionary War.

Food Celebration of the Day

National Mousse Day – Fun fact: Teeny, tiny air bubbles (from whipped egg whites or cream) are to thank for a mousse’s signature delicate and light-as-a-feather texture.

After the last few days of activity, and way too much food, I think I’m going to get a good night sleep! Today begins the fun of getting ready for Christmas .  . . always one of my favorite things to do.  God Bless You and I’ll see you tomorrow.

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