Think Pink!

Jun 23rd

Good Afternoon!  I’ve had the most difficult time keeping my mind on posting today!  After a wonderful day with hubby yesterday, and being woken in the night by a shrieking carbon monoxide detector – apparently shrieking for no apparent reason, getting the heart rate back down to normal and back to sleep took some time.  I’ve been a bit in a fog today.  Sorry about that.  Here are the celebrations I’ve chosen to highlight today – it’s all about pink!

It’s National Pink Day – Today is a day where everything should be basking in pink splendor! Pink is the color of Breast Cancer awareness, and that’s wonderful, and if that’s what guys need to bring out the pink in them, then ok!  But today isn’t about that – it’s about the gloriously beautiful color pink.  I love pink – and many other women agree with me.  It is the most common color listed as a gal’s favorite – blue is next.  It is easy to enjoy this day – just surround yourself with pink!  Wear pink, show off everything you have that is pink -from clothes to shoes or other possessions.  Be creative!  You can even use pink food coloring to turn your meals pink – ok, that’s a little gross – unless it’s pink frosting on cake or cookies!  Get creative today and think pink!

Let It Go Day – Have you ever gone through a situation in your life where you dealt with something in a way that you wish had been different?  I know I often deal with something and after the fact think “I should have said THIS!”, or “I should have done THAT!”  The what if’s can eat at you if you let them.  Perhaps someone has hurt you and you feel they haven’t been punished – or not punished enough, or someone gets ahead in life by being dishonest while you plow through life honestly and by the book, yet you struggle.  Today is the day to just let all of that go.  Let it go!  Breathe in, exhale and let it go!  You can’t change what has happened in the past – you can’t fix what someone else does.  You can only do what you do with as much honesty and integrity as possible, knowing that you are going to be judged by YOUR actions, not by someone else’s.  Just release it, and let it go. You’ll gain peace of mind and unload a lot of baggage you are carrying that you don’t need to be lugging around.  Trust me. It’s true.

Pink Flamingo Day – So tacky, yet so cool. The pink lawn flamingo is one of those things that people either love or hate.  Some think of them as works of art, and others think they are visual pollution.  There are even those who say that this one object stands for everything that is either good or bad in our society.  I think that’s carrying it a little far, but I suppose it gets the depth of feeling about these pink plastic critters out there.  Lawn ornaments are nothing new.  From marble statues created centuries ago, to the Granny Fannies of the 1980s, lawn decorations have been around for an eternity.  The history of the pink flamingo can be traced back to 1946 when a company called Union Products started manufacturing “Plastics for the Lawn”.  Their collection included dogs, ducks, frogs and even – yep – you guessed it, a pink flamingo.  Their products had a problem though – they were two-dimensional.  In 1956 the company decided to hire a young designer named Don Featherstone.  Even though Don was a serious sculptor and classical art student, his first project was to redesign their popular duck into three dimensions.  He used a live duck as his model and after five months of work, the duck was retired to a local park.  His next project would prove to be his most famous.   He couldn’t get his own real flamingo, so he used photographs from National Geographic instead.  He sculpted the original out of clay, which was then used to make a plaster cast.  The plaster cast was used to form the molds for the plastic.  The original design called for wooden legs, but they were too expensive and replaced by the metal legs that we still see on plastic flamingos now.  The exact date was never actually recorded but the first pink flamingo was born sometime during 1957.  This proved to be the perfect time for the flamingo to make its debut.  America was moving to the suburbs.  Industry was convincing America that a natural lawn was one that was mowed and treated with chemicals.  And every well manicured lawn needed a lawn ornament.  Empty lawns weren’t the only things in the flamingos favor.  The country was more mobile and more people were traveling to hotels, motels and lounges that were named after the flamingo.  The 1950s was also a time for bright, bold colors.  Common colors had been around for many years, but plastic now allowed for vivid colors like bright green, ruby and or course hot, flamingo pink.  Pink refrigerators, washing machines, and even Cadillacs were highly sought after.  The 1960s weren’t as friendly to the pink flamingo.  There was a mass rebellion against everything man made.  It was time to go back to nature and the plastic flamingo quickly became the prototype of bad taste and anti-nature.  By the 1970s, even Sears had removed the pink flamingo from its catalog.  At that point it looked like the days of this flamboyant bird were numbered, but time was on its side.  Some people just love to do things that are annoying to other people.  If pink flamingos were the ultimate in bad taste, then people were sure to put them on their lawns to bug their neighbors – and they did so – in GREAT numbers.  1984 the TV shoe Miami Vice kicked the sales of pink flamingos full speed ahead.  For the first time ever Union Plastics sold more flamingos than they did ducks.  Today they are sold for just about every purpose.  As wedding decorations, housewarming gifts, and even to use instead of reindeer at Christmas (ok that one goes a little TOO far!).  Some folks travel with their pink flamingos.  They go camping, hiking, skiing and even mountain biking.  There are entire web sites devoted to the travel of these artificial critters.  They are the targets of people pulling pranks.  They are stolen off of lawns every year, even stolen and held for ransom.  One pair was reported to have been kidnapped and their ransom paid in play money.  What it comes down to is that what is art to one person is seen as garbage to someone else.  I see most modern art the same way!  Bans have even been placed on pink flamingos all over the country.  I had to laugh when I read that Union Plastics responded to that rule by introducing a blue flamingo to the market.  That made those snooty communities respond by banning ALL plastic flamingos.  I think I’d get rebellious at that point and feel inclined to paint the entire house in pink flamingos.  Of course I’d never live in a neighborhood filled with that sort of pretentious snobbery, but if I did, oh yeah, the pink flamingo house would make its debut!  Anyway, in 2007 Pink Flamingo day was declared by the mayor of Leominster Massachusetts, the home of Union Plastics, to honor the work of Don Featherstone – the creator of the iconic plastic lawn flamingo.

Food Celebration of the Day –

National Pink Day is even being celebrated in the food world!  Today is the day to celebrate pink food wherever you can find it.  Here are a few recipes from to get you started.  Actually pink lemonade is sounding really delicious right about now!  Not sure about the rest of some of these, but adventures in food can be fun if you let them!


Celebrate today – let go of the baggage, and THINK PINK!  God Bless You and I’ll see you tomorrow.



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