The Power Of Positive Thinking . . . I Am Positive I Am Happy It Is Saturday!

May 31st

Good Morning and Welcome to a beautiful Saturday!  The sun is shining, the sky is blue and it promises to be a glorious day.  Today is an anniversary of sorts.  Today marks the 10th anniversary of the 1st conversation I ever had with my husband!  I know – what a thing to remember, right?  But it is – and that conversation turned into the blessing that is my marriage to this incredible man.  It doesn’t feel like 10 years to me . . . time just flew!  Every day that goes by I feel a little bit of awe that I am with someone who sees me as an equal, yet treats me like a princess.  It is something I will never take for granted and will always view as a bit of a surprise.  Isn’t that the way we should view life?  I’d like to think so . . . we should be grateful for the blessings, but feel perpetual surprise and awe that we have them.  If we begin to expect them, or take them for granted, they lose that sense of being special. 

Today, on this last day of May (can you believe it?) we are celebrating . . .

World No Tobacco Day-  STEP AWAY FROM THE TOBACCO!  Wouldn’t it be nice if we could say that to smokers and chewers and have them actually listen?  This day is to raise awareness of the health issues and dependency issues related to tobacco use. You would think that in this day and age that it would be pretty common knowledge that  using tobacco is bad for your health, but with so many people still using it, it’s obvious that the information has fallen on deaf ears, or that they are so addicted that they just don’t care!    This day was set up in to bring this awareness to as many people as possible.  The bottom line is, if you smoke or chew tobacco, kick the habit today.  Your life may depend on it!

Save Your Hearing Day –   Many hearing loss problems are completely avoidable.  Today we are reminded that our hearing is vital, and needs to be protected.  Hearing loss can result for different reasons, including: health, genetic and environmental causes.  Repeated long term exposure to loud, high decibel noises can cause hearing loss over time.  This is one of the causes that is completely avoidable.  Learn what you can do to avoid exposing hearing loss for yourself and your family, then put it into practice.     An interesting bit of information I ran across when researching this is that on May 31, 1976, The Who played at the Charlton Athletic Grounds in England.  They made the Guinness Book of World Records as the loudest rock band ever.  Their performance measured 76,000 watts and 120 decibels.  Wow – wonder how much hearing loss started THAT day? 

What You Think Upon Grows Day –   This one is all about positive thinking . . . if you think it . . . it will grow.   Some people don’t buy into the “think positive and it will happen” mindset . . . at least if you go by their negativity and down in the dumps behavior.  I believe that this one was started because  an author by the name of Norman Vincent Peale was born on May 31, 1898, and this was set up in his honor. Mr. Peale wrote “The Power of Positive Thinking”, which is a title that many of us are familiar with, even if we haven’t read it.  In 1945 Peale and his wife published the religious magazine “Guideposts”, which is still in publication.  



This Day In History

1977 – The trans-Alaska pipeline is completed. (Russ’s Dad worked on that pipeline!)

Food Celebration of the Day

National Macaroon Day – There is something so satisfying about eating macaroons, and they do such a good job curing a sweet tooth.  Today we honor the Macaroon, a flourless cookie. It is popular among the Jewish community, especially during Passover, when Jews can not cook with flour.  The popularity of the macaroon doesn’t stop there though, it is enjoyed throughout the world!  Macaroons are made with ground nuts and leavened egg whites.  Coconut and potato starch  are also common ingredients in them.  The very first macaroons are believed to have been made for the first time in an Italian monastery in 1792.   According to What’s Cooking America, Carmelite nuns made macaroons to pay for their housing when they needed asylum during the French Revolution. They became known as the ‘Macaroon Sisters’.   Coconut macaroons are delicious drizzled with chocolate, or dotted with cherries, or just eaten plain.  Here are a few variations from  Enjoy!  *** note – there is a difference between the Macaroon and the French Macaron!  THIS day is for the macaroon!) 








As I keep saying throughout each week on my Facebook Page – when I get to 100 “Likes” on the page, I will be having a give-away!  The prize is a can of Thrive Shelf Reliant Coconut Macaroon Cookie Mix!  Come on folks!  Find “Celebrating Every Day” on Facebook and LIKE it!  I really want to gift someone with this delicious dessert!

OK – blatant advertising and begging done for the day – I have things I need to get around to doing.  Have a lovely Saturday filled with laughter, fun, accomplishment and even some relaxation!  God Bless You and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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