The Faith of the Wise Men . . .Can You Imagine What They Told Their Wives Before They Left On Their Journey?

Dec 13th

Happy Friday.  There are only 12 days until Christmas!  My goodness!  How is it that time passes so quickly?  I’d like it to slow down for the month of December so we can savor every moment.  Yesterday ended up feeling like a completely wasted day.  I woke up with my neck so far out of alignment that I couldn’t move my head without nearly falling over from dizziness.  I intended to head to the chiropractor, but after laying on ice for a long time, then having a super hot shower, my neck gave a mighty crack and the dizziness faded . . . just in time to make dinner. The rest was nice though – I don’t do that all that often. 

Did you ever wonder at the faith of the Wise Men?  We don’t know much about them, going by the information we are given in the Bible.  We know they were from the east, and from afar.  They followed the stars, and they brought expensive gifts.  So what does that really tell us?  Well, let’s start with the stars.  We must assume that they were astronomers, as they had knowledge of the stars, and the significance of them in relation to events that were written in the prophecies.  Since they weren’t from Israel, that knowledge means they likely studied other cultures.  They knew that when they had completed their journey they were going to be meeting the King of Kings, and they went bearing appropriate gifts, gifts that were quite expensive and not gifts that the “normal” person could buy.  Because of this we can assume that they were royalty.  Now, there are theories about where these three men came from.  One is that they were the kings of Arabia, Ethiopia and Taurus.  Others say that they were from Persia.  We really don’t know WHO they were and we can theorize all night long, but we still won’t have the knowledge to really know.  The one thing we can unequivocally know is that these three men had incredible faith, faith that they acted on without hesitation.  They set out on a journey that would likely take them months, if not years, bringing gifts for the new King.  I cannot imagine faith that strong, and unshakable.  Could you drop everything, pack up and go, just because the stars were aligned a certain way? Can you imagine what they told their families?  “Hey Honey, see that star?  No, not that little star, that BIG one over there? The bright one?  Yeah, well I’m going to pack a few things, take the camel and join up with a couple of my wise buddies and we’re going to ride until we get directly under that star.  We’re pretty sure the Messiah will be there when we get there.  Don’t wait up, I’ll be gone awhile.”   Or would you be like me and want to know all the details of the journey before you even started, look at the whole idea 10 different ways, then decide that it’s pretty iffy?   We would all benefit from having such faith . . . definitely something to work on!

Violin Day – The violin always looked so complicated to me, but I definitely admire anyone who can play one  If you DO play the violin, then today is the day for you.  Pick up your instrument and make sweet music.  The person I think is SO impressive that I’ve seen on TV is the violinist with the Celtic Women.  Her name is Mariead , and has played the fiddle since she was 6 years old.  She was almost born with one in her hand!  The Celtic Women just did their Christmas special on PBS and my goodness they were amazing. 

This Day In History

1928  –  The Clip-on tie is created.

Food Celebration of the Day

National Cocoa Day – mmmm, cocoa.  Nothing quite says winter and Christmas more than a hot cup of cocoa with a big dollop of whipped cream.  Delicious, right?  My personal favorite this time of here is the Stephens Candy Cane Cocoa.  Absolutely delicious.  I’m going to have to check out this recipe for Sweet Potato Hot Cocoa – interesting – and I’ve had Mayan Hot Cocoa.  That one has a kick to it, but my gosh it’s good!

Short and sweet today.  I started this on Thursday night, and I need to get some ice on my neck again, so I’m going to cut this a little short.  I missed a day of work already, don’t want to miss another one.  Merry Christmas, God Bless You and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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