The Difference Between Being A Father and Being a Dad, Praying For Our Police Officer and Appreciating Nature! Lots To Do Today!

Jun 15th

Good Morning and a very happy Sunday to everyone!  Nothing makes me happier than getting to spend time with my kids, and yesterday was no exception.  An evening with my daughter and son-in-law, talking and laughing together, was exactly what I needed.  I just wish it could have lasted longer!  Unfortunately the time for them to go home always seems to sneak up on us and our time together is over.  Until next time – which I hope will be soon.

Father’s Day – There is a difference between a father and a Dad.  Any man can become a father, whether by design or accident, but that doesn’t make him the heroic and strong figure in child’s life that qualifies him as a Dad.  Think about the father’s you know, include your own and all the others that you know, and I am sure you will be able to pick out the biological donors, and the men who take the job of being a Dad seriously.  A Dad is the man who cares and provides, or assists in providing at least, a home for his family.  He is the man who helps set the standards, family values and the example for his children to grow up watching.  A Dad teaches his children things, disciplines them when they walk off the path they should be following, and shares his life experiences with his kids.  My children have a father, but I’d like to think of my 2nd, final and amazing husband as their Dad.  There is a definite difference and I’ve seen a living, breathing example of both.  Following today’s celebrations will be a special Father’s Day Edition for more on my thoughts about Dad.  In the meantime, spend some time with your Dad, or at least call him today if you live too far away to see him, and be grateful if he was an amazing presence in your life.

Did you know that the first Father’s Day celebration was in Spokane, WA on May 18, 1910?  I didn’t either.  Turns out that the woman who started Mother’s Day – Sonora Smart Dodd and her first younger brothers were left to be raised by their father when her mother died in 1898.  She organized and started Mother’s Day after her mother’s passing, but in 1909, after hearing a Mother’s Day sermon at church, she was inspired to start Father’s Day, realizing that Dad’s deserved equal recognition.

Family Awareness Day – I don’t pay all that much attention to the monthly celebrations – though I suppose I should – unless we are having a particularly slow one with the dailies.  This one though, is pretty important to everyone.  Family Awareness Month officially starts on Mother’s Day and ends with Father’s Day, marking THIS as Family Awareness Day.  Makes sense.  It was created by Kids Peace to raise awareness of the importance of family – kids, mothers, fathers, relatives and caregivers – and to encourage all in supporting one another.  Experts have described family as “someone who has a strong emotional attachment to another”, which I suppose is an accurate description of a family, only such an understatement!  Family is important in raising healthy, confident and well-adjusted kids for America’s future . . . well, for the future of the world too!  This was acknowledged by Congress in 1998 when they officially made National Kids Day and National Family Month as National celebrations.  Below is a copy and paste of the resolution.



105th U.S. CONGRESS – 2d Session
Recognizing the importance of children and families in the United States and expressing support for the goals of
National KidsDay® and National Family MonthTM.

Whereas there is an epidemic of children in crisis in the United States caused by the increased stresses on children from contemporary society, which can even include instances of child abuse and neglect;
Whereas newspaper headlines, news reports, and various studies provide evidence that children are more frequently committing acts of violence, taking illegal drugs, and committing suicide, indicating that the future of the children of the United States, and therefore the future of the Nation, is at risk;
Whereas all families in the United States, regardless of their economic status, ethnic or cultural heritage, or geographic location, are experiencing the pressures caused by contemporary society while trying to raise and nurture their children;
Whereas it is imperative that the people of the United States act boldly to secure the future of the Nation by halting and healing the pain of children in crisis;
Whereas KidsPeace is the oldest, most successful, and most comprehensive not-for-profit organization dedicated solely to helping children attain the confidence and develop the courage necessary to confront and overcome crises;
Whereas KidsPeace has more than 1,500 caregivers helping more than 2,000 children each day in 25 locations across the United States;

Whereas KidsPeace established National KidsDay and National Family Month to recognize and focus attention on relationships between parents and children;
Whereas National KidsDay is celebrated on the third Saturday of September, during the period when children are returning to school, when children are subject to a very high level of stress, and when there is a critical need for children to feel honored, valued, supported, and loved;
Whereas National Family Month is celebrated during the five-week period between Mother’s Day in May and Father’s Day in June, which is a critical adjustment period for families to prepare for children to return to the home at the end of the school year and can provide a wonderful opportunity for families to prepare to use their time together during the summer to grow and strengthen as a family unit; and
Whereas these celebrations can provide opportunities for parents, grandparents, and caregivers to recognize the importance of being involved in the physical and emotional lives of their children: Now, therefore be it

Resolved by the House of Representatives (the Senate concurring), That the Congress–
recognizes the importance of children and families to the future of the United States;

    1. expresses support for the goals of National KidsDay and National Family Month, as established by KidsPeace; and
    2. encourages the people of the United States to participate in local and national activities and celebrations recognizing National KidsDay and National Family Month.

Passed, the U.S. House of Representatives October 8, 1998.

Nature Photography Day – I didn’t find much in the way of information about this day and how it started, but it pretty  much speaks for itself, doesn’t it?  Today we celebrate nature and catching it on camera!  Every day we are presented with amazing opportunities to do this, whether it is with scenery, flowers, or the little creatures that visit our backyards.  You could go to a zoo, a public garden, or just take a walk down the street and find nature, even if you live in the busiest of cities.  Grab your camera and your walking shoes and see what you can find out there today.  This little guy visits our back deck daily, along with a couple of his friends.  They eat the seeds we put out for them, and a considerable amount from the bird feeders, chase each other around the deck and generally make themselves at home.  Isn’t he the cutest?  My husband and I were looking at this picture this morning and noticed the slight amount of gray under his nose – wonder if this one is an older generation squirrel?  Maybe one of the parents to the other two?  Interesting thought, though it’s not something we will ever know for sure.

National Day of Prayer for Law Enforcement Officers – Lately it seems like every time we turn on the news, we see a story where a police officer has been killed or injured in the line of duty.  The senseless slaughter of those two police officers eating lunch in Las Vegas last week are forefront in many minds as we read about this celebration.  It is so tragic and my heart goes out to the families of those officers, and know that the grief will never heal, not completely.  My son is a police officer, and every single day that he is out there doing his job, I worry.  I wake up in the night and I wonder if he’s OK, then have to convince myself that I would have gotten a call if something happened.  Every call he answers, every car he pulls over, every attempted burglary or prowl report he responds to, I worry.  His life, and the lives of every single police officer across our nation, are always on the line.  They go into the career knowing this, and willingly taking the risk to protect and serve the communities they care about.  This doesn’t reduce the impact on them, and on their families, of knowing daily that they are in danger.  Today please take some time and pray for the law enforcement officers across our nation, the brave men and women who put their lives on the line to do their jobs every single day.

Dear Heavenly Father,
Today we come together as a family of believers, and lift up to you the men and women in law enforcement.  We ask for your protection upon them against those who would do them harm.  Keep their eyes and ears open, keep their minds alert, and sharpen their instincts so they are ever aware of what is going on around them.  Keep them safe so they return to their families each day after their shifts are over, and always protect them from their enemies. 
In Jesus Precious Name we ask this, Amen.



Smile Power Day – Have you heard that smiles are infectious?  It’s true!  When you see someone smiling, it just makes you want to smile too.  Well, today is smile power day, so feel that power!  Give everyone you see a big, friendly smile.  You never know . . . your smile may be the only one they get today, and change a bad day around for someone.
A smile is so powerful, that it can:

  • Add years to your life
  • Make you a happier person
  • Make someone else a happier person
  • It’s a mood change for the giver and the receiver
  • Improves relationships
  • In business, it sends a great customer service message



Did you know? It’s easier to smile than to frown. A smile uses fewer muscles.

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day – I am sure we have all heard of an elderly person, either in the news, or we may know one ourselves, that have been taken advantage of financially – whether through scams or family who is stealing their money, using them for their inheritance, etc.  There is also a global problem of the elderly being physically and emotionally abused.  This happens sometimes from family, sometimes from caregivers, and quite honestly it is repulsive to me that anyone would harm some of the most vulnerable among us – but it doesn’t surprise me.  Some people are horrible – the same ones who would harm a child or an animal would obviously have no compunction about harming anyone else, including the elderly.  The world is undergoing a significant demographic change, and estimates are that by 2050, the global population of people over the age of 60 will outnumber younger people.  These changes have led to a recognition worldwide of the problems and challenges that do face the elderly.  Research shows that elder abuse, neglect, violence and exploitation is one of the biggest issues facing senior citizens around the world.  The World Health Organization’s data suggests that 4-6% of the elderly suffer from some form of abuse, a large percentage of which goes unreported.  Today’s awareness day was started to encourage communities to recognize the problem of this abuse and to help foster respect for elders and give them the tools to continue to be productive citizens.

This Day In History

1775 – George Washington is appointed the Commander-in-Chief of the U.S. Army.

Food Celebration of the Day

National Lobster Day We’ve all seen the prices of lobster on restaurant menus and in stores.  Even a small frozen lobster tail is about $6.99 each, on sale!  I decided to look up the history of lobster to find out if its always been that way, and this is what I found.  This is a copy and paste from a site I found.  I’ve linked it here so you can take a look at the whole article if you’d like.  Fascinating stuff!  “Centuries ago in North America, lobsters were so plentiful that Native Americans used them to fertilize their fields and to bait their hooks for fishing. In colonial times, lobsters were considered “food for the poor.” They were harvested from tidal pools and served to children, to prisoners, and to indentured servants, who exchanged their passage to America for seven years of service to their sponsors. In Massachusetts, some of the servants became so tired of eating lobster that they had it put into their contracts they would not be forced to eat lobster more than three times a week.”   Can you imagine?  Here are some recipes from to try out.  I may have to thaw out the tails I have in my freezer!

Well, we have a LOT going on today!  Between Father’s Day and all the rest, it’s going to be busy Sunday.  Maybe we should combine Father’s Day and Lobster Day. . . throw in a little steak and you’re good to go!  No matter how you celebrate, have fun.  God bless you and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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