The Day After . . . Barely Able To Wiggle

Nov 29th

Are you barely able to waddle from one room to the next this morning?  I am definitely feeling the results of indulgence.  It’s not like I ate an over abundance in one sitting, but after cooking for two days, by the time I sat down for my meal, I started eating and suddenly felt like I was going to explode!  By the time we got done, and I surveyed what I’d hoped would be a dent in the food . . . I realized that it barely looked like it had been touched.  Oh my.  The issue at that point is ALWAYS where to store it!  I’m fairly certain that even if I had a second fridge, it would be stuffed full also.  It’s a good thing the kids always expect to take home leftovers!!!  The food was a blessing – always having enough food in our stomachs is going to be that.  In a world where too many go without, having the “burden” of where to put the extra isn’t such a burden at all.  The biggest blessing was, of course, the laughter and conversation with family.  As always I hate having them go home, but I know that whether we are together or apart, the love is there, and it always will be. 

Black Friday – Are you one of those silly folks who goes and stands in line all night, braving life and limb for a great deal?  I’ve done it twice in my life, and though it was fun for the experience, somehow getting up at the crack . . . no wait . . . long BEFORE the crack of dawn to go wait in the cold to get pushed and shoved for a toy just isn’t something I care to repeat all that often.  The two years I did go were fun though, but only because I was shopping with donated money for underprivileged children, and I wanted to stretch those donated dollars as far as I possibly could to provide gifts for as many kids as possible.  Traditionally Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving and signals the official kick off of the Christmas shopping season.  It started as a day, in the world of accounting, where the holidays sales turn things around from a loss to a profit.  With internet shopping, and people hitting the stores a couple months early, trying to stretch their paydays and do a little shopping at a time, it may come to the point where we aren’t seeing crowds that are as big as we’ve seen in the past.  I must say though, after watching the news this morning, that it is still pretty popular. 

Buy Nothing Day –  In an answer to Black Friday, today is ALSO Buy Nothing Day.  It was started by some folks who were sick and tired of the commercialism of Christmas, and in protest, called for a 24 hour moratorium on any holiday shopping.  Today, if you are celebrating Buy Nothing Day – , spend the time reflecting on the true meaning of Christmas, what this season is all about.  It’s a lovely sentiment, but I know there are a few things I need and will likely do some online shopping today . . . but if it counts, I won’t be joining the throngs at the mall today. 

Square Dance Day – This day reminds me of a friend I have online – she regularly does square dancing with her friends and it sounds like so much fun!  Today celebrates getting out and doing the “Dosey Do” with a dance partner.  English, Irish and Scottish brought square dancing to the United States.   Over time as it evolved they added a caller, which helps dancers stay in step.  Square Dancing is popular among southern and western rural areas.   The idea is to dance in circles or square formations.  It is a lively and quick form of dancing and lots of fun, great exercise and a wonder social activity.  If you’ve never done it, maybe find a place to try it out!  I haven’t done it since Jr. High P.E. class, but it might be fun to try!     

You’re Welcome Day – Are you fed up with how rude people are these days?  It seems that common courtesy has just evaporated in our society.  Please and Thank You have just about disappeared from the vocabulary of many kids, and even some adults don’t bother any more.  We have spent the month being thankful, but the natural response – and the polite one – to Thank You is You’re Welcome!  You can always participate in this day, no matter where you are, or what you’re doing.       


Sinkie Day – I’ve never heard of this one!  It’s perfect!  This is the day for snacking over the kitchen sink!  We have so many Thanksgiving leftovers, and who really wants to dirty even MORE dishes?  Grab a turkey sandwich and just lean over the sink and nibble, letting all the crumbs fall into the sink for easy clean up!  How awesome is that? hahaha!


Food Celebration of the Day


National Lemon Cream Pie Day – This Southern specialty is traditionally served on a butter pie crust, but feel free to get a little playful: shortbread and graham cracker taste divine, too!  It’s wonderful to have a daily food celebration, and some of these pies sound lovely, but seriously, it’s going to be awhile before I want to make another actual pie crust.  I think the closest I’m going to get is turkey pot pies for next weekend.  I’m betting more than a few of you feel the same.









Many people have today off work too – which is great since we are all recovering from yesterday and need some time to digest before we are extremely active.  I hope you all have family plans for the day, full of laughter and fun.  God Bless You and I’ll see you tomorrow!


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