The Adventure Continues For One More Day – Chuck E. Cheese’s Here We Come!

Mar 30th

*Yawn* Where do 5 year old kids get their energy?  I really want to know!  And when we figure THAT out, I’d like to figure out how to bottle and sell it . . . it’ll be worth a fortune!  After not getting to sleep until around 11 p.m. on Friday night, our grandson was up and around and ready to play by 6:30.  This is not my usual Saturday routine, just so everyone knows.  After bath, breakfast and getting ready, we headed out for the first part of our day.  Our first stop was Walmart for a couple of things, then the REAL activities began.  We went to the Naval Undersea Museum first.  I hadn’t been there since it was first being built, so this time around was pretty impressive.  Of course, when you’re 5 years old all of those pictures and displays aren’t as intriguing as the hands on stuff is, right?  Well, he was in luck!  They had a submarine bridge set up, complete with periscope that you can look through and see your car in the parking lot, and equipment to touch and play with.  It was pretty impressive.  After lunch it was definitely time for a break, so we headed home for a nap.  I’d intended to use that time to bake the birthday cake, but ended up dozing off myself.  Why am I so tired?  When everyone woke up we were happy to find that the sun was shining and for the moment it wasn’t raining.  That meant that we could go to the beach! Yippee!  It was COLD!!! So COLD!!! The wind was blowing, the clouds were heading in, but the time we spent there was beautiful and I think that Ethan had a really good time throwing driftwood into the waves.

Today we have more adventures . . . I am finishing his birthday cake (didn’t have time yesterday – shocking I know), and heading to Chuck E Cheese’s . . . it’s with mixed feelings that we go (you know . . . but it will be fun for Ethan at least, and that what is the most important thing.

So, while I’m playing games, picking at a salad and trying to keep hubby from bouncing off the walls from the noise . . . what will the rest of the world be celebrating?  Let’s see  . . .

National Doctor’s Day –   This celebration was started back on March 30, 1933 by Eudora Brown Almond of Windor, GA.   I was curious about who Eudora Brown Almond was, but the only thing I could find was her connection to setting up this holiday, not WHY she did it.  I guess she really appreciated doctors though!  I suppose she is justified since doctors perform vital diagnostic tests, treat and care for their patients.  When someone is sick the doctor tries to find a reason and fix it.  A lot of people let a doctor know when they’ve done something wrong, but don’t often call them and say thank you, or send them a card letting them know they are appreciated.  I know this is Sunday, but there’s nothing stopping everyone from doing that tomorrow!       

I Am In Control Day – This one started in an unusual way.  On March 30, 1981 – a day many of us remember very well, President Ronald Reagan was wounded in an assassination attempt.  There was, of course, a lot of confusion.  Then Secretary of State Alexander Haig was trying to get things organized and figure out what was going on and when he said “I am in control here” it was taken out of contest.  Rather than focusing on the entire statement, and the reason for it, of course the press focused on those few works and the political uproar lead to the Haig’s resignation.  Geez, some things never change – a rabid press goes after the conservatives then, and they still go after them now.  On that infamous day “I am in control day” was born.  As with most things, the focus on certain historical events fades with time, and Haig’s statement was all but forgotten.  In spite of that this celebration continued and evolved and people came to think of it in a different context – personalizing it to get their lives in control.  Today is your chance to do just that, if you’re feeling not quite in control of what’s going on in your life.

Take A Walk In The Park Day – What a wonderful thing to do on a Sunday afternoon!  If your weather permits, head to your local park and take a walk!  If you are stressed out it could be just the thing you need to clear your mind and calm you down.  It could even turn out to be the most enjoyable part of your day!  Our weather channel said it was supposed to rain . . . again . . . but maybe we’ll all be fortunate enough to get a bit of a break like we did yesterday so we can head out and get the fresh air.  Bundle up though – many places are still pretty cold, even if the calendar does say it is spring.

This Day In History

1870 – The 15th amendment goes into effect, giving black men the right to vote.     
1964 – Jeopardy debuts on television.

Food Celebration of the Day

National Noodle Month – Nearly every cuisine features noodles — whether you are slurping them, cutting them up and eating them in smaller pieces, smothering them in sauce or eating them plain – noodles are delicious and everyone knows it!

Easy Chicken Noodle Soup
Chow Mein Noodle Cookies
Shrimp Pad Thai
Taco Bean Rice-a-Roni
Beef Stroganoff
Spicy Cold Soba Noodles

Speaking of being in control – I have a cake to finish and need to get my time organized so I can get it done.  .  . sure hope it turns out the way I am hoping, and in a very short amount of time!  We have places to go and games to play!  Have a wonderful Sunday everyone!  God Bless You and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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