Thank You America’s Farmers!

Oct 12th

PicMonkey CollageI hope you are all having a lovely Sunday so far!  Yesterday was a lot of fun, though we had to cut the pumpkin hunt short.  The pouring rain started the moment we headed out on the hay ride out to the fields.  We were all soaked to the skin – except Baby B of course – we covered her with the umbrella – and all rather miserable.  The one really great thing though, we now know to go out earlier in the month.  Usually we wait til the week before Halloween, but because of my son’s schedule, we went out yesterday instead. The fields were still FULL of huge, perfect pumpkins, where normally the pickings are rather slim.  So earlier it will be from now on!  We did have some fun playing in the hay maze in the barn, skipped the corn maze because of the rain, and got to see some 16 day old baby pigs, some rabbits, chickens, pheasants, pygmy goats, emu and even a reindeer! This place is pretty fun, and if it hadn’t been raining, it would have been the perfect pumpkin hunt.  I didn’t even get a chance to get any pictures of the kids together because baby was fussy from the cold and wet, and she may suffer from allergies like her Daddy, so who knows? By the time he was done playing in the maze with E, his eyes were red and burning and he was sniffling.  We had a lovely lunch afterwards with them, and that’s what its all about, right?  Having family time?  I’ll take it whenever I can get it.


thCKA8TPAVCookbook Launch Day – How fun is this?  There isn’t much known about this holiday or who started it.  You know those little cookbooks you can find from various organizations to raise funds, for schools, churches, clubs and other such organizations?  They ask for local people to donate recipes, and put together a cookbook.  They put it together with a publisher, and tada! They have a lovely little cookbook filled with well loved recipes that they then use as a fund raiser.  I have quite a few of these, and there are some recipes in them than I make over and over.  How exciting would it be to launch your own cookbook?  (provided you like to cook of course)  There are always new recipes to discover, and it would encourage us to try new foods out on family and friends.  I am one of those people who thinks that you can never have too many cookbooks – and if you could take a peek at my cookbook room (yes, I have a room for my cookbooks) you’d see that I take that to heart.  If you’ve ever thought about launching your own cookbook, today would be a good day to get started on it.  If not, you can celebrate this one by buying a new cookbook and getting one for a friend!  It’s all for a good cause . . . right?



29dafe58ffed9a867c15a966b8dc9056Old Farmers Day – Today we celebrate and honor the hard work of farmers throughout American history.  Early American culture was heavily a farming culture, the early settlers clearing fields and woods to farm the rich land.  They brought with them to these shores seeds and farming methods used in their mother countries.  When they got here they found new seeds, and learned new methods, many of them from the Native Americans who were already farming the land.  One of the most notable things they learned about here was the concept of hilling, or mounding, the soil.  October is a very appropriate month to celebrate and honor farmers, since during this time the harvest is complete, for the most part.  The hard labor is over, and the planning for the new planting season can begin.  It also means maybe they can take a bit of time to enjoy this celebration in their honor!  Thank you to all the farmers in our nation, to your contributions to our culture, and the delicious, healthy food you bring to our tables.  Happy Old Farmer’s Day!







Frustration Cat - I Haz ItMoment of Frustration Day – GRRRRRRRR have you ever had one of those truly a frustrating days?  I know we all have!  A lot of the time though, we don’t let those frustrations out, feeling like we just need to buck up and deal with it.    It’s healthy to release them sometimes though, so today, take the opportunity to just let them out!  If you are not frustrated, count your blessings! So many of us face frustrations daily that it would be nice to wake up without any!   Here are some ideas for how to release those frustrations:

  • Go for a walk When faced with a frustrating situation, walk away from it. Time and distance, will often help to eliminate the frustration. The walk allows you to think about how to resolve it.
  • Take it outside and yell. Go out the back door, and do a little yelling. We suggest you do it away from others. Afterwards, you will feel much better.  Of course, if you live in a crowded neighborhood that could lead to a whole new set of problems, so perhaps yell into a pillow instead.  Just a thought.
  • Let your feelings out… If you need to cry, then cry.
  • Think…. consider what will ease or eliminate those frustrations. How can you resolve the problem?
  • Talk… let your feelings out to someone you can confide in. If it’s a frustration about a person, talk with them. Let them know how you feel.
  • Seek help. Use a friend, a family member, or a professional to help you.

Letting those frustrations out in a healthy manner is the key today – don’t release them in anger, and of course turning to drinking or drugs is never the way to solve anything.  Here’s wishing you a very Happy Moment of Frustration Day. As an old song goes, Don’t Worry, Be Happy!



pastor_appreciation_dayPastor/Clergy/Minister Appreciation – October is designated as pastor/clergy/minister appreciation month, with today specifically (the 2nd Sunday in the month) to show your pastor appreciation.  Today churches and congregations are encouraged to show their pastors honor and appreciation to give them a boost in what can be a very thankless job.  This one began in 1992 as a way to encourage congregations to show their appreciation, love and support for their pastors, which can in turn breathe new life and energy into a pastor who may be dealing with burnout, disillusionment, frustration, isolation or stress.  Pastors are on call around the clock, so special recognition for the work they do is definitely in order!  There are many ways to show how much you love and appreciate your pastor, and using a tangible show of thanks is a way to honor your minister and his/her family.  You can pray for your pastor, maybe having a special prayer with the entire congregation to life him/her up.  A special banquet is also a good idea, maybe inviting a guest speaker and having a program that fits the personality of your pastor.  Something lighthearted to add to the day would be to do a “This Is Your Life” style DVD, or a celebrity-style roast (keep it nice though!)  Send him/her thank you cards, show appreciation and response to the sermons.  They work hard putting those together and nothing says thank you like actually listening, and not yawning your way through it.  Another thing to do would be to either take donated money, or donated gifts, to put together an awesome gift-basket filled with things that you know your pastor and his/her family likes.  If you want to go big, start early and take donations to send the pastor and family on a trip, or a cruise.  You could keep it simple and invite them over to dinner, showing individual appreciation one family at a time.  Some of the best dinner parties we’ve had were here in our house with our pastor and his wife.   Just know that no matter how you show them some love, they will truly appreciate it and take it into their hearts.


freethoughtFree Thought Day – So . . . what is this day about, you ask?  It could mean a lot of things, but it is actually about a very specific time in our history,  and that effectively brought about the end of the Salem Witch trials.  The specific event that we are talking about is a letter written by Governor William Phips, then governor of Massachusetts, to the Privy Council of the British monarchs, William and Mary, on this day in 1692.  In his letter he talked about the mess that the witch trials had become, brought about by a reliance on “evidence” that wasn’t objective, or completely imaginary – such as when the accusers claimed to see devils or other such phantoms consorting with the accused, called “spectral evidence”.  Though Phips didn’t ban “spectral evidence” from all legal proceedings, this was one concern that brought about the end of the proceedings.  When the trials resumed, spectral evidence was allowed, but was for the most part discounted and those who were convicted of being witches were quickly pardoned by Phips.  In the time leading up to the trials being stopped, it was actually clerics who took the lead in advising using caution in using spectral evidence.  The Reverend Increase Mather specifically condemned the use of spectral evidence in his book “Cases of Conscience” where he stated that “It were better that ten suspected witches should escape, than that one Innocent Person should be Condemned.”  It was this change in sentiment, in combination to the fact that they hysteria and accusations were escalating , that led to Phips’ action to end the witch trials.  Rational thought ruled in the end, and the horrors of the witch trials were over.  Free Thought Week is often observed during the week in which October 12th falls, or Free Thought Month during October, which as we know ends in the holiday of Halloween. Somehow fitting, don’t you think?




This Day In History

1810 – The very first Oktoberfest is held in Munich, Bavaria, Germany.


Food Celebration of the Day


gumboNational Gumbo Day – The birthplace of gumbo is hotly debated, but there’s no doubt that New Orleans is the most famous city for this roux-enhanced stew of meat and shellfish.


I have tons to do today, and I’m sure you do too, so I’d better get to it!  Amazing sometimes how fast a day can fly by.  May your Sunday be beautiful, restful and filled with laughter. God Bless You and I’ll see you tomorrow!AmericanFlagCrossandPrayingHands2


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