Take A Moment and Just BE . . .

Aug 20th

This time of year just makes me smile.  The intense heat of the summer is coming to a close, and there’s that hint of the chill to come in the early morning and evening air.  The leaves have already begun to fall off of the trees, and except for wondering what happened to all of the plans we had for this summer, I find myself looking forward to frosty mornings, hot chocolate, and the aroma of cinnamon as baking season kicks into high gear.  It’s a little bittersweet though, isn’t it?  The year has gone by so quickly and I find myself feeling alternately sad and filled with anticipation.  That probably sounds a little odd, but to me it makes sense.  I see time flying by so quickly – a symptom my Grandmother said only gets worse with age.  There a moments I would just like to slow life down and savor it a bit, but in our hurry, hurry lives that just isn’t possible.  When my husband and I went on our cruise to Alaska a few years ago we actually unplugged from life for 7 full nights and 8 days.  We walked the deck of the ship as the sun came up, took the time to just breathe deeply of the cleanest air I think has ever entered my lungs, sample delicacies that we don’t make in our own kitchen, and saw places I’d only dreamed of seeing.  We dressed up in fancy clothes and focused our attention, 24 hours a day on just BEING!  We haven’t done that since.  Not to that extent.  We did take a 2 day hike – but I was pretty much intent on putting one foot in front of the other without losing a lung on the way.  I did it, and it was a challenge I would undertake all over again for those moments of just BEING! Taking in the beauty of a roaring waterfall, basking in the peace and quiet of a mountain lake, hearing the wind singing through the trees . . .  Take the time to savor some of this life that is racing past us so fast we barely have time to make memories, just less enjoy the time spent making them.  God blessed us with SO much beauty – it is everywhere.  Slow down and just BE  . . . that’s the best advice I can give you today.  Now where did my coffee go? I really need to hurry up and go!

National Radio Day  – The invention of the radio in the late 1800s changed the way people received news and entertainment forever.  What a great invention!  A number of inventors played important roles in creating the radio, and several different previous inventions and discoveries had to happen before it all came together.  The ability to both transmit and receive signals had to be figured out first.  The radio evolved from the telegraph and the telephone – in a round about way, with wireless telegraph directly contributing to the final invention of the radio.  Now we can tune our radios in to numerous stations playing a wide variety of news, music and information any time we want.  There are actually more than 12,000 radio stations in the United States and more than two billion radios in use!   I’m sure many of us have our favorite morning show we listen to on the way to work.  I know I do – they usually get me to laughing all the way to the office.    One of the most famous radio broadcasts ever done was “The War of the Worlds”, directed by Orson Welles.  It was performed as a special Halloween broadcast on October 30, 1938, the delivery was so realistic that many Americans reacted in panic, believing that the earth had been invaded my Martians.

This Day In History
1866 – The Civil War is formally declared to be over by President Andrew Johnson.     
Food Celebration of the Day
National Lemonade Day – Do you know when lemonade first became the delicious and refreshing summertime drink we all know and love?  On August 20, 1630, lemonade made its debut in Paris. Very similar to today’s version, it was made from sparkling water, lemon juice and honey.  That original version has evolved into dozens of variations and flavors and is enjoyed by people of all ages and ethnic backgrounds.  The lemonade stand has even become one of the primary income producers for children trying to save for something they’ve been dreaming of having.    In the 1870s, First Lady Lucy Webb Hayes was given the nickname “Lemonade Lucy” for her famous position as a teetotaler.  The White House was dry during her husband’s term in office.  Here are some delicious recipes using lemonade – it’s not just for drinking any more!  Enjoy!

Hm, I think I need to make some lemonade.  That sounds awfully yummy!  I have to say though, I may need to check out the recipe for lemonade chicken – pretty intriguing sounding concoction! 

As you go about your Tuesday, please remember to enjoy every moment of it, spend some time in celebration of the small moments that make sweet memories.  God Bless You and I’ll see you tomorrow.

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