Take A Look In the Mirror . . .Who Do You See?

Jul 3rd

Oh Wonderful Wednesday!  It’s going to be a great day, I just know it.  It’s my day off – which is wonderful – EXTRA wonderful because tomorrow is a holiday – and I get to go to the movies with my Mom.  We don’t indulge ourselves very often.  Movies have gotten so expensive!  By the time you pay for the tickets, a little popcorn and a soda and you’ve spent enough for an entire bag of groceries!  We’ve really been looking forward to today, so yeah for Wednesday!

Today  is Compliment Your Mirror Day – My first thought when I saw this one was, huh?  But once I read a little bit it makes more sense.  The idea is to stand in front of your mirror with your eyes closed.  Put a big smile on your face, now open your eyes.  The person in your mirror is beautiful – or handsome.  That’s not always easy for us to admit.  For many years I managed to avoid really looking in the mirror.  I’d go through the motions of getting ready and look at the individual part I was working on – hair, eyes, etc.  But I never took the time, or wanted, to look at ME.  I didn’t like who saw looking back at me.  A couple of years ago I lost a lot of weight and I learned that I didn’t mind looking in the mirror – it took me awhile to recognize who was in there, and after a lot of tears, I started looking and liking who I saw.  I’ve gained some of the weight back again. I got complacent.  I’m starting to find myself reverting back to not looking at myself, avoiding the reality of what and who is there.  This isn’t a healthy attitude.  I have been blessed with good health, everything functions the way it should and rather than filling my head with negative thoughts, I must start being positive again.  It’s not easy, and it all starts with today.  So, go ahead.  Stand in front of your mirror, put on a big smile and really take a look.  God doesn’t make mistakes, and the person you see is truly beautiful.  Pay your mirror a compliment for having the ability to display that beautiful person! 

Disobedience Day – The only thing I could find about this one was speculation and conjecture.  The most common thought is that this is a day for civil or social disobedience as an act of protest.  This is not a day to endorse or encourage kids disobeying their parents, teachers or other authorities, so it would be a good idea to learn about civil disobedience before setting out to act on it.  Every time we turn on the news we see examples of people making their opinions heard through various acts of civil disobedience.  In the past it always seemed to be people I disagreed with – for instance when I was little I remember people protesting the nuclear submarine base. They would do the silliest things! Climb the fence to the base – even though the signs clearly said that trespassers could be shot.  Flinging themselves in front of the train bringing in the – well, whatever it is they were bringing in -to stop it.  They obviously didn’t research it well – they should have known that trains can’t stop that fast!  And the silliest one I saw – going out in a rubber boat – a SMALL rubber boat, in some ill advised attempt to stop the submarine.  Seriously? A rubber boat stopping a sub?  Lately though I’ve been seeing instances that really give me grave concern.  A young woman in college was told this week that she must remove her cross necklace to avoid offending anyone.  Her rights didn’t matter.  She didn’t remove the necklace – good for her – and she has been apologized to by the administration, but she should never have been asked to do this in the first place.  Or the case recently of the 14 year old boy who wore an NRA t-shirt to school.  Freedom of speech – it’s a right guaranteed to us in our Constitution – does anyone remember that “little” document?  He was threatened with jail time – at 14! – if he didn’t remove it.  After a couple weeks of hell, the charges were dropped.  The simple acts of not removing the necklace or the t-shirt were small acts of civil disobedience.  Sometimes standing up for ourselves is worth the effort and perhaps we will encourage someone else to do the same.

Stay Out of the Sun Day – with the heat wave going on in our area, this is a great one for us to celebrate today!  Stay cool in the shade and give your skin a rest from the hot, damaging rays of the sun.   A nice porch swing sounds good on a hot sunny day, or even a hammock hung between two shady trees.  What’s your favorite way to stay out of the sun, yet still enjoy it?

This Day In History

The first cultivated strawberry is displayed by Michael Kent (1806)

Food Celebration of the Day

National Eat Beans Day – Inexpensive, versatile and full of fiber — what’s not to love about beans? The USDA recommends we eat 3 cups of beans a week. Have an extra serving today!

Well, we have a lot to celebrate and have fun with today . . . of course now I have to figure out something to make with beans.  I’ll have to check out a few of these recipes myself!  However you spend your day though, have fun.  God Bless You.  I’ll see you tomorrow.

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