Sweet! Sugar Cookies!

Jul 9th

Good Morning!  It’s a bit of a relief to me today that today is very quiet for celebrations.  Maybe it’s time we all took a break for a day.  We’ll take what we have and enjoy it to the fullest.  Tomorrow will probably be much busier.

This Day in History

1872 Doughnut cutter patents by John Blondel, Thomaston, Me

1893 Daniel Williams performs 1st successful open heart surgery without anesthesia

1942 Anne Frank, 13, goes into hiding with her family & 4 other Jews

1956 – Dick Clark hosts American Bandstand for the very first time.

Here’s a great site for lists of LOTS of bits of our history – day by day.

Food Celebration of the Day

National Sugar Cookie Day –  Sugar cookies – ah the memories they bring to the surface.  Mom always made them and put frosting on them for whatever color was best suited to her mood or a nearby holiday.  I usually only make them for Christmas, but they are actually a great treat year round in whatever shapes fit the season.  They just hit the spot when your sweet tooth is going crazy wanting something delicious.  Sugar cookies are great for young and old alike.  They are one of those things you just can’t get enough of – stopping at one would drive you crazy!  Simple to make, delicately sweet, wonderful plain or decorated . . . try some today.  Here are some interesting recipes to try . . . the potato chip sugar cookies look particularly intriguing.  Notice I didn’t say good, but intriguing.









See? Like I said! Short, Sweet (no pun intended) and to the point!  God Bless You! I’ll see you tomorrow.

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