May 31st

Well, I survived day 1 of my motorcycle safety class.  I didn’t crash . . . I didn’t completely humiliate myself . . . and though I wonder at the cruelty, and what’s likely borderline insanity, of the person who invented a mode of transportation with a clutch on the handlebars and the shifting lever to be controlled by feet, rather than the other way around, I must admit that I am feeling pretty good about today.  It is my hope that in time it will become as natural feeling to me as it is for me to drive my manual transmission car.  Oh, and I’m sore.  Very, very sore.   Today Advil is definitely my friend.

Save Your Hearing Day – Many hearing loss problems are completely avoidable.  Today we are reminded that our hearing is vital, and needs to be protected.  Hearing loss can result for different reasons, including: health, genetic and environmental causes.  Repeated long term exposure to loud, high decibel noises can cause hearing loss over time.  This is one of the causes that is completely avoidable.  Learn what you can do to avoid exposing hearing loss for yourself and your family, then put it into practice.

World No Tobacco Day-  STEP AWAY FROM THE TOBACCO!  Wouldn’t it be nice if we could say that to smokers and chewers and have them actually listen?  This day is to raise awareness of the health issues and dependency issues related to tobacco use. You would think that in this day and age that it would be pretty common knowledge that  using tobacco is bad for your health, but with so many people still using it, it’s obvious that the information has fallen on deaf ears, or that they are so addicted that they just don’t care!    This day was set up in to bring this awareness to as many people as possible.  The bottom line is, if you smoke or chew tobacco, kick the habit today.  Your life may depend on it!


Food Celebration of the Day –

National Macaroon Day – There is something so satisfying about eating macaroons, and they do such a good job curing a sweet tooth.  Today we honor the Macaroon, a flourless cookie. It is popular among the Jewish community, especially during Passover, when Jews can not cook with flour.  The popularity of the macaroon doesn’t stop there though, it is popular throughout the world!  Macaroons are made with ground nuts and leavened egg whites.  Coconut and potato starch  are also common ingredients in them.  The very first macaroons are believed to have been made for the first time in an Italian monastery in 1792.   According to What’s Cooking America, Carmelite nuns made macaroons to pay for their housing when they needed asylum during the French Revolution. They became known as the ‘Macaroon Sisters’.   Coconut macaroons are delicious drizzled with chocolate, or dotted with cherries, or just eaten plain.  Here are a few variations from  Enjoy!








Well, may your Friday go quickly so we can begin our weekend!  I know I’m looking forward to mine!  Tomorrow I’ll be a little late, since it’s Saturday and I am hoping to sleep in a little.  God Bless You and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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