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Jan 8th

Happy Wednesday!  Now that all the Christmas stuff is put away, it has become painfully obvious that I need to do some deep cleaning! Yuck!  Amazing how the dust and grime sneaks in while you’re celebrating, isn’t it?  So, the moment I publish this I will be grabbing all of the cleaning supplies and getting busy!  My list is made and I am so ready to have this place smelling fresh and clean!  I am so lucky actually – and every Wednesday I think this, but don’t say it all the time.  Because my schedule at work allows me to be off work on Wednesdays, I get to be home doing all of these things that I would normally have to cram into the weekend.  This allows me to go back to work without thinking of all the stuff waiting for me to do on the weekend, and it allows me to come home at night knowing that there’s no rush to do everything after work.  I start this day feeling quite blessed.

Bubble Baths – Ah, bubble baths . . . this one always seems to me to be one that we should celebrate at least weekly, not just once a year!  Is there anything more relaxing than a hot, bubbly bath that is scented with delicious aromas?  I’m actually happier with a bath with natural essential oils dripped into the water, since I am allergic to many fragrances that go into the commercial bubble baths, however you can make your own bubble bath at home so you don’t have to worry about that!  When I’m finished talking about bubble baths I’m going on a search for homemade bubble bath and scented oils so you can make your own for pennies on the dollar, and not have to worry about what you’re breathing or soaking in. . . can’t be too careful, right?  Back to bubble baths . . . for kids they are time to play – is there a parent out there that doesn’t have one of those cheesy, but completely adorable pictures with our little ones sporting a bubble Mohawk or other configuration on their heads?  For grown-ups they are time to just relax, read a book, sip a soothing beverage, and just shut out the stress of the day.  I have a friend who has a nightly ritual of getting into a bubble bath every night before bed.  That is her time for herself, and honestly, shouldn’t we all have those times to our day?  I bet we’d be a less stressed society if we did!   So fill the tub, pour in some soothing bubble bath, or essential oils, and relax.  Don’t forget your rubber duckie! 

** I did a quick search and found a lovely website with homemade bath bubble products, all natural and they look to be easy on the wallet to make.  I won’t be able to make any today, but I probably will soon! Let me know if you try it yourself.  I’d like your opinion! **

Male Watcher’s Day –  Alright gals, this one is for you!  Guys watch the ladies pretty much all the time right?  So, today is for us.  I have to qualify this one though . . . for the single gals I say celebrate this one with abandon, nothing wrong with that, right?  However, as a married gal, I can’t say I’m comfortable with just ogling random guys on the street, not when I have a hottie of my own to ogle when he gets home from work.  Popular places for those single girls to do their Male Watching might be:

  • Watching them at work on the job, especially labor jobs where short shirts cover flowing muscles.
  • On the beach…too bad this day is in January.
  • Watching your favorite guy working….on a home project you wanted done.
  • At a singles bar or sports bar.
  • At the mall. This is where more than one guy has been known to visit for the sole purpose of watching the ladies. This just could become your favorite guy watching location.

I have to say though, I may be nearing 50, but I have eyes and honestly, I’m not blind . . . I rarely see a guy worth turning my head to watch these days.  To look at the younger ones that might be cute is just creepy, and there really aren’t many near my age out there that I’d take the time to look at.   If you partake in this one, enjoy yourself.  I think I’ll keep my Male Watching at home.   ***sorry  – I couldn’t find what I would consider to be an appropriate picture for this one. ***

Earth’s Rotation Day – So, what is this one all about?  Well, the Earth rotates around its own axis, from west towards east.  If you look at the earth from the North Star, or polestar (Polaris), then it would be turning counter-clockwise.  The Earth rotates once in about 24 hours with respect to the sun, and once every 23 hours, 56 minutes and 4 seconds with respect to the stars.  The Earth’s rotation is slowing a little bit with time, so a day was shorter in the past.  There’s no way I completely get the science behind it, but this is due to the tidal effects that the moon has on the earth’s rotation.  Atomic clocks show that a modern day is longer by about 1.7 milliseconds than it was a century ago, which slowly increases the rate at which UTC (Universal Time Coordination) is adjusted by leap seconds.  So basically we are spinning at an incredible rate of speed . . . and I’m always a bit shocked that we can’t tell that we are!  When I was little and learning about this stuff in school I would imagine what it would be like if we COULD tell . . . it would be sort of like riding a merry-go-round and hanging on for dear life.

Food Celebration of the Day

National English Toffee Day – Well, yum.  Doesn’t this sound delicious?  The overstuffed junk food feeling of the holidays has passed and this actually sounds quite lovely.  I won’t give up on my healthy eating plan yet, but gosh, this one is tempting.  This form of caramel has a pleasant crumbly snap and marries well with nuts and chocolate. Enjoy it plain or infuse baked goods with shots of its buttery goodness.

Well, I can’t put off cleaning any longer, and I’m actually looking forward to getting the house cleaned and ready for the rest of the week.  Sad, when that’s what the highlight of my day is.  Yippee!  God Bless You and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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