Special Edition: Justice Isn’t Something You Can Dictate Based On Emotion

Jul 14th

For the past months we, as a nation, have watched as the drama of the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman trial unfolded.  We read news footage, we watched the trial, we saw the Tweets and Facebook posts.  Every single one of us formed an opinion either for, or against, George Zimmerman.

The jury had a very difficult job to do.  For those of you who have never sat a jury, you have absolutely no idea how hard it is to remain impartial.  I’ve only sat on one jury, and the case was small.  It hadn’t been in the news, so I had no preconceived idea about anyone involved.  Even then, I had a difficult time not pre-judging the situation before we got to the point of deliberation.  I have a very strong sense of right and wrong, and as I sat in the jury box taking it in, I knew in my heart what I felt the outcome should be.  I also knew that I had an obligation to very carefully discuss and weigh back and forth with the other jurors the entire matter and come to a unanimous decision with them.  I even admit to digging my heals in getting angry, as I knew everyone in there agreed that the guy was guilty.  They just didn’t want to say he was guilty right away because they wanted a free lunch.  Seriously? A guy’s life is going to change because of what he did, and our decision was going to set that in stone.  This was serious! 

Now put yourself into the position of the 12 women who sat on the Zimmerman jury.  They’d already been exposed to the numerous news stories – many of them deliberately changed to twist the public opinion against Zimmerman and in Martin’s favor.  The President came out before all of the details were in, and he skewed public opinion with absolutely stupid statements, which for all of his faithfully blind followers, would lean THEM in the direction of Martin.  These women were told by the judge to forget all that they had seen, everything they had heard, put their preconceived feelings and thoughts out of the picture and decide this case solely on what evidence they were given in court.  They couldn’t discuss it amongst themselves, they couldn’t watch the news, they couldn’t read the newspapers, they couldn’t get online updates, they couldn’t discuss it with their significant others. 

The evidence clearly showed that Zimmerman defended his own life.  Literally EVERYTHING pointed to self-defense from the Coroner’s report, to the police evidence, to the eyewitness accounts.  I don’t care if Martin was purple and Zimmerman were blue.  I don’t care if they were both clear with no pigmentation whatsoever.  This was NOT about race, it was about whether or not this was murder or self-defense.  This case has been blown up to be a giant black/white (oh, excuse me, white Hispanic – whatever THAT is) race war.  The nation is gearing up for riots because of it.  Our leadership – if you can call it that – has deliberately and with absolute and horrifying ease – taken those without their own minds, consciences or convictions down a path that is paved with the nastiness that we SHOULD have left behind decades ago.  Remember, this case was about whether or not Zimmerman murdered Martin.  It wasn’t about anything else.  This jury was asked to decide, beyond ANY reasonable doubt, that this was the case and it clearly was not proven beyond that doubt.

I personally believe that Zimmerman was not only NOT guilty, I believe he was innocent.  I believe, based only on what I have seen on the news since I was not in that court room, that this man defended his own life.  I also believe that he didn’t want the death of another to be on his head.  He had a reasonable fear for his own life, and did what was necessary to save himself.  I also know that I would have done EXACTLY the same thing.  The will to survive is born in us.  God gave it to us.  We do not go easily into that dark night – as the saying goes – we fight to our very last breath to stay on this earth for our family and for our future. 

 Put yourself in Zimmerman’s place, based on the presented evidence, place yourself on that concrete, with someone straddling you, beating your head against the pavement, and tell me you would NOT have fought back.  If you say that you would have passively taken the beating,  then I say YOU dear reader, are a liar.  It doesn’t matter one little bit what motivated you to follow the suspicious person in the first place.  It doesn’t matter that the police hadn’t done their jobs and taken this little thug off of the street so that nobody would have been dead today.  It doesn’t matter one little bit what actually put you on that ground with this person on top of you.  What matters is that you were there, getting your head beaten on the concrete, getting punched in the face, and you were scared for your life.  The jury was told to decide, based on THAT moment, if Zimmerman’s decision was to murder, on purpose, or was he merely trying to defend his own life? 

They did the only thing they could do.  They declared him not guilty.

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