Special Edition: Food Storage Food Really DOES Taste Good!

Apr 11th

Years ago, when we first started thinking about storing up some emergency supplies for that “just in case” scenario that really COULD happen to any of us (around here it could be earthquakes, volcanic eruption – granted it’s only happened ONCE in my lifetime – flooding or landslides), my first thoughts went to just having something in the house . . . anything that would keep us alive.  As most people who start thinking this way, one of the first couple of things to make their way into the house were bags of rice and bags of beans.  Hm. . . .it’ll keep you alive for sure . . . but would it taste good? Not for long.  After the gratitude wears off, it will get pretty darned boring pretty fast.  Sort of brings to mind the whole manna in the wilderness story.  God provided the Israelites fresh food in the form of manna every single morning.  At first they jumped for joy and were very grateful that God provided for their needs, but over time the grumbling and whining began and being fed wasn’t good enough.  Now they wanted variety. Ungrateful?  Yeah, some, but let’s face it.  We are human and we want our food to not only taste good, we want a variety of things that will tickle our palate every day.  At some point we won’t be happy with plain beans and rice. 

Over the years we have expanded our viewpoints (my hubby and I are in this together!) to include things that will enhance the foods we have for emergencies.  Spices, a variety of dehydrated and freeze dried vegetables, fruits, grains, and even freeze dried meats.  Until that point I had absolutely no idea what was available out there, and that we could get it sealed and ready to store for many years.  It was about six months ago that I finally took the plunge and signed up to distribute Thrive Life Shelf Reliant Foods, more so I could get my food at a decent price, take advantage of monthly deals, and get quality food, grown and harvested with care and strict standards.  With this big step, I decided that I couldn’t very well tell other people about these foods if I didn’t try them myself, and I took another big step.  I started opening up cans and using the foods that were inside, reducing the good by dates from 20+ years to just 1 year.  Oh my! What if I don’t use them and they waste?  That is NOT going to be a problem.  I find myself constantly going to the pantry to find things that I may have forgotten to buy fresh (out of habit more than anything) and realizing that it’s wonderful to already have it there waiting for me to use!

The other day I decided to make Chipotle Corn Chowder with all Thrive Life ingredients and YUM! YUM! YUM!  I said it about the Instant Milk in a different article and I’ll say it again here and now . . . if I didn’t KNOW that these ingredients were freeze dried . . . well, I wouldn’t guess that they were freeze dried.  Amazing and hard to believe, but it is absolutely TRUE!  What you see in the picture . . . with the exception of just a couple of ingredients . . . is from #10 cans of freeze dried foods:

Freeze Dried Sweet Corn, Freeze Dried Red Bell Peppers, Freeze Dried Green Chili Peppers, Freeze Dried Chopped Onions, Freeze Dried Celery; Instant Milk Powder, Chicken Bouillon, White Sugar, Butter Powder, Salt Chef’s Choice Seasoning Blend, Freeze Dried Cilantro, Sour Cream Powder and Freeze Dried Cheddar Cheese. 

The only thing extra that I added was a little garlic . . . though there was some in the seasoning, I wanted more.  And yes, you read that correctly, that is sour cream made from sour cream powder and real cheese that has been freeze dried.  The only thing extra I added on top was a sprinkle of fresh cilantro since I happened to have it on hand.

Peace of mind is a valuable thing to have, and having some things set aside for the hard times can help give that peace.  We don’t know when financial calamity, physical disability, earth events, or man made disasters may strike that will prevent us from getting to a store, or prevent the stores from stocking their shelves.  If you have a mini store in your home somewhere it will take the immediate worry away.

Check out the April Specials right now . . . and take the first steps towards peace of mind and delicious meals no matter what life may throw your way.

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