Sometimes All We Really Need Is A Hug . . .

Jan 21st

For many of us, today is a typical Tuesday.  We have our Monday behind us and are forging ahead with the rest of our week.  The little things that pop up to make us glad Monday is over are done and we can breathe a sigh of relief as we move forward.  For others, well, you were playing and having a three day weekend and today is your equivalent to a Monday, so have fun with that! Yes, I am laughing at you!   I was at my desk working yesterday while you were playing so welcome to this Tuesday masquerading as a Monday and refer to yesterday’s picture as a  reference point!  In all seriousness though, today is a good day for celebrations, especially the first one.  I have been in several conversations over the past couple of days where there have been many hurts caused by words, by attitudes and by general disregard for the feelings of others.  It’s bad enough when it is strangers being mean spirited, but when it is someone who is supposed to love the person they are hurting, well, it breaks my heart.  We all get angry with the person we love from time to time – it’s normal.  If we were all 100% happy with the people we live with 100% of the time, well, that would just be weird!  We are humans, we think differently, we do things differently.  But lashing out with cruelty, or even just plain rudeness, it’s unacceptable.  THINK about how you sound to the person you are talking to, and how they may take what it is you are saying to them.  There is so much bad stuff going on in the world right now, do we really need to be turning on the ones who love us the most?  Personally, I don’t think so.  If you’ve been rude, or have disregarded the feelings of the person sitting at the dinner table with you at any point lately, please take the first celebration into consideration and put it to good use.

National Hugging Day – There are different kinds of hugs . . . there’s the quick, not quite close the space between you, brief sort-of hug like you’d give someone you don’t know very well; there’s the grab the person you are hugging with a grip to nearly crack ribs – like the bear hugs my son gives me; there is the gentle, hold someone delicate close and just savor the moment hug, like I’d give my Grandma when she was alive – the sort that I didn’t want to hurt her by hugging too close, but didn’t want to let her go either; there’s a hug you give a child with a snuggle, breathing in that baby smell that is so wonderfully precious; and there’s the hug you’d give a husband or a wife, the hug that holds them close while your hearts beat against each other, the last contact before you leave each other for the day, or the first one when you reunite in the evening.  I’m sure there are lots that I have missed, but those are the main ones that I experience in my life.  But what really goes into a hug?  What does it mean?  A hug is a loving, therapeutic, caring gesture that celebrates being human and being together.  They make you feel good inside, and even the least huggy among us can’t really say they HATE hugs because hugs show you someone cares, that you are loved.  Today celebrate by making sure you hug the ones you love close, savor the warm feeling.  If you’ve said anything to hurt the one you love, make it an extra special hug to let them know you are sorry you weren’t being very nice, and that you’ll try to do better.

Squirrel Appreciation Day – I know, squirrels can be a pest and a lot of people really don’t like them.  I am not one of those people.  I absolutely love squirrels.  They are so absolutely CUTE!  Today is a great chance to appreciate our little tree climbing, nut gathering friends by throwing out some food for the little guys.  They may have spent the fall gathering food for the winter, but their supplies may not be enough, so perhaps an extra treat is in order.  I know that we have gotten frustrated with the squirrels for tipping over our bird feeder and spilling out the seeds, but seriously, I can’t help but giggle at them because they are so doggone cute while they are doing it!  God made squirrels too, so let’s show them a little kindness and appreciation today.  (This little guy just LOVED the feeder this past summer)


This Day In History

1799 – Edward Jenner introduces the smallpox vaccine, which eventually leads to wiping out this deadly disease.     
1915 -The first Kiwanis club is formed in Detroit.       1950 – Science fiction writer George Orwell dies.

Food Celebration of the Day

National Granola Bar Day – Toasted oats, nuts and fruits (and sometimes chocolate chips) make granola bars a favorite energizing American snack. Buy a bar to celebrate or try making your own at home.  I need these recipes for hiking season!  I much prefer making our hiking food to buying it at the store.  It’s always nice to know what is going into our tummies while we are out enjoying nature.

As you go about your business today, please remember that there are other people around you who could benefit from a kind word, a smile and a good attitude.  We don’t need to go around life being grumpy, negative and grim.  As you drive down the road watch the expressions of the drivers of the cars around you!  Look how down in the mouth they are.  As you walk by people in the stores or on the street, do you see many happy people?  Change that in your little part of the world today.  Smile as you go by people, give them a little wave.  They may actually smile back and return your wave, feeling better about their day, even for a brief moment.  And if they don’t?  Well maybe you have them wondering what you are up to! God Bless You and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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