So Many Celebrations All In One Day!

Mar 20th

Holy Humor – Joke of the Day

 A teacher was testing the children in her Sunday school class to see if they understood the concept of getting to heaven.
She asked them, “If I sold my house and my car, had a big garage sale and gave all my money to the church, would that get me into Heaven?”  “NO!” the children answered.
“If I cleaned the church every day, mowed the yard, and kept everything neat and tidy, would that get me into Heaven?”
Again, the answer was, “NO!”  Now she was smiling. Hey, they’re getting it, she thought! “Well, then, if I was kind to animals and gave candy to all the children, and loved my husband, would that get me into Heaven?” she asked.   Again, they all answered, “NO!”     She was just bursting with pride for them. “Well,” she continued, “then how can I get into Heaven?”    A five-year-old boy shouted out, “YOU GOTTA BE DEAD.”

Happy Birthday to My Wonderful Son-In-Law!  I feel our family has been blessed by having this young man as a part of it.  He is away from home for this birthday, but I am hoping he is having a wonderful time and we’ll get to see him soon to celebrate a little late.  Love you Chess! You are an important part of our family and I’m happy to call you son.

Extraterrestrial Abductions Day is today.  UFO watchers are keeping one eye on the sky, ready to duck, dodge and hide!  UFO’s could be everywhere, just waiting to abduct humans – at least if you believe the science fiction movies and books.  There are actually a surprising amount of people who either feel they’ve already been abducted and returned, and many who actually HOPE to be abducted so they can see other planets.  The best way to celebrate this holiday is by watching science fiction movies about extraterrestrials and UFO’s.  Maybe ET!  Or if you don’t mind a bit of, um, spicy language, the movie Paul may hit the spot. 

Most lovable alien in movies:  ET

Most loved TV Alien:  Uncle Martin from My Favorite Martian  (remember this one?)

It’s Proposal Day!  With Valentine’s Day behind us . . . if he didn’t, or couldn’t, gather the nerve to ask you, well, another day has been made available for him to take the opportunity.  For people who are in love, this could be the big day that will change your life!  Be careful today though, not to misinterpret his intentions.  For example, if he begins a sentence by saying “I would like to propose to you . . . ” let him finish! He may end with “that we go to dinner.” or “that we go see a movie.”  It is Proposal Day, but that may not necessarily mean marriage to everyone.  So you may receive a proposal, just not the one you would like to hear.

Kiss Your Fiancee – Well, how appropriate that this is Kiss Your Fiancee Day, especially since maybe there’s a few more engaged couples out there today also!  That’s not what this day started out to be though.  Awhile back someone made note that engaged couples get caught up in the stress and frustration of planning a wedding, and they begin to argue and lose sight of why they got engaged in the first place.  They love each other but expressions of that love get lost in all the details.  Kissing is relaxing, it is a great expression of love and taking some time out from everything else to snuggle, cuddle and smooch, is a great reminder of why they are getting married in the first place.  Don’t stop the kissing and snuggling after the wedding though – it’s even more important to celebrate this one when you’re a spouse!


Atheist Pride Day – This is not a celebration that I will celebrate, or even pretend deserves its own holiday. I realize that I have VERY strong beliefs, and those beliefs center around God, but even if I didn’t have the beliefs that I have, it is unimaginable to not believe in ANYTHING greater than ourselves.  So this is merely a mention because it is on the calendar, and I will continue to pray for the lost souls who choose to turn their back on the truth, and who are doomed to everlasting horror if they don’t open their eyes and see the truth.

Great American Meat Out Day –  This is a day set aside for people to attempt a meat-free existence.  I actually think it was intended to be vegan.  For someone who has never entertained the thought of trying it, today would be the day to give it a shot.    I have had many meatless meals, and they have in great part been tasty.  I couldn’t live that way though.  I am one of those omnivores who believes that God created us to be meat eaters and HE provided us with many options to that end.  Once in awhile though it is cleansing to our digestive systems to eliminate meat for a day or two.  Even once a week would be very healthy for our systems.

Kick Butts Day – Today is the 18th Annual Kick Butts Day!  This is the day to stand up, speak out against and seize control against tobacco.  This is the day for people who are addicted to smoking to take control of their lives, their health and their wallets and kick smoking out of their lives.   It can be done, so do it today!


Snowman Burning Day  –  I think it’s funny that I’ve never heard of this, but it’s pretty cool!  It would be a fun celebration to actually hold around here.  Snowman Burning Day was started in 1971 at Lake Superior State University, when a massive paper snowman was burned at high noon on the 1st day of Spring.  It has been traditionally held on the 1st day of spring annually to say good-bye to winter and welcome spring.  What started all of this?   Well, it got its beginnings from the Rose Sunday Festival in Weinheim-an-der-Bergstrasse, Germany.  In their festival, a parade passes through town to a central location, where the mayor makes a proposal to the town’s children.  If the children are good, promise to study and to obey their parents and work hard, he will order the straw snowman to be burned and spring will officially arrive.  Some of the people believed that the rising smoke from the fire would ward off blizzards and bring in the spring weather.  Not sure how they explained way any late arriving snow storms, but the stories I’ve read doesn’t talk about that.  Fun event though!

Won’t You Be My Neighbor Day – “Imagine what our real neighborhoods would be like, if each of us offered as a matter of course, just one kind word to another person… One kind word has a wonderful way of turning into many.” -Fred Roger’s

I remember watching Mr. Rogers every day, and every day he had a message of goodness, kindness and treating others nicely that resounded with so many.  Children were better for having been exposed to his humble faith in humankind.  This month marks what would have been Mr. Roger’s 85th birthday. In honor of him we celebrate with the annual Won’t You Be My Neighbor Day by wearing a sweater and doing something neighborly. 

Food Celebration of the Day

Ravioli Day – I love ravioli.  What’s not to love? Seriously!  Delicious dough, filled with whatever filling you desire, cooked to perfection, and smothered in cheesy sauce. Ravioli can be an appetizer, a main course, or even a dessert.  It can be boiled, baked or even deep fried!  You can use pasta dough (this is the most traditional method) or for a quick fix, you can use wonton wrappers to make a very delicious, thin skinned ravioli.  The ways to prepare it is limited only by your own imagination and how adventurous you’d like to be.

Today has been quite a day for variety!  Nothing to be bored with here – and I had to eliminate some for the sake of time.  I’d have been up half the night if I’d included the international ones too.  Enjoy at least a couple if you can, and I will do the same.  God bless you.  I’ll see you tomorrow!


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