Snowing Paper Snowflakes . . .

Dec 27th

What a great way to reach Friday! One and half work days for me, a holiday and a LONG weekend! I’m feeling quite relaxed right about now and ready for a weekend of activities with hubby.  Yesterday I just took things at a slow pace, getting a few things straightened up around here, doing a bit of laundry, and today will likely be exactly the same. It’s rather therapeutic once in awhile to just stay home and do a few things without racing around and getting all stressed out. Leaves time to appreciate the celebration, not just the preparation for one.  So let’s see what fun we have going on today!

Make Cut Out Snowflake Day – Are you crafty and handy with a pair of scissors?  Today is your chance to show off your skills, as you make paper snowflakes.  It’s a great project for kids, but even as a grown up you can have fun with it.  Since they say no two snowflakes are alike, you could take it as a challenge to see how many different snowflakes you can make.  So, if you like snow and don’t have any, just make your own!   

This Day In History

1932 – Radio City Music Hall in New York City opens.

Food Celebration of the Day

National Fruitcake Day – Fruitcake wasn’t always a punch line for jokes about bad gifts. In fact, authorities in 18th century Europe thought it was so decadent that they even banned it for a bit.  I’ve never made one, and I’ve only tasted a couple, but there was one once that I truly wanted to try and misplaced the recipe.  A patient brought it into an office where I worked and it was utterly delicious.  It was made with dehydrated fruit, not candied, so the flavor wasn’t as cloying.  I need to search out a recipe like that, or come up with one on my own.

It’s a little late in the season for me to want to make a fruitcake, but I think I’ll plan that for next year. I’ve always wanted to do one, but always forget until it’s too late to have it “percolate” long enough to be good.  As for making paper snowflakes? I’ll leave that to the crafty folks.  I wasn’t good at it when my kids were little, so I have no reason to believe I’d be any better at it now! I hope someone does some though and shares a picture on the Facebook page. I’d certainly love to see them.  As for me? I think I’m going to go clean out my pantry – there are things fighting to get out every time I open the door!  God Bless You and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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