Slugs . . . What A Way To Start Out The Day!

May 28th

Happy Tuesday and welcome back to a new work week!  At least its a short one, right?  Today is a very slow celebration day, which is fine by me since Monday was very full for me and I didn’t leave much time for myself to research what was up for Tuesday.

Slugs Return From Capistrano Day – According to the folks at, slugs spend the winters Capistrano, and make the spring pilgrimage back to our lawns, gardens and patios each year.  I must add my own two cents worth to what they are saying . . . the slugs that make their trip to my yard have caused me to throw up  my  hands in despair at EVER having a decent garden . . . it’s like they just know I can’t use poison on them because I’m afraid of hurting my dog. It’s terrible! Just terrible!  Couple quick slug stories since it’s a slow celebration day . . . When I was growing up my Mom had a daycare.  When I was about 13 years old there were two little girls in the daycare who could not have been more polar opposite if they tried.  One was always in frills and lace, perfectly combed and clean all the time.  The other was the quintessential tomboy through and through.  Always into something mucky and messy and loving every moment of it.  One sunny afternoon the kids were playing in the back yard.  Mom was tending to a younger child and I was around the corner.  We suddenly heard this ear drum piercing screaming going on and both raced to where it was coming from, only to find that Tomboy had Miss Frills backed into the blackberry bushes by holding a handful of slugs in her face.  It was funny, I won’t lie.  I never did like Miss Frills much – she was OK, but seriously far too prissy.  Tomboy on the other hand was always a lot of fun to be around and was up for anything.  We had to force her to drop the slugs and while Mom tended to the hysterics of Miss Frills, I had to take Tomboy into the house and try to clean her up.  If you’ve never had to clean slug slime out from between 10 fingers, well, you just haven’t lived! That stuff is like glue!  And . . . when my kids were about 3 and 7 our church was having a harvest festival.  They were to dress up like animals of their choice, and there was going to be a contest in each age group.  My daughter, always wanting to be cute, decided to be a delicate butterfly, complete with sparkly wings.  When I asked my son what he wanted to be he screwed up his face, deep in thought, then popped out with  “I want to be a Washington Slug!”.  Well, hm. . . . that’s different.  So we cut a face hole out of a green garbage bag for a face hole, cut out arm holes, put green face paint on him, made antenna out of coat hangars, and trailed a long strip of Handiwrap behind him for slime.  He won!!!  You have never seen a more disgruntled butterfly in your life.  Best (and least expensive) costume either of my kids EVER did!

Food Celebration of the Day –

National Brisket Day – One of the nine prime cuts of beef, brisket is best slow-cooked until it’s fallin’-off-the-bone tender.



Well, there you have them, our brief celebrations for the day.   Have a wonderful Tuesday, God Bless You and I’ll see you tomorrow!


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