Sleep In Public Day . . . I Can . . . Can You?

Feb 28th

We made it to Friday – isn’t that awesome?  Today is extra special for me because it’s date night!  We pre-purchased tickets to see Son of God, which is only showing for one day in our town.  We’ll both get off work a little early, go to the movie (we RARELY go out to see a movie), stop at the store on the way home, and have a good time together!  I’m so excited!  Anything I do is always more fun when my husband is with me.

Floral Design Day –   I am the first to admit that I am HORRIBLE with flower arrangements.  I love flowers.  I love them in the yard, I love them in a vase, I love them no matter where they are.  Sometimes I stop and pick up a bouquet of tulips when they are in season just because they are so pretty and they brighten up the kitchen counter so nicely.  If I could, I would have fresh cut flowers in the house all the time – they wouldn’t have to be fancy.  I admire people who are creative and can put together an artistic bouquet, and it just seems right to have a day set aside to honor these people who brighten up weddings, parties, churches and anywhere beautiful flowers are needed with their art.  So, if you are challenged in this area, as I am, what would be a good way to celebrate?  Well, you could try to create a floral design with live or dried flowers; take pictures of floral designs; go look at beautiful floral designs; draw pictures of floral designs (I am as bad at drawing as I am arranging flowers); or have fun with the kids and get out the crayons and everyone draw flowers to send to Grandma.  I think for my celebration I will appreciate the artistry someone else has achieved . . . and buy myself some flowers!


Public Sleeping Day –  ah, public sleeping.  I’ve done many hours of napping in public, have you?  It takes either a really relaxed person, or an incredibly exhausted one, to sleep in public and I submit that it may not always be a safe thing to do.  There are many public places you could catch a nap, such as a bus, a park bench, a blanket on a beach (sort of chilly for that this time of year), or on a ferry, like I have!  It is a struggle for me to stay awake on a ferry, no matter whether I am staying in the car on the car deck, or upstairs in a booth.  The impulse to put my head back and fall asleep is nearly overwhelming.  This stems from commuting into Seattle for seven years.  That seven years was sleep deprivation in action since I was up at 4:00 to get ready for work, left the house at 5:00, and traveling until 7:30 when I finally got to the office, then turned around and did it in reverse from 5:30 until 8:00 p.m. every night.  By the time I got home and had dinner, got things together for the next day and got to sleep it was nearly midnight and the entire cycle started over again at 4:00 the next morning.  Survival meant sleeping on the bus and the ferry.  I was fortunate though – everyone I traveled with was in the same sleep situation, and our buses had reclining seats, without any stops for 45 minutes.  We’d troop onto the bus, take our seat, secure our purse or briefcase between our leg and the wall, or snug it up next to us if we were on the aisle, put our seat back and when the driver turned off the lights we’d all go to sleep.  Instantaneously.  The driver would wake us up as we approached the ferry, we’d sleep walk onto the boat, find our seats (usually everyone sat in the same seats day after day), secure our bags again, and go right back to sleep.  That was about an hour or so of solid nap time I got on the way to work, and we’d do the same thing on the way home.  So yes, sleeping in public is something I do quite well.  In a car.  In a plane.  On a boat.  I’ve never been on a train, but I’m betting I could sleep there too. 

National Tooth Fairy Day – Did you believe in the Tooth Fairy growing up?  I did . . . but I didn’t.  Does that make sense?  There was a part of me that wanted to believe that some magical creature came to take away my baby teeth and leave money for them, but I could never reconcile in my mind WHY anyone, even a Tooth Fairy, would want something quite that disgusting?  Variations of the Tooth Fairy appear throughout folklore, which is quite interesting to me.  She came about because losing baby teeth can sometimes be a traumatic event for young children, so when you introduce a friendly, smiling and soothing Tooth Fairy to the equation, with the promise of a gift and a visit, it turns what can be frightening into something to look forward to.  When the tooth finally falls out, Mom or Dad clean it off, and it is put into a tooth box or pillow and at bed time, the child places the tooth under his pillow for the Tooth Fairy to take and replace with a small amount of money.  Every time the child loses a tooth, the Tooth Fairy comes and repeats the process, magically knowing when a tooth has fallen out, even when the child is away at Grandma’s or on vacation.  So, is the tooth fairy a man or a woman?  Well, everyone would have always said woman . . . until Santa Claus 3 and the Tooth Fairy movie came out.  Seriously? After seeing Dwayne Johnson in a Tooth Fairy costume, it’s difficult to erase the image and think of the Tooth Fairy as only female ever again.  When I was growing up we had a weird tradition, but I liked it.  My Mom didn’t want to wake us up, so she told us that she had a special arrangement with the Tooth Fairy.  If the Tooth Fairy came and didn’t find the tooth under the pillow, she’d look in the kitchen on the window sill and find the tooth in a glass of water.  If the tooth was in the glass in the kitchen, it meant that the child wanted to keep the tooth, so the Tooth Fairy would leave some change in the glass with the tooth, and leave the tooth to save.  I never questioned WHY we wanted to keep the silly teeth, but it sounded good to me.  I will never forget when I had my braces put on – to prep my mouth the dentist removed 4 molars . . . they came out whole with the roots intact.  Do you have ANY idea how much the Tooth Fairy pays for those?  I got a $5.00 bill for EACH ONE!  I rarely had had $20 all at once when I was a kid, so I felt absolutely rich!  Do your kids believe? 

This Day In History

1692 – The Salem Witch Hunts begin.     
1983 – The final episode of M.A.S.H. is aired.

Food Celebration of the Day

National Chocolate Souffle DayDon’t let all the sitcom soufflé messes you’ve seen put you off making one. They aren’t difficult and always make for a special dessert.

Individual Chocolate Souffles
Toblerone Souffle
Strawberry Souffle
Grand Marnier Souffle
Chocolate-Espresso Mini Souffles
Banana Souffles

This may sound odd coming from someone who loves to bake, but I have never tried soufflé before!  I am going to have to remedy that very soon!  Have a wonderful Friday, celebrate with all your heart and have fun!  God Bless You and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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