Sitting Down To Dinner With Your Family – One To Celebrate Not Just Today, But EVERY DAY!

Sep 25th

Brrrrr!!!  It’s actually a little chilly in here today.  Sadly, the day is quickly approaching when we will be turning on the heat again.  I put it off as long as I can each year, but I’m already thinking about it.  I try to wait til mid-October, but that may not be possible this year!  I think I need a warm up on my cup of coffee!

National Comic Book Day – I know that most of us had comic books as kids.  I have a couple of mine here somewhere, definitely worn from reading them over and over, and likely not worth anything because of that wearing, but the price on the front of them are .10 and .15 each.  How cool is that?  I liked the kid ones – Little Lotta, Richie Rich, and of course, The Archies.  I was never one to like the super hero comics, but so many people are – and today so many of those comic book stories are made into movies, that it shows that they still continue to capture the imaginations of the people of today.  I haven’t purchased a comic book for many, many years, but I’m betting you won’t find any for .15 any more.  Comics are actually great reading!  They either tell an ongoing story, provide us with humor, or offer intrigue and suspense.  In all comic book stories good prevails over evil in the end, so they always make us feel good.  They have GREAT value as collectors items, depending on how nicely they have been preserved, so take care of those old ones, and protect the new ones – you never know which ones may end up being a gold mine for you! 

Family Day – A Day to Eat Dinner With Your Kids – To me it seems really sad that there has to be a special day set up for this.  EVERY day should be a day to eat dinner with your kids, spending family time together, talking about the events of the day and bonding over a meal.  When did things get so bad in the family unit that there had to be a day specifically designated to sit down and eat together?  I know that everyone is so over scheduled these days that family members are scattered everywhere, but this time at the end of the day, sharing a meal is SO important.  Please, don’t let this be just an annual event.  Incorporate it into your daily lives as often as humanly possible.  Studies clearly show that families who share this time together have fewer incidences of kids dropping out of school, fewer kids turning to drugs and alcohol, fewer kids getting into trouble with the law and more well adjusted adults coming out of the families as they grow up.  Please. . . invest this time into your family.  Sit down and have meals together, sharing your life together and LISTENING to each other.  It sets the stage for a beautiful future and future generations.

Math Story Telling Day – I won’t lie.  I don’t care for math.  Story problems always made my brain shut down, and I’d feel a buzzing start in my thoughts that would block out my ability to answer a problem.  Well, this day was set up by Maria Droujkova in 2009, as a birthday present to herself.  She obviously LOVES math, and math stories.  I’m not sure that I agree with her, but I’m sure that there are many out there who feel the same enthusiasm for numbers and number stories.  I’ll leave all of that up to you.  I’m better with words and can’t quite come to terms with the whole math celebration thing.  Let me know if you had a good time with it though – I’ll take your word for it.  I will!


National One-Hit Wonder Day – How many of us hear those catchy tunes from our time in high school and/or college and wonder what happened to them?  The bands were one hit wonders who were just a flash-in-the-pan, had ONE single hit, and nothing more.  But those hits? They stick in our brains and live on in our happy memories.  This holiday was created in 1990 by a musical journalist who wanted to pay tribute to those bands who had just the one special hit . . . from The Macarena to the Mambo #5, those are the songs that we just don’t forget.

Food Celebration of the Day

National Mushroom Month – This if fascinating! I’d never even heard of this! The largest living thing ever discovered is still alive and growing: a honey mushroom. It takes up almost 3.5 miles of land in Oregon.  Here’s an article I found on it – fascinating!  We celebrate ALL edible mushrooms today . . . delicious additions to any entrée, whether they are the main event, or a side dish.  Enjoy!

Sorry things are a bit late today – I just haven’t been able to get my brain into writing!  I’m a little focused on certain things going on in the political world and keep having to rein myself in.  Enjoy your Wednesday!  God Bless You and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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