Sending Greeting Cards, Sipping Margaritas and Remembering Woolworth’s.

Feb 22nd

I owe you all an apology.  I listed today’s special days – or most of them – yesterday by mistake.  So today will be a mix of yesterdays and one from today that I’d missed yesterday.

Card Reading Day – I have absolutely no doubt that this day was created by a stationary or card company – but what the heck?  A celebration is a celebration, right?  Card reading day would be a great day to go to the store with a list of upcoming birthdays, anniversarys, pending weddings or births, and stand and read cards til you find one for everyone on the list.  These days, with all of the muscal cards out there you can make a lot of noise in the process.  The Hoops and Yoyo cards are my favorite noisy cards and I actually get one for my kids for each of their birthdays.  They would be disappointed at this point if they DIDN’T get one.    I did read one site that said that it was suggested that this was a day for Tarot card readings, but there wasn’t any evidence, and since I don’t believe dabbling in that sort of stuff is a good idea, I’ll choose to celebrate it by reading cards at the store and picking out a good one for my husband for our 6th anniversary this weekend!  Good timing for this holiday, right?

National Margarita Day  – Ole! I don’t know about you, but I’d think that a better time of year for Margarita Day would have been in the heat of summer when an icy cold, refreshingly tart Margarita would be the perfect end to a scorching hot day, however the people who started this holiday obviously thought that February was a better idea.  So who am I to argue???  Did you know that the world record holder for the largest margarita is Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville in Orlando, Fla.? It was made with 5,861 gallons of blended spirits. Margaritas are great, but let’s face it – they would be nothing without the tequila! Here are some interesting tequila facts:

* “The Guinness World Record for the most expensive bottle of tequila ever sold was the Platinum & White Gold Tequila bottle, which went to a private collector in 2006 for a whopping $225,000.”

* “To be classified as tequila, the spirit must contain at least 51 percent blue agave.”
* After the agave hearts have been mashed to a pulp, some tequila-makers continue to press it with their hands and feet.

Well, whether or not you celebrate Margarita’s, or even like them, that’s one BIG record making drink – and very expensive too!  I think I’ll postpone my celebration of this day until that upcoming hot day of summer.

Woolworth’s Day   – I saw that this was listed as a holiday on the one website of listed holidays, but not one single article backing it up was out there for me to confirm it.  But it did bring back some really happy memories that I’d thought I’d share.  How many of you remember Woolworth’s?  It was the best “dime” store (my Grandma used to call it that) EVER.  They had a little bit of everything, from clothes, to pets, to rows of lacy hankerchiefs,  toys, tools, candy and canned goods – you name it, they had it.  The BEST thing about them was the diner.  Along one entire all of each store was a long countertop, lined on one side with swivel chairs, with a short order cook and a waitress (who was usually chawing gum as fast as she could chew), in a pink waitress outfit.  Mom and I would go to Woolworth’s when I was really young – my brother wasn’t born yet, so I had to be under 5 – and she’d order us a basket of french fries and a chocolate milkshake.  Sometimes if it was payday I’d get my own, and we didn’t have to share!  We would sit there and dip our french fries into our shakes and giggle together.  I remember I’d usually be in a dress, and my feet wouldn’t touch the floor, so I’d happily sip my shake, munch my fries, and swing my legs back and forth while I watched everything go on around me.  We would finish our snack, then go browse the store and leave with a few pieces of candy, or a small toy.  What a wonderful time we had.  I was really sad when the Woolworth’s closed up, and all that was left was the memories – but what memories they are.  I’ll treasure them always.

Thanks for being patient with my mixing up the dates for the celebrations – I’ll try to pay better attention from now on.  Enjoy your day, send someone a card and who knows? Maybe they’ll be celebrating and send you one too!  God bless you as you go about your day and as we go into the weekend.  I’ll see you tomorrow!

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