Saving Lives, Learning Code and Making Amazing Mud Puddle Memories

Jan 11th

Cigarettes Are Hazardous to Your Health Day – in 1964 the US Attorney General issued the very first warning that smoking cigarettes are hazardous for health.  The rough estimate is that over 440,000 deaths from smoking related diseases occur every year in the US.  The celebration for this one isn’t smoking – it’s encouraging the smokers in your life to quit.  We all have someone we love who is slowly, day by day, smoke by smoke, killing themselves.  Today is the day to offer solutions, suggestions, and lots of prayer for those you care about to quit this horrible, deadly and very expensive habit today!

Learn Your Name in Morse Code Day – In 1836  Samuel Morse first demonstrated  the use of a communications code that was later given his name. Morse Code is a system of electrical signals made up of precisely timed dits (represented in print as dots), dahs (represented as dashes) and dead air time.  The most common use for Morse Code today is the signal for SOS, which looks like this:

… _ _ _ …
Today is “Learn Your Name in Morse Code Day” so if you hear a lot of tapping on desks at work today, this could be why!    Find how to spell out your name.  It’s a quick way to celebrate this day.  My name in Morse Code is:

_._    ._   ._.   ..   _.   ._

Step in a Puddle And Splash Your Friends Day – This celebration holds a special meaning for me.  I likely won’t celebrate it myself since we’re supposed to have sun today, but I will observe it by remembering one of the best memories I have with my son.  He was about 10 or 11 years old at the time.  I was working in Seattle, which involved a 5 hour round trip commute to go to work, so I got little time at home with my kids.  Once in awhile though, thanks to a very understanding boss, when the patient schedule was light, or the doctor was going to be out of the office, he’d let me bring my son to work.  One day, it was early summer, and the day started out sunny and gorgeous.  By the time we were to leave the office though it was pouring down rain – buckets and buckets of rain!  We had light jackets, no hats, no hoods, no umbrellas.  He was slightly distressed at what I was going to do as it was pre-payday and I certainly didn’t have enough money for a cab if we went to lunch as I’d promised. It was one, or the other.  I shrugged and said, let’s go!  He looked up at me with a big question mark in his blue eyes, unsure of what I meant, so I grabbed his hand and started running down the street, and shocked the heck out of him when I jumped off of a curb, into the middle of a huge puddle, splashing both of us completely.  The look of utter delight on his face was incredible.  We both started laughing at the same time, and holding hands, we stomped in every puddle we found all the way down to the ferry, while everyone we passed either shook their heads, or laughed right along with us.  We were soaked to the skin, laughing and shaking the water out of our eyes, standing at a street vendor eating a hot dog and just enjoying that day with everything in us.  He told me that we’d just made a memory picture, and that as we grew older we would pull out that photo of our day together, remember it, and we’d smile.  And he was right.  That amazing day with my son is imprinted on my mind like it was yesterday, and will forever be in my heart as one of the best days ever.  He’s all grown up now, but that memory will never grow older.

If you have puddles where you are, take some time today to splash in them, and if you don’t, find another way to make a memory photo with someone you love.  You’ll have it forever, and no matter how much you age, that photo won’t.  God bless you this day, and every day as you celebrate the little things.

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