Rubber Ducky You’re The One . . .

Jan 14th

Make Your Dream Come True Day gives you the opportunity to do something to realize your goals and dreams. Whatever your dreams are, they usually don’t come true without some effort on your part, so today is the perfect time to do something about it. On this day do something, anything, to move in the direction of achieving your dreams. Sure, sometimes it takes several steps to accomplish them.  I have all sorts of dreams, but right now my main focus is on getting healthier, losing some extra pounds and getting fit.  My focus on making that dream come true today will be planning the menu for the week and putting my mind and willpower in the place it needs to be. So view today as a time to get started on your dreams, whatever they may be. With a little effort, they will come true!

International Skeptics Day is the perfect day for the “doubting Thomas” people  A classic skeptic by definition questions or doubts facts and theories.  These are the people who will double check for themselves if you say the sky is blue, or the earth is round.  If you are inclined to doubt things that you see or hear, then International Skeptics Day is for you. If you practice a little, I’m sure we can make a good skeptic out of you. Go ahead, give it a try. And, what better day to practice skepticism, than today?

By far my favorite celebration today is . . . are you ready for this?

National Rubber Ducky Day   – You may not know that in January of 1992 a shipment of 29,000 rubber duckies fell off of a cargo ship in the Pacific Ocean.  By 2007 the little yellow travelers had floated 17,000 miles around the world on the ocean currents.  Some are still out there floating today!  Over the years people have reported seeing them in Indonesia, Austraila, South America, the Bering Strait, the Arctic and even the Atlantic Ocean!  Rubber duckies were made famous – at least to what I could find – from Sesame Street when Ernie sang his song to his Rubber Ducky pal in the bath.  Click the link and sing along with Ernie and re-live a happy childhood memory.

Hope your day has been blessed . . . have a great evening and may God grant you sweet dreams and a wonderful week ahead.

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