Rubber Duckie, You’re The One . . . (and now you have that song stuck in your head!)

Jan 13th

Back to the regular schedule.  It’s fun to have a little road trip from time to time – break up the usual routine a bit.  No matter whether the adventure ends up in a storm without power, or just enjoying beautiful scenery, it all creates wonderful memories to savor in the days until the next little excursion.  I am grateful for our own bed though, and I must say, the dog and cats – though spoiled by my Mom – were happy that we were home.  Time to get to work though, need to start saving for the next time we pack up our stuff and see what we can find for our memory books.

International Skeptics Day – Do you doubt everything you hear if it isn’t immediately provable by scientific fact?  Do you have a really hard time taking ANYTHING on faith?  Well, this is your day then!  A skeptic is anyone who has to question or doubt just about everything, even if the truth is staring them right in the face, and if it isn’t? Not a chance you’ll convince them that it’s even remotely possible.  Big Foot? No way.  Aliens? Not a chance.  Ghosts?  Not on your life.  Yep, you are a skeptic and will likely always be one.  So enjoy your day! 

Make Your Dream Come True Day – How many of us say, fairly often, that we’d like to do something . . . someday?  We’d like to go somewhere special . . . someday.  We’d like to get something that means a lot to us . . . someday.  We’d like to lose the weight . . . someday.  We’d like to get in touch with this friend or that friend that haven’t seen in awhile . . . someday.  What will make “someday” come?  And when will that happen?  For some people it never does.  They wait for the perfect moment, and it never arrives because something will always get in the way.  Whether it is work, finances, weather, obligations, health issues . . . something happens and life passes you by without that dream coming true.  This is the day to start changing all of that.  Make your dreams come true.  Write them down, set a date to have certain parts of the dream come to pass and make it happen.  Whatever your dreams are they are worth making them come to pass.  Mine start today.  Will yours? 

National Clean Off Your Desk Day – This one pretty much explains itself, doesn’t it?  If your desk is anything at all like mine, it can REALLY use a good cleaning up.  I have stacks and piles of things, and generally speaking I know what everything is – and if I think I may forget where I am on something, I just put a post-it note on top, but there’s ALWAYS room for improvement, right? We’re still early enough in the year to give it a good New Year clean-up.  Why not today!?

Rubber Duckie Day – Well, I can’t find the origin of the rubber duck, but we can link its history to when rubber manufacturing began in the late 1800s.  I found the name Bryn Shaffer linked to the creation of the first rubber ducky. She created it to keep baths from being boring, and chose the color yellow because it was happy.  I can’t find anything to back this up, just a few random comments by various people.  So IF she did, good for her!   The earliest versions of the ducks were made from harder rubber, and they didn’t have the little squeakers in them.  In 1970 Jim Henson made the rubber duck popular when he had Ernie from Sesame Street perform the song “Rubber Duckie”.  Ernie often carried his rubber duck with him on the Sesame Street show, and spoke to it often.  Today there are all sorts of rubber ducks, and you can find them in various costumes and colors, including soldier ducks, bride and groom ducks, cowboy ducks, etc.  Really, there’s no end to what you can find out there.  In 2001, The Sun, a British tabloid newspaper reported that Queen Elizabeth II has a rubber duck in her bathroom that wears an inflatable crown.  it was spotted by a workman who was repairing something in the bathroom.  That story increased the sale of rubber ducks in the United Kingdom by 80% for a short period of time.   Regardless of what prompts the sales, and what color or costume they wear, Rubber Ducks are pretty cute and I’m certain we all should have at least one!

Food Celebration of the Day

National Peach Melba Day – Named for opera singer Nellie Melba, the original dish starred peaches in raspberry puree and served atop a carved ice swan.

Have a wonderful Monday everyone!  Today we celebrate the new week, and our ability to get up every day and do what we need to get done.  God Bless You and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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